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[Living] Shopping

1.    Consumer Life

When you buy things, it's advisable to compare the price and quality of products. Always check the expiry date of food and drinks. After paying, please check the receipt to ensure correct payment for the products. When you want to exchange or return a product, you need to submit the receipt. If you have any problems with the return or exchange of products, or need any help, you can contact the Korea Consumer Agency, or other organizations working for the rights of consumers.
Korea Consumer Agency 02-3460-3000,
Consumers Korea 02-739-5441,

Shopping information

Cash receipt system
The cash receipt system requires the shop to issue a cash receipt for the transaction, when you present your cash receipt card, along with cash for payment. Subsequently, your cash payment information will be sent to the National Tax Services.

Cash receipt card for international people
To get the cash receipt card, you need to go to the tax office in your area.
When you present your alien registration card, you will be registered as a taxpayer and your cash receipt card will be issued.
One or two days after the registration as a taxpayer, you can join a member of the cash receipt service at the National Tax Services website ( ).

Benefits of cash receipt system
When you or one of your family members have earned income, you can get tax deduction for 20% of your spending in cash, exceeding 25% of your total earned income (please refer to the section 2. Life - taxation & income tax deduction). You can get the detailed information about your cash payment on the website of the National Tax Services (, and you can receive benefits at the income tax deduction.

2.    Markets

3.    Major Department Stores

Debec Department Store
As a shopping and cultural space with a long history, it is also widely known as a meeting point. It is situated in the center of the city.
- Debec Department Store 053-423-1234
- Debec Plaza 053-426-1234

Dong-A Department Store
It boasts of a long history, and is equipped with electronics goods, daily necessities, clothing, food and other miscellaneous goods. It also provides galleries for exhibitions.
- Dong-A Department Store 053-422-2111
- Dong-A Shopping Center 053-252-2111
- Suseong Branch 053-784-2111

Lotte Department Store
It features an easy access thanks to the Daegu Subway Station and Daegu Train Station located in the same building. It is equipped with movie theaters and restaurants.
- Daegu Branch 053-660-2500
- Sangin Branch 053-258-2500

Hyundai Department Store
An all in one shopping center with easy accessibility, where you can enjoy movies, restaurants and shopping in one place. You can find lots of luxury goods here.
- Daegu Branch 053-245-2233

4.    Discount Superstores

Five-working day system enables people to have more free time, which helps to create shopping culture on family basis. Variety of goods including groceries, clothing, and sports gear and outfit are available at resonable prices, at discount superstores in Daegu. They provide customers with facilities for cultural events and classes as well

Costco Whole Sale
Daegu branch - Sangyeok-dong, Buk-gu 053-380-1234

Lotte Mall
Esiapolis branch - Bongmu-dong, Dong-gu 053-945-2500

Gamsam branch - Gamsam-dong, Dalseo-gu 053-722-1234
Manchon branch - Manchon-1-dong, Suseong-gu 053-602-1234
Banyawol branch - Sinseo-dong, Dong-gu 053-665-1234
Bisan branch - Bisan-dong, Seo-gu 053-714-1234
Seongseo branch - Igok-dong, Dalseo-gu 053-605-1234
Siji branch - Sinmae-dong, Suseong-gu 053-718-1234
Wolbae branch - Daecheon-dong, Dalseo-gu 053-607-1234
Chilseong branch - Chilseong-dong-2ga, Buk-gu 053-609-1234

Namdaegu branch - Daemyeong-6-dong, Nam-gu 053-659-8000
Naedang branch - Naedang-dong, Seo-gu 053-567-2080
Dongchon branch - Geomsa-dong, Dong-gu 053-559-2080
Daegu branch - Chilseong-dong-2ga, Buk-gu 053-350-8000
Daegu Suseong branch - Dusan-dong, Suseong-gu 053-760-8000
Sangin branch - Sangin-dong, Dalseo-gu 053-380-8000
Seongseo branch - Yongsan-dong, Dalseo-gu 053-550-8000
Chilgok branch - Dongcheon-dong, Buk-gu 053-607-8000

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[Living] Transportation (3)

1.    Driver's License

How to get a driver's license
1) You can apply for, and get a driver's license by following the steps in procedure of the driver's license test.
2) In case your driver's license is issued from countries accepted in Korea, it may be transferred to a Korean license(written test, course driving, and road driving tests not necessary)
- You can get the 2nd category Korean driver's license after a light physical test.
For those from countries with recognized contracts, you can get the first or the second category driver's license according to the contract between countries.
3) In case that your driver's license is issued from countries not accepted in Korea(course driving and road driving tests not necessary)
- You can get the 2nd category Korean driver's license after a light physical test and the written test.
For more details about driving licenses, please contact the nearest driver's license Agency(1577-1120,, or Daegu Driver's Licensing at 053-311-4092 & 053-311-4095.

