Thursday, June 20, 2013

[Chicken-Beer International Festival in Daegu 2013] Daegu Chicken, origin for garlic, soy sauce chicken

The hottest festival in 2013 in Korea!! Only 28 days are left until  2013 Chicken & Beer Festival !! We know many of you guys are already waiting for this amazing festival in Daegu :) So here's a special project that we planned to introduce Daegu based chicken brands and restaurants every week. The first one is 'DAEGU CHICKEN' with 35-year-history.

Previous location

    DAEGU CHICKEN (Daegu tongdak)

Established in 1978, DAEGU CHICKEN which was located near the head office of Daegu bank moved to Shincheon market recently. It has 19 branch offices in Daegu, 8 offices from all parts of the country.

Starting 78 years ago, DAEGU CHICKEN has their own recipe for garlic, soy sauce chicken and spicy seasoning chicken. There also have basic menu including fried chicken as other chicken restaurants got.

This set(Traditional seasoning chicken+Red seasoning chicken) is the most famous menu in the DAEGU CHICKEN. White radish, side dish, will stimulate your appetite :)

Traditional seasoning chicken is mainly made with garlic and soy sauce in here. But the garlic smell is not too strong so that you can enjoy the perfect salty taste and savory of chicken. Another one with red seasoning is almost same as typical Korean seasoning chicken but it has more sweetness and less spicy.


  • Open: 02:00pm~
  • TEL: 053-755-9061
  • Map: