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[[Living/Transportation] How to Make an Express Bus Reservation?

How to Make an Express Bus Reservation?

All express bus reservations can be done through this KOBUS website. (

You should have a credit card or a debit card issued in Korea to make a reservation online. We will only explain how to make a reservation with a card here.

Things you must check before making an express bus reservation.

- There will be no cancellation fee 
   1) When you cancel two days before the departure date
   2) When you cancel on the day you bought your ticket.

In case you bought the ticket that departs on the day you bought, you should cancel it in an hour after the purchase.

- If you don’t issue your ticket after reservation, you can only receive 80% money of the ticket price when you didn't use the bus.

- There will be no additional fee for changing bus schedule. (However, you can only change time and the number of tickets. You can’t change the departure date)

- Sometimes, you can’t check your reservation status right away, because of computer problems, but you have to check it later again.

- If you buy your ticket with a card, you should use the same card to issue your ticket.

- If you lose your card that was used for buying ticket, you should at least know the number of the card and expiration date in order to cancel or change the schedule.

- If you know how to use Korean internet banking, you can buy your ticket with account payment. (It would be easier for you to pay with a card.)

- You must issue your ticket before departure time. (You can issue your ticket anytime before departure time)

KOBUS provides only Korean service on its web page. That’s why we prepared this post in 
order to help you to make a reservation online. Please carefully follow the process and if you have any questions, just let us know.

You will see the Search bar in the middle of the website. Let’s make it bigger!

This image is an enlarged portion of the screen. Choose the options as you want and then press the green Search Schedule button.

The bus grade is divided into four levels, Ordinary express(일반고속), Premium express(우등고속), Nighttime Premium express(심야우등), Nighttime Ordinary express(심야일반고속) from the top of the option. Premium express buses have only 28 seats which mean that they provide wide and comfortable seats with leg Rests compared with ordinary express buses having 45seats.

※ Please check the Express Bus Terminal Number below to choose your direction.
      (Press Ctrl+F keys together in order to search your terminal number with ease.)  




Seoul Gyeongbu [010]
센트럴*ⓔ Central*ⓔ [020]
동서울 Dong seoul [031]
동서울*ⓔ Dong seoul*ⓔ [032]
상봉 Sangbong    [040]

서수원 Seo Suwon [109]
인천 Incheon [100]
수원 Suwon [110]
용인신갈 Yong-in Singal[111]
신갈시외 Singal (outside of town) [114]
고양 Goyang [115]
시흥(시화) Siheung (sihwa) [195]
성남(분당) Seongnam(Bundang) [120]
광명 Gwangmyeong [125]
철산 Cheolsan [126]
오산 Osan [127]
안성 Anseong [130]
안성중대 Anseong Jungdae [131]
안성풍림 Anseong Punglim [132]
안성공도 Anseong Gongdo [133]
안성한경 Anseong Hangyeong [134]
안성대림 Anseong Daelim [137]
여주 Yeoju [140]
용인유방 Yong-in Yubang [149]
용인 Yong-in [150]
이천 Icheon [160]
구리 Guri[169]
의정부 Uijeongbu [170]
평택대 Pyeongtaek Univ [175]
평택 Pyeongtaek [180]
안산*ⓔ Ansan *ⓔ [190]

강릉 Gangneung [200]
동해 Donghae   [210]
삼척 Samcheok   [220]
속초 Sokcho   [230]
횡성(휴)하행 Hoengseong (hyu) (going up)[238]
횡성(휴)상행 Hoengseong (hyu) (going down) [239]
원주 Wonju    [240]
춘천 Chuncheon    [250]
양양 Yangyang   [270]




대전 Daejeon [300]
대전청사 Daejeon Chongsa [305]
천안*ⓔ Cheon-an *ⓔ [310]
정안(휴)하행 Jeong-an (hyu)(going down) [315]
정안(휴)상행 Jeong-an (hyu) (going up) [316]
공주 Gongju [320]
인삼랜드(휴)하행 Insamland (hyu)(going down) [324]
인삼랜드(휴)상행 Insamland (hyu)(going up)[325]
금산 Geumsan [330]
조치원 Jochiwon [350]
고대홍대 Godae Hongdae [355]
아산서부 Asan Seobu [341]
유성 Yuseong [360]
논산 Nonsan [370]
연무대 Yeonmudae [380]

청주 Cheongju [400]
황간 Hwang-gan [440]
제천 Jecheon [450]
Jeong-an (hyu)*ⓔ[456]

