Friday, July 6, 2012

[Living/Transportation] How to Use Express Bus in Daegu?

Let's travel to another city from Daegu by Express Bus!

“Where should I go? I have to go to Seoul!!”
You must have had difficulties when you traveled to another city from Daegu, especially when you wanted to use an express bus. Finding the right bus terminal is confusing even for Korean.
That's why I prepared this information about using express bus terminal!
Let me start with Daegu Express Bus Terminal. Daegu Express Bus consists of two terminals, Seodaegu Express Bus Terminal and Dongdaegu Express Bus Terminal. 

Dongdaegu Express Terminal includes four different bus terminals. You have to make sure where exactly you want to go to because four companies have different routes. It's easy to find the terminal once you check the destination. I summarized information of each terminal's destination and location and how to get to there.

1. SeoDaegu(WestDaegu) Express Bus Terminal

* Address: 685, Nowon 3(sam)-ga, Buk-gu, Daegu
* Contact no. : 053-356-8695

* How to get to the terminal :
- 427, 527, 704, 708, 719, 724, 726, 730, 750, Bukgu1, Chilgok2
  (get off at Seodaegu Express  Bus Terminal bus station) 
- 309, 323, 356, 성서3
  (get off at Manpyeongnegeori bus station and it takes 5 minutes on foot)

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*  Expess busses at Seodaegu go to

Gwangju, Naeseo, Daejeon, East Seoul, Masan, Seoul Gyeongbu, Seonsan, Seongnam(Bundang), Suncheon, Uijeongbu, Uicheon, Jeonju, Jinju, Cheongju, Chuncheon

* Terminal No. on Kobus : 805

2. Dongdaegu  Express  Bus Terminal

this img from naver

* Address: each address will be provided below
* Contact No. :1588-6900
How to get to the terminal 

    - Subway : get off at Dongdaegu subway station (it takes 5 to 10 minutes on foot)
    - Bus : 106, 156, 414, 420, 521, 651, 708, 909, 937, Gachang1
      (get off at Dongdaegu Express Bus Terminal bus station and it takes 5 to 15 minutes on foot)

1) GeumHo Express Bus Terminal

* Address : 329-3, Sincheon 4-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea
                  It's located right next to the Dongdaegu subway station

* Contact No. : 053-755-1001

Expess busses at GeumHo go to
Gyeongju, Gwangju, Mokpo, Seonsan, Suncheon, Ulsan, Uijeongbu, Cheongju 

* Terminal No. on Kobus : 803

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2) DongYang Express Bus Terminal

* Address : 328-2, Sincheon 4-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea
※ the opposite of Dongdaegu subway station - it has senior exihibition in the building

* Contact No. : 053-743-1961

Expess busses at DongYang go to
Naeseo, Daejeon, Masan, Busan, Jeonju, Gyeongju

* Terminal No. on Kobus : 802

3) Hanjin Express Bus Terminal

* Address : 328-1, Sincheon 4-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea
※ Walk towards Dongdaegu intersection(dongbu fire station) from DongYang Express Bus Terminal

* Contact No. : 053-743-6314

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Expess busses at Hanjin go to
Goyangbaekseok, Gimhae Airport, Eastseoul, Bucheon, Seoul Gyeongbu, Seonsan, Seongnam(Bundang), Songdo, Ansan, Incheon, Incheon Airport, Cheon-an

* Terminal No. on Kobus : 801

4) JungAng Express Bus Terminal

* Address : 327-1, Sincheon 4-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea
※ Walk towards Dongdaegu intersection from Hanjin Inter-city Terminal and turn left at the first corner. 
Contact No. : 053-743-2662
Expess busses at JungAng go to
Suwon, Andong, Yeongju, Yong-in, Jechoen, Jinju, Chuncheon

* Terminal No. on Kobus : 804

※ Bus Terminal Information Center 'KOBUS' :

   -English web page is currently provided though, you can't make a reservation on English website yet(You can still get the buses schedule here). Please call to '1588-6900' if you want to book the bus tickets.

You might be a little bit confused because there are 5 different terminals, but I am sure that you will find the appropriate bus terminal if you check the destination properly! Here's the summary of finding an express terminal.
First, check your destination!
Second, Find the bus terminal that goes to the place you want to go!
Third, Go to the bus terminal using this guideline :)

Don't forget to check the exact location of the terminal because there are four companies located nearly in Dongdaegu bus terminal area. The pictures of the terminal above will be helpful when you find the terminal building.

I will tell you how to make a bus reservation on our next posting for your comfortable and enjoyable travel! Hope to see you soon and take care! :)


  1. Not sure how long ago this was made but it was immensely helpful. Thank you!

  2. Important notice! The bus from Dongdaegu to Gyeongju leaves from the DongYang bus terminal. I couldn't actually GeumHo terminal and there was a huge construction site around the DongDaegu subway station.

  3. Thank you for sharing this very useful information. I did not get lost, thanks to this! :)

  4. I need to travel from Gimhae Airport to Daejeon. Is it correct that I take Gyeongbuk Coach Express Bus to Hanjin Go Terminal, and walk to DongYang Express Terminal to take another Express Bus to Daejeon?