Wednesday, September 5, 2012

[Concert] KBS Special Concert for 93rd National Sports Festival!

 KBS Special Concert 
for 93rd National Sports Festival!

A special Concert co-hosted by Daegu city and KBS was held at Daegu Stadium on August 31st to commemorate one year anniversary of 2011 Daegu World Championships and to wish for the successful 93rd National Sports Festival that will be held in October in Daegu. Many K-pop stars visited Daegu Stadium to cerebrate and showed exciting performances to Daegu Citizens.

Let’s see what happened at the stadium last Friday!

The first thing that I saw when I get to the Stadium was a huge standing Usain Bolt. He reminded me of the exciting moment of the 2011 Daegu World Championships.

We ran into some beautiful women taking photos with Salbi

He was giving off his charm by showing “Gangnam Style” dance. “Oppan Salbi Style ♬”

Hundreds of people came early and waited for entering in front of the Gate3 to secure a good place. 

The concert started with Daegu Style which is a parody of Psy’s Gangnam Style. He received great responses from audiences.

Insooni and Heogak’s stage was followed. They sang the theme song of 2011 Daegu World Championships “Let’s go together” together in beautiful harmony.

Next stage was Girl's Day’s. Men audiences were fascinated with young and cheerful girls’ lovely dance.

We saw some video clips of 2011 Daegu World Championships between stages.

Nanri Nanri Nanrina ♬ Nanri Nanri Nanrina ♬

Powerful performances of Block B captured the eyes of many young girls at the stadium. We actually received a lot of inquires from young girls about Block b before the concert which shows their popularity.

Four man and December showed off their voice and brave girls’ sexy stage was followed. We also saw a solo stage of Kimhyeongjun. He left SS501 and started to be a solo performer!  

Not only did idol singers perform, but trot singers Taejina, Shin-yu, and Kimyonglim gave nice performances.


A loud sound buzzed across the stadium in a moment! ZE:A finally showed up on the stage and performed two songs.

4minute sang “Volume up” and “Hot Issue” after that! 
A lot of people sang along with the song! “Hahahahaha! Hot issue! ♬

Heogak and Insooni came up to the stage again to brighten up the last stage of the concert.  People fell into Heogak’s touching voice and were deeply moved by Insooni’s untiring energy! She showed powerful and energetic performances. 

The concert was finished with grand fireworks. It was a meaningful concert that thousands of people of all ages enjoyed together! I am looking forward to another special concert for the 93rd National Sports Festival. Will you be there with us as well? :)

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