목포 Mokpo [505]
여천 Yeocheon [509]
여수 Yeosu [510]
여수엑스포 Yeosu Expo [511]
순천 Suncheon [515]
순천시외 Suncheon(outside of town) [516]
동광양 Dong Gwangyang [525]
나주 Naju [530]
녹동 Nokdong [545]
무안 Mu-an [550]
보성 Boseong [554]
벌교 Beol gyo [555]
영산포 Yeongsanpo [565]
영암 Yeong-am [570]
회진 Hoi-jin [577]
노력항 Noryeokhang [579]
장흥 Jangheung [580]
함평 Hampyeong [581]
담양 Damyang [582]
장성 Jangseong [583]
문장 Munjang [584]
화순 Hwasun [586]
능주 Neungju [587]
해남 Haenam [595]




전주 Jeongju [602]
군산 Gunsan [610]
익산 Iksan [615]
익산팔봉 Iksan Palbong [616]
김제 Gimje [620]
남원 Nmwon [625]
덕과 Deokgwa [626]
정읍 Jeongeup [630]
순창 Sunchang [645]
진안 Jin-an [650]

부산 Busan   [700]
부산사상 Busan Sasang [703]
마산 Masan   [705]
내서 Naeseo   [706]
창원 Changwon   [710]
창원역 Changwon station [711]
울산 Ulsan   [715]
울산신복 Ulsan Shinbok [716]
진주 Jinju    [722]
통영 Tongyeong    [730]
김해 Gimhae    [735]
김해장유 Gimhae Jangyu [736]

대구한진 Daegu Hanjin [801]
대구동양 Daegu Dongyang [802]
대구금호 Daegu Geumho [803]
대구중앙 Daegu Jung-ang [804]
서대구 Seodaegu [805]
구미 Gumi [810]
선산(휴)하행 Seonsan(hyu)(going down) [812]
선산(휴)상행 Seonsan(hyu)(going up) [813]
경주 Gyeongju [815]
김천Gimcheon [820]
상주 Sangju [825]
포항 Pohang [830]
영천 Yeongcheon [845]
점촌 Jeomchon [850]

※ (Hyu)means a bus stop where you can take a rest and transfer to another bus. 

You will see this notice page when you press the search schedule button. This notice says the cautions that I already summarized above. Press the left button(확인)with a sky blue border.

Next step is choosing the bus. You will see variable options you can choose. Press the Blue button(선택) when you find the right bus. A summary of the bus information that you chose will be displayed under the schedule chart.

This pop-up window is for checking the date you chose. It shows month/day order. (ex_07 14 means July 14th) After checking the date, press the 확인 button on the left.

This notice tells you where you should find your ticket. Just press the 확인 button.

It will show you payment information that is the last step. There are two payment ways, a credit card payment and an account transferring. We will only explain the payment process with credit card. (You should know how to use internet banking for an account transferring.) Choose the seat first and then input your card type, number, and expiration date and the last 7 digits of your alien registration number. Lastly, press the complete purchase(승차권예약, 예매)button.

And then, push the 확인 button again when you see this pop-up window.

If you see this page, it means that your purchase has been successfully completed. You can see details of your bus trip. If this page doesn't appear, you should make a reservation again.  Please check your purchase history before you buy a new ticket. (Sometimes, you can’t check your reservation status right away, because of computer problems.)

You should go back to the main page to check your purchase history. Do you remember the enlarged portion from the main page? Please look at the part again and click the next tab of the reservation tab. The color of the tab will turn into green when you click it. Please refer to the picture above.

Enter your card information into the blank and then press Search purchase history button(KOBUS 예약조회). If you are heading to Central, Dongseol, Cheon-an, Ansan or Jeong-an, please enter your information into the below blank. I guess those terminal information is processed in other server.

You will see your purchase history like the image shows. After you check the purchase history, the only thing you can do is go to the bus terminal and find your ticket! You can also print at home but it’s easier to use automatic ticket issuing machines at the bus terminal.

If you have further questions about using express terminal, please leave a comment on our blog or Facebook page. We will do our best to answer your questions. Thank you and have a nice day!


  1. Thank you very much for this, helped us a lot!!

    1. I am glad that it was helpful :) I will keep uploading more useful information!

  2. Very useful info.. however the website only works with Internet Explorer

    1. Oh! I missed that part! because of the security program, it works only with IE. Thanks for reminding me!

  3. Is it possible to pay via internet transfer?

    1. Yes :) It's possible if you have a Korean bank account and sign up for online banking service.

  4. Hello,
    Would Kobus accept a foreign credit card and can passport number substitute for a Alien Registration Number?
    I am just planning ahead for a visit aimed for October-November 2015.
    Many thanks
    K.Chan, Hong Kong

  5. Hi , really useful and well explained...thanks a lot

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