Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[Tour] Festivals and Events in June

At Opera House, Bongsan Cultural Center and other places
Daegu International Musical Festival


At Culture and Arts Center

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Daegu Photography Exhibition, many performances and concerts

At Exco

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Art Daegu 2012
Date: 2-6

Flower Show 2012
Date: 5-10

International Food Industry Exhibition
Date: 7-10

DIY Handmade Exhibition
Date: 14-16

At Daegu Stadium

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Design Daegu Festival
Date: 5-12

On Car Street – Namsandong, Jung-gu

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Daegu Street Motor Festival
Date: 9-10

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[News/Press Article] Daegu's Social Media Foreign Press

I've been holding out on some good news until I could update the post with pictures, but now I am totally ready to say that...

I have been selected to work with Daegu's Social Media Citizen and Foreign Press!

The position is through Daegu's Metropolitan Government, and I am very excited to be involved. This is the press release from their posting, found here. An added bonus? My best friend, Rui, was selected as well! 

On Saturday, they invited us to Daegu's City Hall for a Welcoming Ceremony. Most of it was in Korean, luckily they had a translator available for Asif, the other foreigner, and I. 

They presented us with a letter of commission, stating what we were selected to do and signed by the mayor of Daegu. Here is Rui accepting his!

Just like graduation day, I am trying to multi-task - shake hands and accept the letter at the same time. Only this is Korea, so you add a little bow in on top of everything. It went more smoothly than I expected! Haha.

Then we watched a video about Daegu's goals and progress thus far. It was interesting to hear about the ways Daegu was setting itself apart as a global city, as I had seen many of the featured events already, such as the International Opera Festival and International Body Painting Festival. It also talked about the transportation hub in Daegu, and the ease of access around the country - which I had realized long ago, it was one of the primary reasons I decided to more to Daegu all those months ago - February 2010! I was sad to see the IAAF games featured, since my visit to the US made the timing of the games impossible for me to really appreciate fully! Overall it made me excited for the next year of events.

This is the translator going over key points with Asif.

Links to the pages I will be working with: Facebook and Blogspot

This is the man who runs a company contracted by Daegu to run their social media currently. I wish I could have actually had his speech translated word-for-word, as I think it would have been very enlightening.

Everyone around the desk, there were an array of cameras at this event!

Outside of City Hall, Rui and I posed for a quick picture.

I will be sure to update my blog when my posts are featured on Global Daegu's Blog and Facebook page. Looking forward to a new channel to inform other foreigners about all Daegu has to offer!

For more pictures of the Ceremony, check out this site: link.

[News/Press Article] Daegu Bloggers Welcome Ceremony

The City of Daegu is continuing its aggressive promotional push by enlisting korean and foreign bloggers to contribute to their social media channels. I was one of two selected foreign bloggers to join this first batch of recruits and was invited to a welcoming ceremony with a weekend field trip. 

Making Fist Pose

logger for TheKoreaBlog run by KOCIS of the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Seoul I'd become a bit accustomed to these welcoming ceremonies. First I had to figure out where Daegu City Hall actually was. 

I went to the first building which I thought it was but it actually housed the council chambers and was locked. Panicking I might miss the welcome ceremony somebody was exiting the building and led me to a larger building in the rear. 

The Group of Bloggers

Finding my way to the second floor video conference room the seating had been arranged by name with a gift package on each spot. We were each given a wind jacket, some daegu promotional items, and press badges in Korean and English. Those will come in handy since the other blog site for TheKoreaBlog had never given us press passes previously.

Customary to these types of events were media journalists and photographers. The event was all in korean as all the participants were local except for myself and one other foreign blogger. Fortunately they had invited an interpreter for both of us. 

Daegu City Council Office

After some welcoming speeches we all had to introduce ourselves. Since it was an all korean crowd with no english being spoken I decided to try out my introduction in korean, explaining I had been here for two years and blogging about 
Daegu and Korea since then. 

I dont know if they werent interested or didnt understand me for doing my entire introduction in korean because I got no reaction. However, when I asked our interpreter he said what I said had made sense. 

