Thursday, December 5, 2019

Daegu Dessert Show 2019

Daegu Dessert Show 2019

By Arslan Musaddiq
December 2019

Daegu Dessert Show 2019

Daegu exhibition and convention center (EXCO) held a Daegu Dessert Show. The first thing that captured my attention was the huge beautiful building. Entering the building gives you the real idea of its enormous scale. At the entrance, there are some very nice cafes and coffee shops. It is five-story high with state-of-the-art exhibition halls and conference rooms. It is said that it can accommodate ten thousand people at once. EXCO is located very near to Kyungpook National University and Daegu International Airport.

EXCO Front Side

One section of the hall was filled with the fragrance of coffee because there was coffee fair arranged on one side and while the other part of the hall had desserts aroma. It was feeling as if you are walking in a coffee and pastry shop.πŸ˜‹

Dessert Show Main Hall

Dessert Show Booths

Daegu Dessert Show was held along with the Daegu Coffee Fair. With the sip of coffee, visitors had a chance to try a variety of desserts.πŸ‘Œ There was plenty to try, for example, I tried Macaron with the coffee. Similarly, there were many flavors of other items such as honey pastry, Dasik, Bukkumi, and Hotteok. Some of the stalls were dedicated to showcasing and selling the beautiful crockery sets while others displayed beautiful hand made bags, towels, and cloths. In addition, there was a separate section where you can try making different desserts by paying small fees.πŸ‘

Booth Selling Desserts

Booth Displaying Traditional Drinks

There was a stall where you can try different juices such as lemon, mango or strawberry drink. Some of the drinks were a mixture of two or more fruits which I was not aware of before. They were looking really tasty and refreshing. I tried a mango juice and it was truly nice.πŸ‘ 

Dessert Show Booth Displaying Hand Made Items

Crockery Display

The main hall was divided into different sections. It consists of dessert shops, dessert exhibition stalls, a crockery shop, and so on. There was also a stage event, where there was some program going on which unfortunately had already ended when I reached😭. The whole program was hosted by the Daegu Food Culture Forum. It was a good opportunity for those looking to start their own coffee and dessert shop business.πŸ‘ From these kinds of exhibitions, they can learn how to start a business and can meet people actually doing it and get their advice.
I took the following more photos of the event.

Beautiful Cups

Refreshing Drinks

People Trying Different Desserts

Main Stage of Dessert Show

Families Trying Desserts

Dessert Show Main Hall Banner

The exhibition also had the 1st world Macaron championship. The theme of the championship was to welcome anyone who loves Macaron and anyone who can bring their own Macaron was also allowed to participate. There were 3-4 judges tasting one plate of Macarons. Based on the presentation and taste, the participants were given points.

Booth Selling Traditional Desserts

Booth Displaying Different Types of Dessert

Macaron and Other Items

Dried Meat for Samples

Korean Desserts

Booth Displaying Macaron

I always love to attend events and especially food festivals.😊 It was such a unique experience for me to try many desserts and different types of coffee. If you love food, if you love to explore, and if you love to meet new people then always try visiting these kinds of festivals and programs.πŸ‘πŸ‘ It's always an enjoyable experience and you will definitely go back home with sweet memories.πŸ˜†

In the coming days, there are two more programs that you can enjoy in Daegu EXCO.

  • The Best Franchise Fair in Daegu (December 05, 2019 ~ December 07, 2019)
  • Daegu Christmas Fair 2019 (December 06, 2019 ~ December 08, 2019)

  • Address: Daegu, Buk-gu, Sangyeok 2(i)-dong, μ—‘μŠ€μ½”λ‘œ 10
  • Parking Facilities: The cars can be parked near the building
  • Phone: +82- 053-601-5000
  • Directions: From Daegu downtown, you can take bus no 503, 306, and 349.