Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[News] Daegu Metropolitan Social Media Citizen and Foreign Press Welcoming Ceremony

Do you remember that we opened an invitation to join the foreign blog press few weeks ago?
With 18 citizen press and 2 foreign press picked we actually had welcoming ceremony at the city hall, followed by workshop making the 2-day hop to Yeongduk and Pohang.

Here, I have some nice photos taken at the city hall of Daegu.
Let’s see what happened there!!

At the front the lobby, the monitor showed today’s happy news! The Welcoming Ceremony!

It was held in the Video Conference Room on the 2F.

All the stuff goes to our proud press~~

Giving Letter of Commission.

Daegu Spokesperson’s Office gave the explanation about Social Media, press roles, activities, benefits and so on.

Self introduction time!

Please look forward to their brilliant works!!
I'll be able to show you other interesting reviews about the welcoming ceremony and workshop written by Asif and Britney, our foreign press, next week!
Stay tuned, thank you~~ :D

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