Tuesday, April 24, 2012

[Food] Taste DAEGU, the 1st story - Jjimgalbi

Here I have the 1st story of Daegu’s representative foods – Jjimgalbi.
You can call it Maewoon(Spicy) Jjimgalbi as well, since it has red pepper sauce in it. Few months ago, in Korea’s famous TV show, 12, the food was introduced and made many viewers drooled over it.

This is a unique dish made of beef ribs. The ribs are put into a dented nickel-silver pot, then mixed with hot red pepper and sliced garlic. This has been the signature dish of Daegu since the 1970s, and it is completely different from the steamed beef ribs that are made with soy sauce in other regions. Additionally, unlike the steamed beef ribs of Seoul and Gyeonggi area, JJjimgalbi has a unique taste that is hot and rather sweet, leaving your tongue burning. It was first introduced in the residential area of Dongin-dong, Jung-gu in the early 1970s and then later became popular in the traditional food village.

There is a blue pole sign of the Jjimgalbi alley near Dongin-dong police office.

We ordered 2 servings.
These are side dishes that come along with the main plate.

These are Korean traditional Kimchis, Dongchimi and Bak(white) kimchi.
These can cool you down when you find it too hot..

This is the very main dish, spicy Jjimgalbi with lots of garlic and powdered red pepper.

You can mix the remaining seasoning with rice. It tastes really good!

I like it wrapped in vegetable such as lettuce, cabbage, sesame leaves, and so on.
I also recommend enjoying the whole meal with a glass of soju (Korean distilled spirits).

Korean beef: 24,000-25,000won
Imported beef: 14,000-15,000won

Gukchae reward movement memorial park is only a 5-minute walk from Jjimgalbi alley.
Thank god I could walk off a heavy Saturday dinner. ^^

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