2.    Vehicle Registration

It is convenient for you to let the car dealership register the car you purchased. Necessary documents are as follows:

Application documents for registration
Permission to drive the vehicle temporarily and temporary tag number
Vehicle certificate or import documentation
Inspection sticker
Certified copy of Alien Registration Card and passport
Proof of vehicle liability insurance
Registration fee receipt
Ownership certificate

-Vehicle registration office 053-749-1114,
Manchon-dong, Suseong-gu

-Seobu branch 053-749-1300
Igok-dong, Dalseo-gu

Used vehicle registration
You need to register used vehicles by yourself at a Vehicle Registration Office. If you don't transfer the ownership of a used vehicle within 15 days from the day of purchase, you will be charged a fine of 500,000 won.
Necessary documents for the transfer of ownership of used vehicle are as follows:
-Passport or alien registration card
-Certificate of alien registration (issued by the Immigration Office)
It is valid when it is issued within 15 days from the day of registration.
-Car registration certificate
-Certificate of transfer
-Certificate of the seller's registered seal, which is issued for the purpose of car ownership transfer
If the seller is an international person, he/she should also visit the Vehicle registration office when the buyer registers the transfer.
- Information: 053-749-1050,

3.    Car Rental

Car rental is available for those who want to drive in Korea.
Drivers must meet the following requirements to rent a car:
Have more than 1 year's driving experience
Have an international driver's license
Be over 21 years old
Possess a valid passport

Rental period
You can rent a car on a daily basis. For business purposes, long term rentals of one month or one year are also available. Cars can be rented from small and large sedans to vans. Rental is available any time, 24 hours a day. Expenses for gasoline are covered by the renter, and all responsibility caused by the driver's violation of traffic regulations must be borne by the person who has rented the car.

씨티렌트카 / City rent-a car 053-283-0075

새한글로벌렌트카 / Saehan Global rent-a car 053-961-3001

크게 보기

렌트카M / Rent-a car M 053-639-4123

크게 보기

e렌트카 / e Rent-a car 053-743-9888

크게 보기

논공영일운수렌트카 / Nongong Youngil rent-a car 053-615-3101

크게 보기

극동렌트카 광장코아점 / Geukdong rent-a car Gwangjang Core branch 053-522-7500

크게 보기

뉴그린렌트카 / New Green rent-a car 053-527-3004

크게 보기

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

[News/Press Article] Daeduk Horseriding Club

The base of Mount Apsen is home to several recreational facilities. I was interested in finding the horseriding school and finding out how much prices are for a lesson. Its a bit of a hilly climb walking in this neighbourhood but we eventually found the Daeduk HorseridingClub.

There are large sand fields outside the club and we didn't see any activities going on so we thought the place was closed. We then noticed the stables and asked if we could go inside. They agreed provided we were quiet and didnt use flash cameras.

Despite the smell and mosquitoes we saw many fine horses stabled in individual pens. These were much larger and intimidating than the horses I had rode recently in Inner Mongolia.

We then found the indoor riding track where lessons were taking place. I'm not sure what the pricing structure was but it seemed to be about 35,000w ($30) and we couldnt make out what the different price list was for.

The indoor riding field was divided into two sections. The smaller front section had children on horses that were all making a single loop circuit.

To the rear the remainder of the hall was for adult riders that could ride more freestyle despite the enclosed space. They were a bit more fussy about us taking photos here.

The viewing area was not too clear because of the glare on the windows but we found an upper viewing deck that was a bit clearer. Unfortunately one of our group was taking flash photography which could scare the horses and maybe throw one of the children so we were asked to leave.

If you want to take a lesson its best to get a korean friend to call and explain what the pricing structure is for and what time you can go. This appeared to be a lesson in progress so I dont think people can just show up anytime and saddle up.

To reach the riding club goto Wolchon Station near the end of the red line and head south towards Mount Apsen. The road will end at a Youth Activity Centre. Then walk left along the main street for a couple more minutes to the pedestrian underpass which is where the entrance approach road to the club is.
There is also an archery range closeby which I'll check out another time.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

[Food] Taste DAEGU, the 8th story – Nureun guksu (Pressed Noodle)

The 8th story of Daegu’s representative foods – Nureun guksu

This noodle dish is representative of Daegu, which has the highest consumption of noodles and wheat flour in the entire nation. Daegu is the only area with noodles that use broth made by simmering anchovies in water. Its broth differs from Andong geonjin guksu, which uses soy sauce to make broth without other ingredients, but the noodles of both dishes are made by mixing an appropriate amount of soybean flour in wheat flour and rollingthin and wide, then slicing the noodles and boiling them in anchovy broth. In essence, geonjin guksu and nureun guksu are similar types of noodles, but when preparing the noodles, the noodles of geonjin guksu are drained and washed with cold water to be served with a garnish whereas nureun guksu is boiled in broth and served as is. Nureun guksu is another name for kalguksu, Gyeongsangdo handmade, knife-cut noodles which use a unique broth made only of anchovies without beef or other seafood ingredients. It was very popular in 1960s and 1970s, encouraged by governmental attempts to reduce national rice consumption. The back street of Migliore was renowned for handmade knife-cut noodles at one time, and there were other popular combination menus like one bottle of soju (hard Korean alcohol) with amppong (pork blood sausage dish), which was great on a cool night.

