Wednesday, September 26, 2012

[Tour/Press Article] Daegu Rythm and Bike Festival !

Rythm and Bike Festival

Last weekend was the Daegu Rythm and Bike Festival which was taking place over two weekends. A week before last weekend was in Gwangju, and last weekend Daegu. I registered as it was a free event, I like biking, and had done similar biking events in the past both in Korea and Toronto. A large typhoon Sanba was due to hit last weekend so I was hoping it wouldn’t hit early during the event. 

For the event they were providing free bike rentals. However, I live quite far from the starting point at the west end of the green line and didn’t want to take a bus and subway all the way over. Instead I decided to bike the Geumhogang River trail all the way over (see previous entry), which would take me about an hour each way in addition to the actual event.

I've only ever biked as far as the Dasa bridge and this time I had to cross the bridge as the starting point was just a bit further from the bridge. The path continues on the other side of the bridge so you have to go along one side of the bridge and back down the other to continue on the biking path. 

At the starting point many people had already gathered by the registration tents. After registering, a free refreshment bag was provided at the far end with a chips bag and juice packet

There were two starting blocks for Group A and B depending on biking ability. After some welcoming speeches the event began.

Shortly after the starting point there was a hill path where it bottlenecked as everyone walked their bikes up. Then we continued to bike to what seemed like some kind of alien dome in the distance. Behind the dome was a large dam and the dome is actually somehow related to the dam, perhaps housing mechanical equipment. 

On the other side we are actually in Goryeong County which is not part of the City of Daegu. We passed by lots of farmland and went under a bridge which was the turning point to head back after getting free water bottles. 

We also had been given flags to attach to our bikes. I thought I had secured it but it fell down quite early so I had to hold it most of the time I was biking.

Then we biked back towards the river dam. It was interesting observing it again as there is a photo display and viewing platforms. If the weather was nicer it would have been nice to stop but the clouds were darkening with the impending typhoon Sanba. 

From the dam was a nice view of the city.

As we reached the finish line where we started from we were given another refreshment bag with another bag of chips, drink, and chocolate bar.

The performance stage area now had some warm up acts performing as the audience began to take their places. I wasnt going to stay for the evening show as I needed to bike home along the river for another hour and wanted to be home before it gets dark and any bad weather.

There were also typical food vendors seen at festivals and fresh fish being grilled from a fish tank. We were going to be given a 'free dinner' which the website said would consist of a ramyen cup but I needed to start biking home. 

It then took me quite a while to bike home along the river as I was now tired and it was starting to drizzle. I made it home before any bad weather hit. 

The path does continue to the coast in Busan but I'm not that adventurous unless its some kind of organized event.

It was nice that we did get so much free refreshments as we never had to pay to register for the event. The event route was somewhat short compared to past biking events but it was well organized

Monday, September 24, 2012

[Event] Psy is coming to Daegu for the opening ceremony of The 93rd National Sports Festival!

Psy is coming to Daegu
for the opening ceremony of The 93rd National Sports Festival!

World hottest rising star Psy is coming to Daegu for the opening ceremony of The 93rd National Sports Festival! He will shake the Daegu Stadium with his horse riding danceAlso, rhythmic gymnastics Son Yeon Jae will perform a beautiful stage on the opening ceremony event. She impressed audiences from all over the world by showing lovely performances in 2012 London Olympics. In addition to them, comedian Kimwonhyo and Shinbora will be invited to the ceremony.


<Son Yeon Jae>

Come and see the world hottest star Psy at Daegu Stadium and celebrate the opening ceremony of the 93rd National Sports Festival with us :)

The Opening Ceremony of the 93rd National Sports Festival!

 When? 2012. 10. 11 (Thursday)
 What time? 17:00 - 19:30 (150 mins)
 Where? Daegu Stadium

※ Click here to see the opening ceremony schedule!

* How to get to Daegu Stadium ?

   1. 403, 849, 849-1, 939 (get off at Daegu Stadium Station of Subway line 2)
   2. 309, 349, 449, 509, 609, 649, 724, 840, 909, 937 (get off at World Cup Three-way Intersection Bus Stop) 
      ※ It takes 25 to 30 minutes on foot from World Cup Three-way Intersection to the Stadium.

● Subway:
   1. Get off at DaegongwonStation of Subway line 2 and take exit 5.
   2. Transfer to a bus 849-1,or  939 .
   3. Get off at Daegu Stadium Bus Stop.
      ※ It takes 25 to 30 minutes on foot from Daegongwon Subway Station to the Stadium.

