Wednesday, March 27, 2013

[Restaurant] Road to India Restaurant!

Road to India Restaurant

Daegu has yet another Indian restaurant to add to its variety of culinary treats. Road to India located in the heart of downtown is a Korean run Indian restaurant that not just embraces the passion of serving authentic Indian cuisine but is a showcase of Indian arts and culture . 

The restaurant is located just a block south of the main stage and Burger King. At the next intersection down you will see it on the second floor above a cosmetics store. 

The staircase is decorated with beautiful Indian artwork, complimenting the decorative interior. The main restaurant has many hanging fabrics, wall art, and traditional lanterns. 

There are two seating options, western style table and chairs, or Asian style floor seating. While Indian seating is similar to Korean floor seating, the restaurant has decorative alcoves for private seating. Indian floor seating traditionally has round pillows to rest on and the restaurant also provides small cushions. 

I like the menu choices as it’s very simple and easy to understand. They have a set menu option for 9000w. This will consist of three items. Your choice of curry, rice or naan option, and lassi drink. Lassi is a milk drink which I normally ask them to leave out. 

Curry options range from chicken, beef, vegetable, and shrimp, as well as an original pork option which is not a traditional Indian dish. 

Naan is a flat bread baked in an oven. While the menu says naan what they actually serve is called Puri. This is a flat dough that is deep fried into a soft and crispy bread like a pita wrap. 

The owners are Korean and may not be familiar with the difference. I tried explaining to them once but their menus are already printed up so there's not much they can do about it now. 

Being Korean owned it's not as intimidating for most Koreans so there is more than the usual number of locals attending a foreign restaurant and trying non Korean cuisine. I think they had Bollywood Indian tunes playing gently in the background too but I am usually talking with friends to notice. 

I've been to this restaurant a few times with friends and had no complaints about the food. It's conveniently located a block away from the main stage downtown, has easy menu options, and transports you for an hour or so away from Korea. They also sell incense sticks and small accessories. 

Their atmospheric interior and delicious food will invite you back for many more encounters. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

[Winners Announcement] Daegu City's Happy Spring Event!

Daegu City's Happy Spring Event
Winners Announcement!

The winners list of Daegu city's Happy Spring Event is out!
Congratulations to all winners and thank you everyone for your participation. 

We will collect winners' personal information (Name, Address, Phone number, t-shirts size) by March 29th! If you have won the event, please send us facebook message with the information we need by March 29th.

★ Press Ctrl+F and Enter your name or part of your name to find your name the easy way.

Adam Freddie Fletcher
Ché Upton  
Criselda Tomas Agcaoili  
Fernan Santos  
Jemma Burton  
John Golding 
Laura Hargadon
Laura reynolds 
Matthew Harris  
Melissa Barbier  
Michelle Ní Shúilleabháin 
Peter Pho
Rassacin Ly
Roger Vasak  
Sam Roe  
Shawn Shen
Soh Zhau Wan  
Synn Ji Hye 
Tara Albert 
Tolga Ercan  
Vilma San Pedro  
Winnie Ku  

★ Check the size chart to figure out what t-shirts size is perfect for you.

       (Unit: cm)

Friday, March 22, 2013

[Restaurant] Tteularae Restaurant in downtown Daegu

Tteularae Restaurant

A popular place friends like to meet for dinner downtown is a western fusion restaurant Tteularae. Located a block east of the main stage, Tteularae is a popular venue for both locals and expats with a mix of Italian and Asian foods, and most favourite, a dessert selection with complimentary refills. 

The restaurant is both confusing and easy to reach once you know where it is. A block east from the main stage is a curved building at the corner of the first intersection. Tteularae is located on the second floor of this curved building.

 You often have to wait to be seated but they have a large heated waiting area for winters, and even a PC room to kill the time. Wait times can be as long as an hour so it’s a good idea to make reservations or come early

The staff is friendly and will speak some English due to the high number of foreigner clientele. Menu options range from steak, pasta, noodles, and are reasonably priced about 12,000w on average. 

They also have a large selection of wines available. They can take group photos but the day we went their digital printer was out of ink so we had to use our own camera

It’s a family friendly restaurant and they even have children’s seating

The reason why this restaurant is so popular with long wait times is their dessert menu. I believe the rule is you can order three times but in practice I don’t think they keep track and you can keep reordering

Aside from the complimentary cake you have choices from ice cream, parfait, fruit, and smoothies.     

If you end up ordering three or more dessert items, then along with your average 12,000w meal it ends up being very good value.

Its a nice place to just hang out with friends talking, enjoying food, and reordering dessert. So if you don’t mind the wait to get in your patience will be handsomely rewarded

Sunday, March 17, 2013

[Event] Colorful Daegu's Happy Spring Event

Colorful Daegu's Happy Spring Event!

The city of Daegu has prepared a special spring event!

Participate in one of the events and win a cool t-shirt!
We will give 30 people one of a kind colorful Daegu t-shirt as a prize.

  How to enter?

  * Blog event: 

  ① Visit Colorful Daegu's blog
  ② Share one of the post that you like on your blog.
  ③ Leave your blog URL on the blog event post. 

  *  Facebook event: 

  ① Like Colorful Daegu's Facebook page
  ② Share Colorful Daegu's event post on your timeline.
  ③ Tag your friends' name in your comment on the Facebook event post. 

  Event Period?

       March 18th 2013 ~ March 22nd 2013

  Who can participate?

        Any foreign friends who love Daegu and are currently living in Korea!

  Winners Announcement?

        March 26th, 2013 through Blog and Facebook announcement

        Lovely t-shirts with our Colorful Daegu logo and the Flag of Korea.
        Prizes will be given to 10 blog event participants and 20 Facebook event participants!

※ We will collect winners' personal information (Name, Addresses, Phone numbers) by March 29th!  
     If you have won the prize, please provide us with the information we need by March 29th through Facebook message.   

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

[Shopping/Press Article] Men’s Clothing Alley in Daegu

Men’s Clothing Alley in Daegu

The Men's clothing market usually takes a much smaller market share than Women's clothing and accessories. However Daegu has many stylish and trendy stores downtown as well as several department stores. If however you're looking for a cheaper alternative to retail prices, Daegu has a Men's clothing alley downtown full of the latest fashions at much more affordable prices.

It’s easy to miss and I didn’t even bother walking down this street for a long time before I ever discovered it was there. At the fountain outside the Police Station at the base of Donseongno opposite Herbal Street and the YMCA, walk north a few stores until you reach Daiso on the west side. Directly opposite you will see the start of the alley.

This street is exclusively for Men's clothing and is packed tightly with many small stores selling the latest styles. Deceptively some of them are quite larger once you go inside. Although they have an assortment of many styles, you may have a problem finding western sizes. I'm a western size medium but the Korean size that fits me would be an extra large. 

I tried on some Large size jackets but they were tight around the shoulders so it’s not even a question of dieting. Most stores did not carry extra large sizes and the ones that did had items that wouldn’t sell. 

They also had many styles of jeans but I didn’t check sizes. I know there are Korean guys larger than me so I often wonder where they buy their clothes?

It’s nice to peruse and if you can find your size you might get yourself a good bargain too. If you buy more than one item maybe you can even try bargaining prices.