Friday, November 23, 2012

[Food] Taste DAEGU, the 5th story of food streets in Daegu!

Taste DAEGU, 
The 5th story of food streets in Daegu! 

1. 2030 Eatery Alley

There is a very small alley on the east side of Gallery zone in downtown where there are about 17 restaurants reaching to the Rodeo street. Best selling dish in the 2030 alley is Samgyepsal. Because it opens from 5pm to 2am, many young people who want to hang out near the rodeo street and to drink till late night visit this alley often. It's especially crowded on Friday nights.

    ● Address: 32-12 Dongseong-ro 3gil (32-1 Samdeokdong 1ga), Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea
    ● Bus: 303, 303-1, 305, 309, 427, 609, 649, 730, 805, 840, 939, 990, 991, Donggu 1-1, Rapid2
    ● Subway: Take subway line1 or line2 and get off at Banwoldang station. Take exit 10.

2. Jung-gu Office Ddeokbokki Street

Ddeokbokki Street is located across the Jung district office and about 10 restaurants are placed in the street. Different from other common ddeokbokki, the ddeokbokki in this street is served with very sipcy sauce but other ingredients such as fish cake and veggies are not included. It tastes best when you dip fried dumplings and odengs into the very spicy ddeokbokki soup. If it's too spicy for you, I recommend drinking sweet juice called “coolpeace”. You can order the juice at the place too. Once you try this spicy ddeokbokki, you will be addicted to it.

    ● Address: 710 Gukchaebosang-ro (314-2 Dongin 4ga), Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea
    ● Bus: 106, 305, 323-1, 400, 400-1, 403, 425, 508, 518, 724, 805, 909, Gachang2, Donggu1, Donggu1-1, Rapid3

3. Dongseongno Downtown Snack Alley

Dongseongno snack alley was naturally formed as various restaurants are opened in the alley and young people started to visit the alley for dining. There are various restaurant options from sushi, pasta, shabu-shabu restaurants to noodle and rice restaurants. Price varies according to the type of dishes. The small alley behind McDonald’s is famous for grilled Ddeokbokki restaurants.

    ● Address: 406-20 Jungang daero (70 Sail dong), Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea
    ● Bus: 106, 202, 303-1, 349, 401, 410-1, 503, 518, 650, 704, 706, 730, 909, Donggu1-1, Bukgu2, Rapid2
    ● Subway: Take subway line1 and get off at Jungangno Station. Take exit2.

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