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[Living] How to use Intercity Bus Terminals in Daegu_4. Nambu Intercity Bus Terminal

※ Things you should know before you use the bus terminals!

1. tickets can only be bought in person, not online
2. they can only be bought on the day of travel not ahead of time
3. buses do not have seat numbers so can oversell

In the past, there weren't many international visitors or citizens living in Daegu and because of that intercity terminals have not provided international language services. However, as the number of foreign visitors or citizens grows, the needs of using intercity bus from international people are also increasing. This post would be helpful for them.

It is not difficult at all to get to the terminal or buy tickets at the terminal, though four different inter-city terminals might cause confusion. Each bus terminals is located in northeastern, northwestern, southeastern, and southeastern part of Daegu, normally heading to those directions as you see in the image below. Today's post is about Dongbu Intercity Bus Terminal.

Nambu Intercity Bus Terminal
(Nambu Jeongryujang)

Nambu Intercity Bus Terminal (Nambu Jeongryujang) is located in the south-eastern part of the City and it is close to Dongbu Intercity Bus Terminal (Dongbu Jeongryujang) though it is not used frequently by people.

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* How to get to the terminal?

1. Subway
- The easiest way to get to Nambubu intercity terminal is using subway line no2. Take the exit number 3 when you get off at Manchon station and it’s located across the road.

2. Bus
-  If you want to use a bus, take the busses below.

- 309, 349, 420, 420-1, 425, 427, 449, 509, 609, 649, 724, 840, 849, 849-1, 909, 937, 939, 990, Suseong2(수성2)

There are four bus stops near Nambu Intercity Bus Terminal. 
Please refer to the Bus information website( before you visit the bus terminal.

3. Taxi
- When you take a taxi, say “Nambu Bus Terminal ro Gajooseyo" to the taxi driver.

Buses from Nambu Bus Terminal go to small cities and towns of the south-eastern part of Korea. I recommend you to use Dongbu Intercity Bus Terminal if you want to go to some famous tourist spots located in south-eastern area such as Gyeongju or Pohang.

As I already mentioned, there aren’t many visitors using this terminal so facilities at the terminal are in poor condition. Nevertheless, it will give you a unique feeling of visiting countryside terminals that people in the city rarely visit and experience.

You will spot that some of the buses are intra-city buses at the terminal. That's because the buses from this terminal go to immediate areas so that they don't need to be huge and comfortable. You can even use your Intra-city Transportation Bus Card on some of the buses. Occasionally, there might not be an empty seat in the bus.

Even though u luckily find a seat, please be considerate of the elderly when there aren't any seat in the bus for them, since it’s one of the virtues of Korea. Who knows? They might give you a small gift (crops that they grew like Corns or Sweet Potatoes) as a way of appreciation. If then, don’t be embarrassed and receive them. That’s also another virtue of Korea. :)

* What are the destinations? 

The destinations from Nambu intercity bus terminal are below.

Destination First Bus Last Bus Travel Time (Min) Fare(KRW)
가창댐(Gachangdaem) 9:20 17:00 60 2,300 Won
금곡(Geumgok) 6:30 21:10 100 6,400 Won
김천(Gimcheon) 6:20 20:40 50 5,600 Won
덕산(Deoksan) 7:10 20:00 105 5,700 Won
묘봉(Myobong) 10:50 19:20 95 5,500 Won
밀양(Milyang) 7:50 18:05 90 7,000 Won
삼계리(Samgyeri) 6:20 16:00 135 7,000 Won
소천(Socheon) 7:25 18:20 45 3,400 Won
신원(Sinwon) 6:20 20:00 80 6,300 Won
언양(Eonyang) 6:20 16:00 135 8,900 Won
얼음골(Eoleumgol) 8:00 13:35 120 10,500 Won
온막(Onmak) 7:50 20:20 75 5,400 Won
운문사(Unmunsa) 6:20 20:00 90 6,300 Won
울산(Ulsan) 8:00 13:35 210 6,800 Won
이서(Eseo) 6:40 20:00 50 3,700 Won
임당(Imdang) 8:50 19:25 70 4,900 Won
임실(Imsil) 20:40 20:40 70 12,900 Won
정대리(Jeongdaeri) 9:20 17:00 60 2,300 Won
창녕(Changnyeong) 6:50 13:20 120 7,800 Won
청도(Cheongdo) 7:00 20:45 80 4,000 Won
표충사(Pyochungsa) 9:15 13:15 120 9,100 Won
풍각(Punggak) 6:40 20:00 80 4,500 Won
화산(Hwasan) 7:40 21:50 105 6,500 Won

That’s all for the Daegu city’s Intercity Bus Terminal information. I hope this information helps you travel comfortably. Please refer to the sites below for more information of other intercity bus terminals in Daegu.

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* Click here to get Bukbu Intercity Bus Terminal information!

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