We visited 35 year old Nureun guksu restaurant last year.

Since this place is really busy at lunch time, we got there at dinner time around 6:30.
We ordered Nureun guksu and Spicy guksu.

This is how the dish looks like. It comes with boiled barley.

Kimchi, pepper, Onion…

The sauces!!
Doenjang and soy sauce.

Mushrooms an sesame seeds on top

This is a spicy noodle.

Friday, June 22, 2012

[News/Press Article] Hiking Palgongsan, the path to Gatbawi

If you live around Daegu, you have probably heard of Gatbawi before. It is a Buddhist statue on the top of Palgongsan. The reason it is so popular is that the Buddha was carved from a single piece of granite and has a giant stone hat on its head. The statue is 4 m tall, and it has inspired a great deal of folklore due it its huge size and remote location. If you want a taste of Korean hiking or want to see an amazing Buddhist statue without leaving Daegu, Gatbawi is the ideal spot.

Getting there is pretty easy, you can take a Daegu City Tour bus or a regular city bus. If you want a more relaxing trip, a bus that has set drop off and pick up times, or the chance to see many sights in one day, I recommend the Daegu City Tour. You can buy a day pass from the Tourist Information Center right outside of the Dongdaegu KTX Station, which is about 5,000 won. If you’re from out of own, this is the easiest way - just leave the train station and get a bus.

Your other choice is a city bus. The 401’s last stop will take you to the base of the trail, but it is often crowded. You should expect to stand on the bus because most people will take this option. It is only 1,200 won, which you pay on the bus. To head home, expect a long line of hikers waiting to take the bus down. I have had to wait for three of four buses to fill up before given a place to stand on the ride down. 

When you get off the bus, just follow the crowd. They will walk out of the parking lot and up to the sidewalk, which will lead to a trail. The beginning is a steep paved road, with little trees surrounded by stacked up stones.

As for the trail itself, it isn’t too strenuous. Compared to most climbing in Korea, it is fairly easy, but bear in mind that they use a lot of stone steps and steep inclines that have been paved over. You will want to make sure you’re wearing good shoes, but don’t let the hike discourage you! There are many places to stop and rest along the way. Most people, even those who do not hike, should be able to finish the walk up.

After 1.2 km, you will come to a beautiful temple. It is a great spot to rest, take some pictures, and enjoy the view. Oftentimes temples will be decorated throughout the year for different holidays, so each time you come, it may look a little different. Make sure you get some water from the temple fountains to fill up your water bottles!

From this temple, there are two trails. There is a longer, winding trail that I took up. It is less crowded, since the trail itself is wider. The other option is a steep staircase going straight up the mountain. It is much more narrow, and we took it going down. Choose wisely, but both will get you to the top eventually!

Finally, you will see Gatbawi. Expect a lot of Korean hikers to be performing rituals in front of the statue. I found it interesting to watch them doing the 108 bows and using the Buddhist prayer beads, but also needed to be careful to stay out of their way and not interfere for the sake of a picture. As crowded as the trails may be and as many tourists come just to see the statue, many are their to worship, mediate and reflect, which makes the sight even more memorable to me.

Find more information on the Daegu City Tour bus here:

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Monday, June 18, 2012

[News/Press Article] Daegu Street Motor Festival

From June 9 2012 to June 10 Daegu hosted its annual motor show. Unfortunately, this seems to be somewhat of a well kept secret. I only found out about it last year after the event had taken place. This year I didnt hear till about two days before. However, it was a worthwhile and enjoyable event and I'm glad I did eventually get to see.

The venue was on Auto Parts Street by Myeongdeok Stn one stop south of Banwolding. It was closed to traffic and lined with a variety of cars parked down the length of the street.

The first section was for racing cars. I was able to sit in one which was gutted on the inside and just a shell except for the drivers seat. Also when you sit you almost sink to the ground as the seat is so low so need help getting back up.

Next were the historic cars. There were cars from each decade from both the USA, UK, and Japan. There was an old british car my dad used to drive in the 70s complete with a UK road tax sticker displayed on the windscreen.

There was a VW Beetle, a British Mini, and everyone's favourite a Lamborghini. Several of the models and costume characters from earlier were still walking by.

They also had two promo buses, one for Samsung Galaxy, one for Nikon Cameras. Both were retrofitted inside as showrooms.

It was quite a fun afternoon seeing so many colourful cars at a free outdoor event. Hopefully in future this will not be such a well kept secret so many more can enjoy this fun event.

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