Wednesday, June 26, 2013

[Tour] Laser water show at the Suseongmot lake!!


We are feared for summer season in Daegu as it achieves hellacious temperature every year. The befitting place you want to be these HOT weathers is somewhere with cool breeze and amazing view. So one of Korean civic journalists, Eom, Byeong-Geun found a nice spot at the Suseongmot lake that everyone can relax. If you reach here, you will get covered with rare sight and multi-colored laser.

Suseongmot lake is one of the Twelve Views of Daegu , a destination for the seekers of excitement, relaxation and a taste of Daegu. It is the largest manmade lake in the city of Daegu 218,000㎡ in area and 2km in circumference. It was originally made as a reservoir to contain agricultural water but has now grown into Daegu’s most popular public park, offering venues for all kinds of outdoor activities all year round including boating and laser water show. 

Laser water show at the Suseongmot lake is nice spectacle to watch with your family and friends. This laser water show plays performace 4 times a day except monday and winter season. When you get a chance to get the Suseongmot lake, don't miss this beautiful show!

It also doesn't operate on rainy day

   How to get there

Bus: 401,410,499,400,400-1,604 get off at the Suseongland station

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