Daegu City Mast

We were then given individual notices of appointment by a city official signed by the Mayor of 
Daegu. Then it was time for a group pic and they wanted us to raise our fist and say something in korean that sounded like 'fighting'. 

Finally there was a video presentation about the achievements of the City of Daegu like being awarded and hosting the recent IAAF athletics event, cultural heritage, and future plans for the city. They also explained the social media channels on facebook, twitter, blogsite, and korean sources. I was told seven foreigners had applied for our positions and we were the two chosen. 

Daegu City Bus

Surprisingly there were 18 korean bloggers and two foreign bloggers. I was told there was such a large korean contingent as they are working to promote 
Daegu within Korea itself. I often find I have travelled more in Korea than actual Koreans have and the city is working to help highlight more of its attributes to a domestic audience as well as foreign. 

Finally for lunch we went to a curried beef restaurant. I've never been to one like this before. The meat is eaten by placing it on a leaf. We were then taken on a tour bus for the rest of the weekends trip (see next entry).

Daegu City Hall

My Vice Principal said she saw me on tv so I'm not sure where this footage aired. I look forward to working with the City to help promote my hometown and upcoming events.  

Here is the City's blog page I will be contributing to and their Facebook Page 

Here is a link to Britney the other foreign bloggers site 

and aritcle on the Daegu Blogsite with more pics 
See also TheKoreaBlog's second year welcoming ceremony

Read more: 

City Hall Staircase

Conference Room with Gift Packages

TV Crew Setup

City Officials

Welcoming Address

Invited Bloggers

Receiving Certificate of Appointment

Certificate of Appointment

My Certificate of Appointment

The Second Foreign Blogger

Group Photo

Social Media Presentation

Social Media Outlets

City Official

Daegu Video Presentation

Traditional Herbal Festival

Foreigners in Daegu

Buddhist Temple

Traditional Ceremonies

Group Pose at City Hall

Tour Bus

Lunch at Beef Restaurant

Stewed Beef

Bus Party Lighting

Bus Swivel Chairs

Monday, May 28, 2012

[Food] Taste DAEGU, the 4th story – Napjak Mandu

The 4th story of Daegu’s representative foods – Napjak Mandu

Set apart by its lightness, this mandu (pot sticker) is almost tasteless. The faint taste they do have comes from putting starch noodles into the pot sticker, shaping them into crescents, boiling them in water once, frying them, then sprinkling them with a soy sauce found only in Daegu for the last 40 years. The current custom is to eat these pot stickers with hot spices, or to mix them with tteokbokki (a boiled spicy dish of sliced rice cake, cabbage, hot pepper paste and eggs) or spicy vegetable salad. This is a new type of pot sticker made with ingredients that are based on a vegetable bun filling. It was first developed in Daegu to replace the greasy Chinese pot stickers then served in local restaurants. These pot stickers use scant amounts of starch noodles, Korean leek, carrot, cabbage, and green onion.

We went to Nammmon and Miseongdang restaurants, the most representative mandu places in Daegu.

Nammoon opened about 35years ago.

These boxes that are delivered to every place in every province show how famous Nammon’s mandu is.

This is how the dish looks like.

The price is 3,500won for one plate; Mandu and various vegetable topped with red pepper paste with vinegar.

What’s in the mandu?
Shredded Korean noodles and vege!

Medium-spicy mandu tastes very soft while its sliced vegetable is still crunchy, making great combination.

Our next destination – Miseongdang Mandu
It’s 20 minute’ walk from Nammoon.

The restaurant has been there for more than 40 years old.
It has only 1 flat grill on which the pot stickers constantly fried.

You can taste hearty homemade-style mandu right here.

Small plate is 2,500won.
One serving of mandu contains 332kcal with 93% carbohydrate, 6% protein, 1% fat and 517mg sodium.
It shows the whole daily intake of calories and sodium as well.

It has no dipping dish for sauce so you can just pour powdered red-pepper, vinegar and soy sauce a bit over the mandu.
I recommend that you order some Jjomyeon (spicy noodle with lot of veg) and mix with mandu~~