Friday, July 20, 2012

[Living] How to use Intercity Bus Terminals in Daegu_1. Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal

I have been told that many foreign people are having trouble with using intercity bus when they want to go some places where train or express buses don’t run. We organized detailed information of intercity bus terminals in Daegu for the people who want to travel by intercity bus. I will keep posting each terminal’s information periodically from today.

Things you should know before you use the bus terminals!

1. tickets can only be bought in person, not online
2. they can only be bought on the day of travel not ahead of time
3. buses do not have seat numbers so can oversell

In the past, there weren't many international visitors or citizens living in Daegu and because of that intercity terminals have not provided international language services. However, as the number of foreign visitors or citizens grows, the needs of using intercity bus from international people are also increasing. This post would be helpful for them.

It is not difficult at all to get to the terminal or buy tickets at the terminal, though four different inter-city terminals might cause confusion. Each bus terminals is located in northeastern, northwestern, southeastern, and southeastern part of Daegu, normally heading to those directions as you see in the image below. Today's post is about Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal.

Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal 
(Seoboo Jeongryujang)

Seobu Interciy Bus Terminal (Seoboo Jeongryujang) is located in the southern part of the City. It’s relatively easy to find the location compared to other bus terminals.

* How to get to the terminal?

1. Subway
- The easiest way to get to Seobu intercity terminal is using subway line no1. You can take the exit number 3 when you get off at Seongdangmot station and it’s right next to the gate.

2. Bus
-  If you want to use a bus, take the busses below.

106, 518, 564, 651, 726, 750, 805 (get off at Seobu Bus Terminal Bus Stop on the map.)
452, 604, 609, 623, 649, 706 (get off at Gawnmoon Market Bus Stop on the map.
※ it takes about 5 minutes from each bus stops to the terminal on foot.

3. Taxi
- When you take a taxi, say “Seobu Bus Terminal ro Gajooseyo" to the taxi driver.

* How to buy bus tickets?

This is the outside view of the Seobu bus terminal. English and Chinese characters are also written in the sign.

Bus tickets are sold at the ticket window. If you are good at understanding Korean, you can use the automatic ticket vending machine that only provides Korean service.

Even though you are not good at Korean, it would not be difficult to buy tickets at the window, as long as you pronounce the destination in Korean clearly. Workers at the ticket center are mostly young and they have dealt with many international customers. They will kindly help you to get the tickets.

* What are the destinations?

The destinations from Seobu intercity bus terminal are below.
Intervals vary depending on destinations. Just make sure to check the first and last bus.

Destination First Bus Last Bus
 Travel Time

Fare (KRW)
가조(Gajo) 9:10 20:30 70 5,200 Won
거창(Geochang) 6:33 22:00 70 5,200 Won
경주(Gyeongju) 6:30 21:30 70 5,200 Won
광주(Gwangju) 10:42 17:18 270 13,100 Won
구미(Gumi) 6:50 22:00 50 3,500 Won
군산(Gunsan) 7:00 19:40 240 17,300 Won
김해Gimhae) 8:00 19:30 110 9,300 Won
남원(Namwon) 7:55 19:00 120 10,100 Won
마산(Masan) 6:00 21:30 70 6,200 Won
부곡(Bugok) 7:30 20:30 60 5,300 Won
7:00 18:00 110 9,200 Won
순천(Suncheon) 8:00 19:00 180 14,500 Won
여수(Yeosu) 7:05 19:00 240 18,300 Won
울산(Ulsan) 6:10 22:00 110 7,800 Won
 원주(Wonju) 7:05 17:30 210 13,200 Won
의령(Eiryeong) 7:00 18:40 110 9,100 Won
익산(Iksan) 7:00 19:40 200 15,400 Won
전주(Jeonju) 7:00 19:40 160 12,200 Won
진주(Jinju) 6:30 19:30 120 8,600 Won
창녕(Changnyeong) 7:00 21:00 35 3,300 Won
창원(Changwon) 7:00 19:10 85 6,700 Won
청주(Cheongju) 7:10 19:40 160 12,200 Won
초계(Chogye) 8:50 18:50 80 6,000 Won
통영(Tongyeong) 6:10 20:00 160 12,800 Won
포항(Pohang) 6:30 21:30 80 7,300 Won
함양(Hamyang) 6:33 19:30 110 7,500 Won
합천(Hapcheon) 6:30 22:00 70 5,600 Won
해인사(Haeinsa) 6:40 20:00 90 6,600 Won

Isn’t it easier to use an intercity bus terminal than you thought? Then, don’t hesitate to make a trip to another city! Try it now! 

Other intercity bus terminal information will be updated soon as well. Please wait for the next post. Enjoy Summer in Daegu :)


  1. are you in daegu right now?

  2. Does the Seobu bus go to Goryeong?
    It is not listed above, but this website says it does.

  3. Thank you so much for your explanations! All the different bus terminals are a nightmare if you aren't able to read korean. I choose Daegu as a base to see Hahoe village, Haeinsa and Gyeongju. Without your precious information I wouldn't have gotten Anywhere!

  4. i would like to know from seobu bus terminal daegu to suncheon,is it the direct way or need to transit in half way?

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