Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Yangnyeongsi Herbal Medicine Culture Festival 2018

Deagu Yangnyeongsi Herbal Medicine Culture Festival:
The golden chance to experience traditional medicine in reality

I had been watched ‘’ Jewel in the Palace ((대장금) and ‘’Legendary Doctor Heo Jun (허준) when I was a child, at that time, I was attracted by not only excellent actors and actresses but also the scene of oriental medicine performance on these films.

And right now, luckily, I am staying here, in Deagu city, and enjoying Yangnyeonsi Herbal Medicine Culture Festival which representing the history of traditional medicine from hundreds years ago. I have chance to experience the original smell, materials of herd medicine in reality and take part in some interesting in this festival. The first day event has gone and I was missed some part, what a pity!

However, this festival last for five days so I still have many time to enjoy. My friend, Ms. Marisol Moreno had published an article about this festival yesterday, and now I will show some more interesting activities.

While you visit Yangnyeonsi Museum of Oriental Medicine, besides observing how medicine was made and the doctor checking patient health, you can visit ‘’Do it yourself zone’ ’on the third floor. Let try checking your blood pressure, high and weight in this area.

There is a traditional cloths room in which you and your friend can try and take some photos for free. It will be a lot of fun if you do it.

Outside the museum, along the herbal medicine culture and market street, there are various booths with different products and services. You can try to learn Korean traditional rituals from some old native ladies.

Herbal medicine gallery can help you know more about characteristic and funcion of some plant that you meet on daily life.

There are so many beautiful handicrafts shop that make you hard to move your eyes on this street too.       

After along walking time, may you need recharge energy for next journey, let try herb coffee and some delicious food on food trucks. Don’t worry about price, it’s very reasonable. For a bow of herb coffee, you must pay only ₩1,000. The cost of some cakes or snacks vary from ₩1,000 to ₩3,000 depend on size and ingredients.

Until you go to the end of herbal medicine culture and market street, you can try nearby sightseeing course by walk. Keeping a tourist map will help you get the right way to visit places, and see many beautiful views on the way. Moreover, if you complete the course and stamp all the venue on the map, you can get a souvenir or discount ticket when you buy some goods in traditional market.

I am so happy and enjoy this festival, what about you? If you miss it this year, let try to come back on 2019. However, if you have no plan for this weekend, complete nearby course and stamp to get a gift that help your time more valuable. Note that there will be Dongseongro festival in downtown starting this Friday, let planning to enjoy it from now.

Website: http://herbfestival.org/eng/
Duration: May 3rd to May 7th
Address: 158-1, Namseong-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu
KR Address: 대구 중구 남성로 158-1

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