Friday, January 18, 2013

[Tour] Daegu Spa Valley!

The best place to relax in winter, 
Daegu Spa Valley!

Are you looking for a place to relax and warm up your body in the bone freezing cold weather? 
Spa Valley would be the right place for you!

Spa Valley first opened in 2003 and the citizens of Daegu City have been enjoying its hot springs and sauna facilities ever since. The first thing you can see when you get to the Spa Valley is the huge outdoor Water Park’s Rides. However, it’s closed because of the cold weather but part of them will be open soon.

Spavalley was remodeled after the summer season and reopened last December.
That’s why it looked fresh and new.

Right next to the ticket office was Pucca-themed children’s play room named Pucca Fun Store.
Pucca Fun Store is also available for a Children’s party.

You can also try Dr. Fish foot bath in the lobby. It costs 2,000won for 20mins.

Also, food court  is located on the opposite of the ticket box. You can come down from the water park and get some food in your bathing suit as well. 

Buy your ticket on the first floor and then go to the third floor to change your clothes. On this floor, you can charge some money to the locker key so that you can buy things without cash or credit card inside of the water park.

After changing clothes, chose where to go first. 
The second floor is called Fun Fun Zone where there are Bathe pool, Children’s Pool, UK Ball Steam Room, and Traditional Dry Steam Room. On the fourth floor, there are Hot Spring, Bathe Pool, Aqua play and Outdoor Spa.

Let’s look around the second floor first.

Spa valley uses 100% spring water so that you can relax and relieve your stress in the hot spring water while you are having fun in the water. You would feel your skin get softer after playing in the water.

In the corner of the floor, sun beds are placed for you to take a rest and leave your stuff when you go swimming. 

Let’s go up to the fourth floor. The fourth floor is traditional medicine spa zone.

The pool in the picture is the oriental medicine bathe pool which contains more than 10 medicinal herbs in it. The oriental herbs are good for curing skin aliment, preventing flue, and all kinds of adult disease.

Aqua play could be the alternative place of outdoor water park. Enjoy indoor water slides in the aqua play! It's especially good for your children because there’s kids zone where small kids can have fun in the safe environment. 

Are you tired of your daily life and working?
Then, why don’t you go to Spa Valley for relaxing and having fun at the same time?!

* Photo courtesy of Saronna from Dachaeum Café

   Spa Valley 

  ● Admission: 

   - One day pass: Adult 36,000won / Youth 26,000won 
   - Half-day pass(after3p.m.): Adult 22,000won / Youth 16,000won

  ● Direction: 

   - Address: 27-9 Naengcheon-ri, Gachang-myeon (891 Gachang-ro), Dalseong-gun, Daegu, South Korea

   - Bus: 449, 452, 704, Rapid2, Gachang1, Gachang2, 405


  1. Hi , I do have a question if you happen to know if swimsuit are allowed in level 4 for the spa?

    1. Sorry but I don't understand what level 4 is. Could you explain me in more detail?

    2. Sorry, I meant the fourth floor which is the spa area. Is there a separate section for men and women? are swimsuit allowed?

    3. On the 4th floor my son and I enjoyed the water slides which was directly across from the medicine spa. There is a spa room we walked into on accident... an old naked man caught me off guard. I believe you can wear your swimsuit in the spa room bc no one was monitoring the area.

  2. Hi i have a question,me and my boyfriend want to get some relaxing day,is it allow?is it ok if we both get some relaxing in 4th floor?

  3. And how can i go there from daegu station?