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Where to get a Custom Suit for Your Next Big Event | Daegu, South Korea

Looking Dapper
Where to get a Custom Suit for Your Next Big Event
If you're a man, you probably either have a dated, dusty and out of style suit in your closet or nothing formal whatsoever. In either case, maybe you are managing just fine with slacks and dress shirts. But what if you are required to attend something more formal? You need an update but you dread spending forever shopping and trying things on. The department store options are pricey, and cheaper suits may not be so stylish or may not even fit properly. For many, the best option will be to get a custom made suit. It sounds time consuming and a bit intimidating, but it can be done to order in less than a week here in Daegu quite easily.

I am currently planning a formal event myself; my wedding in Mexico this August. There's so many details involved and least of all is what the groom will wear. Mine has very particular taste and is a bit taller than the local population so we decided early on that custom was the way to go. I was a bit anxious about the cost and process but we are really satisfied with the end results.

Near Camp Walker are several custom men's tailors. We found a shop called The J and decided to see what they had to offer. It's a small shop near the Palace Hotel with a well curated window display featuring some of their designs. The owner and designer, 황대호, Mr. Hwang, greeted us warmly when we entered. We told him we were looking for a two-piece suit for our wedding and he showed us his book of fabric swatches. We took some time to select the fabric we liked, an Italian made wool blend in a stone grey color. He quoted us W320,000 for a custom jacket and pants, which we paid up front. Next, my fiancé was thoroughly measured while they discussed the vision for the final suit. The length of the jacket, the particular taper of the pants, and small details like how many buttons would be on the jacket were considered and agreed upon. After about 20 minutes, we were finished with our consultation and told to come back in a week.

So many shades and textures to choose from

One week later we went back to the shop. The suit was tried on and no further alterations had to be made. It looked amazing! Mr. Hwang’s tailoring is impeccable. The jacket is silk lined with several interior pockets and fits like a glove. The pants are exactly what we envisioned. Overall, a very dapper and handsome suit, perfect for our wedding.

Final try on at the shop

Check out my fiancé! We both love this suit and had such a great experience getting it made to order in Daegu.

Detail from the pants

 Detail from inside the jacket

 Perfectly hemmed

The J
27, Icheon-ro, Nam-gu, Daegu

대구 남구 이천로 27

Cell 010-3510-9400
Telephone 053-472-3737


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