Friday, May 18, 2012

[News/Sports Event] Review of Colorful Daegu Pre-Championships Meeting 2012

Do you remember IAAF World Championships 2011 held in Daegu?  
It was a huge sports event that embraced thousands of visitors, international volunteers and staff, while Pre-Championships Meeting 2012 is relatively less known internationally. But this annual competition, started from 2005, is still reputable.
Now, let’s see what happened during the meet!!

Daegu Stadium started to get crowded as evening approached.
Many people were in line to buy tickets.

Long time no see Sarbi!
He was as cute as ever. ^^
He will be the mascot of the 93rd National Sports Festival Daegu in Oct as well.

Korean Javelin thrower Park Jae Myeong was warming up with some stretches.

The competition began with Men’s Javelin and Women’s Pole Vault,

followed by track events,

Men’s Long Jump was taking place in the opposite side.

The winner of Men’s 400m at IAAF World Championship 2011, Kirani James participated and grabbed the gold medal again.

Kellie Wells, the winner of Women’s Hurdle, was enjoying people cheering.

Aries Merrit won Men’s 110m Hurdle by a nose.

Carmelita Jeter got gold medal in Women’s 100m.

Justin Gatlin won in Men’s 100m at 9“93’.

Justin Gatlin and Aries Merrit giving their autographs

Australia came first in the last competition, 4×400m Relay.
Korean woman hammer thrower, Kang Na Ru made the world record.

After all the track and field events, special performances were about to be shown to the audience.

Kiss Time and Dance Time to please everybody!!
The problem was the couple dined to get closer. lol

Prize lottery for Washing Machine, LED TV and so on..

Now, the K-pop stars’ stage!!
A PINK and INFINITE came all along to celebrate the festival!

Colorful Daegu Pre-Championships Meeting 2012 concluded with the performances of the two K-pop groups.
Let’s look forward to seeing what will happen at next year’s competition at Daegu Stadium!!

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