Monday, April 15, 2013

[EVENT] A source of pride in PR KING contest!!

A source of pride in PR KING contest!!

* Event period : Monday, April 15th 2013 - Sunday, 21st / 7days
*Prize? Coffee/ Beverage mobile gift card (5,000 won) 10people
*Winners Announcement? Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Friday, April 12, 2013

Foreign Blog Press Announcement!!

 Congratulations to all Successful applicants and thank you everyone for your particiption.
 We will have make a call because of welcoming ceremony and workshop schedule individually:)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Foreign Blog Press Recruitment in Daegu

Foreign Blog Press Recruitment

Daegu City Government is recruiting foreign blog press who will run "Daegu Social Media English Channel (Touch Daegu)" with the City. We would like to work with passionate people to share brilliant ideas to promote Daegu city.

Period : 2013. 4. 1(Mon) ~ 2013. 4. 10(Wed) / 10days

How to apply : Fill the attached application form and e-mail us
                       save the file name as ‘foreignpress_yourname.hwp’
                       → download here

Working Period : Date of appointment ~ 2014. 4. 30

Requirements : Foreigners who are currently living in Daegu
                         Good communication and writing skills in English
                         Must be available at least one day of outdoor & social media activity 

                         per month. Should have a device for taking photos or videos
                         Must be currently running any social media such as blog, facebook

The number of people : 5 People

Activities : Write 3 articles a month Outdoor activities,
                  online activities, Participate in workshop

Benefit : You will be paid for a writing submission (about 40,000KRW)
              Commendation for an excellent activities by the Mayor of Daegu at the end of
              the year Invitation to the city's small and big events

Announcement : 2013. 4. 12(Fri) 16:00
Result will be notified individually and posted on our blog. If you work insincerely or damage the image of Daegu city while you are working as a blog press, you will be disqualified from being Blog Press

* Inquiry : T. 053-803-2244