[living] Daegu Board and Card Game Club

Daegu Board and Card Game Club

If you enjoy board games, from the likes of strategy based games such as Puerto Rico to laid back relaxing games like Rummikub, then head over to 놀이터 (nol-ee-toh), in downtown Daegu, on Tuesdays around 7:30pm.  The group is mostly comprised of foreigners, but Korean folks are more than welcomed to join.

Unlimited time at the cafe costs 4,200W Monday through Friday and 4,900W on Saturday and Sunday.  A free sugary drink is included with the unlimited rate.  The hourly rate is 1,800W and no free drinks are included.  Stamp cards are available and a free additional drink is awarded on the tenth stamp.  It may come in hand during a hot summer day when you are parched and might want that extra free drink.

놀이터 boasts a wide range of games that are still in really good shape.  Descriptions are in Korean and the wait staff mostly speaks Korean, so come with someone who understands Korean or someone who knows how to play the games.  If you or your friend understand Korean, then you're in luck.  The wait staff and owner know the rules to all the games at the cafe.  Various club members will know how to play different games and they are willing to show you how to play if you don't know.  After a few months of attending, you're bound to have a few games learned under your belt.

Puerto Rico, 
a strategy based game where players choose various roles, ones similar during colonial times,
 to earn as much points as possible by purchasing buildings or creating goods and shipping them.

The atmosphere of the group is a relaxing yet competitive one.  Friendly competition and playful jesting at one another is a common occurrence, but it's all done in the name of fun.  Competition within group of young Koreans is also playful and you will probably see them bopping each other over the head with toy hammers or dropping a pizza pan on each others heads - you'll see the latter punishment set up as you first walk into the cafe.  Some foreigners are not interested in dishing out playful punishment like those described, so don't be deterred from attending.

Settlers of Catan, 
a strategic and luck based game where players build settlements 
by accumulating specific resources in order gain 10 victory points first.

There have been recent discussions about starting an RPG, role playing game, night.  Whether or not it happens will depend on people who know how to play and who have free time to teach it to others.  Additionally, many people have expressed an interest in playing card games as well.  RPGs require imagination and card games only require a deck of cards, so the events may take place somewhere else besides the game cafe.

 considered a "gateway" game into the world of board games, is a strategy based game 
where players place adjacent tiles to one another along with a piece, if the player wants to,
 called a meeple.  Points are awarded to the player with the most meeples for farmland, 
and completed cities and roads.

Join the "Daegu Board and Card Game Club" on Facebook if you have any additional questions.  It's best to check the group to see if anyone is meeting.  There is no one in particular who is in charge of the group due to the revolving door of new people within the transient foreigner community.  Some people have expressed interest in meeting on the weekends as weeknights conflict with their school or work schedules.  If you are in the same position, then post a date and see if anyone else is interested.  Someone just might be available.

* The Facebook group page:


 :  Here are 2 possible ways from 2 different subway stops.

1. Banwoldang Exit 13 

 - Take the escalators up and out of the exit.
 - Keep straight and then bear to the right.
 - Walk until you see a Cold Stone Bakery on your right.
 - The police station is right next door.
 - Make a right at the police station.
 - Here, the road splits into 3. Take the middle road
 - You should see an ABC Mart in the distance.
 - Walk to the ABC Mart. Make a left at the ABC Mart.
 - Walk straight for about 100m. On the right, after the intersection, is a Puma store.
 - Take the steps on the right side of the store to the 3rd floor.
 - The café is called놀이터, which means “playground” in Korean.

2. Jungangro Exit 2

 - Walk straight out of exit 2.
 - Keep walking straight until you see the Starbucks on your left, about 100m, and the police station just a few meters away.
 - Make a left at this point. Here, the road splits into 3. Take the middle road.
 - You should see an ABC Mart in the distance.
 - Walk to the ABC Mart. Make a left at the ABC Mart. Walk straight, less than 100m.
 - On the right, after the intersection, is a Puma store.
 - Take the steps on the right side of the store to the 3rd floor.
 - The café is called놀이터, which means “playground” in Korean.

Friday, September 21, 2012

[Food] Taste DAEGU, the 2nd story of food streets in Daegu!

Taste DAEGU, 
 the 2nd story of food streets in Daegu! 

9. Bongdeok Mat-gil

There are 66 restaurants in the 700m long street from the Palace hotel to the entrance of Jungdong bridge. This place gained momentum when apartment complex was built and it tries to secure parking spaces and improve the surrounding environment. So, it’s also good to visit during the night time. 

 Address: 1002-55, Bongdeok-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu, Korea
                      (Samgak Green Park in front of Joongdong Bridge <=> Across the Garden Hotel, about 0.7 km)
● Bus: 604, 730

10. Restaurants Near Exco

With opening of Hotel Interbulgo Exco, about 50 restaurants were appeared near Exco. Most of them are familiar with foreign visitors because many foreigners visit Exco and Hotel Interbulgo for carious events and conferences. The restaurants especially care about the sanitary conditions and generous services.

● Address: 160-2, Sangyeok-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea
● Bus: Circular2, Circular 2-1

11. Restaurants Near Unamji Park and Hamjisan Mountain

For social gathering of people who visit Unamji Waterpark and Mt. Hamji 36 restaurants are located near the area. You will be amazed by the wide range of delicious foods such as small octopus, blowfish, galbi, samgyeopsal, and chopped noodles.

 Address: 800-17, Guam-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea
● Bus: 939

12. Duryu-dong Eatery Alley

This alley is located in the entrance of the Sinnaedang traditional market which is the opposite side of 7ho gwangjang. There are bunch of bars and bbq restaurants and many young people visit here for drinking with peers. The restaurants invent new menus to meet the young people’s taste. I suggest you to visit this alley after visiting Duryu park or E-world after having a good time with your friends and family.

 Address:  492-18, Duryu-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea
 Bus: 356, 425, 508, Dalseo4, Seongseo2
 Subway: Line2, Gamsam station

13. Kkaechinmat Street

Located around Horim-dong and Hosan-dong, this street is designated as the representative food street in June, 2008. The surrounding environments are good because there are enough parking space, shopping place, and accommodations as well as good accessibility. More than 100 restaurants are scattered around the area.

 Address: Horim-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea (behind Moda Outlet)
 Bus: Seongseo1, Seongseo 1-1

14. Janggi-dong Eatery Village

This village is located in Yongsandong and Janggidong where there are a lot of apartments. This place is not only good for eating meals but also good for drinking with various accompaniments of drinks. About 40 to 50 large and small restaurants are placed through the alleys. Especially at night time, it’s very crowded with people having drinking parties.

 Address: Damyeongcheon-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea
 Bus: 202, 202-1 

15. Deulangil Eatery Town

Hundreds of restaurants offer various foods from all over the world. Variety of bars and pubs offer a wide range of choices. Many restaurants here have won international competitions and offer dishes that are both traditional and creative. It is great for gatherings, business dinners, banquets and of course, a dinner out with your family and friends. 

 Address: Dusan-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea
 Bus: 403, 410, 410-1

16. Beomeo Eatery Town

There are many restaurants selling from meat to seafood in the street from the second Beomeo bridge intersection to the children’s grand park. Especially, it has plenty of parking space and is easy to access. Many office workers visit here after working for a light drink.

 Address: Beomeocheon-ro, Beomeo-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea
                      (The Second Beomeo Bridge Intersection – in front of the Children´s Grand Park)
 Bus: 402, 427, 814, Suseong1-1, Rapid3, 100-1, 323-1

That's all I prepared for today! 
How was it?! The food streets stimulate your appetite? 
Then, how about visiting one of the streets for drinking parties or gatherings on this weekend?

Next week, I will introduce food streets in traditional markets in Daegu! 
See you next week and have a good weekend! :D

* Click here to read the 1st story of food streets in Daegu.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

[Living] All About Shopping in Daegu !

 All About Shopping  in Daegu 
 : Living Information for the new comers!

1. Consumer Life

When you buy things, it's advisable to compare the price and quality of products. 

Always check the expiry date of food and drinks. After paying, please check the receipt to ensure correct payment for the products. When you want to exchange or return a product, you need to submit the receipt. If you have any problems with the return or exchange of products, or need any help, you can contact the Korea Consumer Agency, or other organizations working for the rights of consumers. 

● Korea Consumer Agency, 02-3460-3000,

 Consumers Korea, 02-739-5441,

  Cash receipt system

The cash receipt system requires the shop to issue a cash receipt for the transaction, when you present your cash receipt card, along with cash for payment. Subsequently, your cash payment information will be sent to the National Tax Services.

  Cash receipt card for international people 

To get the cash receipt card, you need to go to the tax office in your area. When you present your alien registration card, you will be registered as a taxpayer and your cash receipt card will be issued. One or two days after the registration as a taxpayer, you can join a member of the cash receipt service at the National Tax Services website (

  Benefits of cash receipt system

When you or one of your family members have earned income, you can get tax deduction for 20% of your spending in cash, exceeding 25% of your total earned income (please refer to the section 2. Life-taxation & income tax deduction). You can get the detailed information about your cash payment on the website of the National Tax Services (, and you can receive benefits at the income tax deduction.

2. Traditional Markets 

  Seomun Market

The oldest general wholesale market in Daegu, Seomun Market is composed of five districts. This market features its la
rgest size and a variety of items ranging from textile products like fabrics and clothing, to fruits, dried marine products, and shoes. It is changing in a better way with the expansion of access roads to the market, and convenient facilities like a spacious parking lot and a heating / cooling system.

●  Open: from 9am to 7pm
●  Inquiries: 053-256-6341
●  Public 
      - Subway Line 2, get off at the Seomun Market Station
      - Bus 

         : Express1, 156, 309, 400, 400-1, 402, 405, 420, 420-1, 425, 508, 521, 623, 653, 724, 808, 909 (Keunjang Intersection)
         : 300, 402, 414, 600, 609, 836, 840 (Dongsan Medical Center)
         : 323-1(District 5 of the Market)

  Chilseong Market

The best place to buy new furniture or appliances (secondhand stores are also located here). Major goods are ritual foods, living necessities, vegetables, fruit, marine products, electric home appliances and clothes. Also, necessary articles for marriage, furniture, kitchen utensils, metallic materials, toys, laver, rolled rice, fried food, earthenware & ceramics, and flowers (wholesale) are available.

●  Public Transportation
     - Subway Line 1, get off at the Chilseong Station
     - Bus
        : Express1, 156, 305, 401, 403, 410, 410-1, 521, 618, 650, 708, 980, Gachang2 ( Chilseong Market)
        : Gachang2, Donggu2 (Nonghyup)

3. Major Department Stores

  Debec Department Store

As a shopping and cultural space with a long history, it is also widely known as a meeting point.

It is situated in the center of the city.

 Debec Department Store 053-423-1234
●  Debec Plaza 053-426-1234

  Dong-A Department Store

It boasts of a long history, and is equipped with electronics goods, daily necessities, clothing, food and other miscellaneous goods.

It also provides galleries for exhibitions.

●  Dong-A Department Store 053-422-2111
●  Dong-A Shopping Center 053-252-2111
●  Suseong Branch 053-784-2111

  Lotte Department Store

It features an easy access thanks to the Daegu Subway Station and Daegu Train Station located in the same building. 

It is equipped with movie theaters and restaurants.

●  Daegu Branch 053-660-2500
●  Sangin Branch 053-258-2500

  Hyundai Department Store

An all in one shopping center with easy accessibility, where you can enjoy movies, restaurants and shopping in one place! 

You can find lots of luxury goods here.

●  Daegu Branch 053-245-2233

4. Discount Superstores

Five-working day system enables people to have more free time, which helps to create shopping culture on family basis. 

Variety of goods including groceries, clothing, and sports gear and outfit are available at resonable prices, at discount superstores in Daegu. They provide customers with facilities for cultural events and classes as well. 


  Costco Whole Sale

   ●  Daegu branch Sangyeok-dong, Buk-gu 053-380-1234

  Lotte Mall

   ●  Esiapolis branch Bongmu-dong, Dong-gu 053-945-2500


   ●   Gamsam branch Gamsam-dong, Dalseo-gu 053-722-1234
   ●   Manchon branch Manchon-1-dong, Suseong-gu 053-602-1234
   ●   Banyawol branch Sinseo-dong, Dong-gu 053-665-1234
   ●   Bisan branch Bisan-dong, Seo-gu 053-714-1234
   ●   Seongseo branch Igok-dong, Dalseo-gu 053-605-1234
   ●   Siji branch Sinmae-dong, Suseong-gu 053-718-1234
   ●   Wolbae branch Daecheon-dong, Dalseo-gu 053-607-1234
   ●   Chilseong branch Chilseong-dong-2ga, Buk-gu 053-609-1234

  Home Plus

   ●    Namdaegu branch Daemyeong-6-dong, Nam-gu 053-659-8000
   ●    Naedang branch Naedang-dong, Seo-gu 053-567-2080
   ●    Dongchon branch Geomsa-dong, Dong-gu 053-559-2080
   ●    Daegu branch Chilseong-dong-2ga, Buk-gu 053-350-8000
   ●    Daegu Suseong branch Dusan-dong, Suseong-gu 053-760-8000
   ●    Sangin branch Sangin-dong, Dalseo-gu 053-380-8000
   ●    Seongseo branch Yongsan-dong, Dalseo-gu 053-550-8000
   ●    Chilgok branch Dongcheon-dong, Buk-gu 053-607-8000