Wednesday, July 31, 2013

[Exhibition] Kusama Yayoi: A Dream I Dreamed

There’re great many balls inside a ball and another countless balls inside one of the great many balls..

Because of compulsive disorder, Kusama Yayoi expresses hallucination from inside of her to a space, and she is finally called ‘The queen of dots’

She seems to want us to see what she sees through her works. She spreads dot prints on the every ceiling, wall and floor, and it gives us an illusion of space. We feel like falling into a world make of dots.

Yayoi also creates an endless dot world by using a lot of mirrors and beams. It looks psychological representation of her inner world.

“I just wanted to pull out the white circles looked like millet that endlessly multiplying up the wall from my sketchbook.”

Her fancy art works become her more popular because the works are looked simply kinds of graphic design ones.

This room is for arts participation by visitors. All you do is decorating the room by using colorful dot stickers.

[Kusama Yayoi: A Dream I Dreamed]

○ Period : July 16(Tue) ~ Nov 3(Sun) ※ Closed on Mondays
○ Time : 10:00am~07:00pm ※ Ticketing from 09:30am
○ Venue : Daegu Art Museum,

[Admission Fee]

Organization (more than 20 persons)
Adult (19~64)
5,000 won
4,000 won
Youth (13~18)
3,000 won
2,000 won
Kids (7~12)
2,000 won
1,500 won
Recipients of basic living, Family with more than 3 kids, Volunteers who work over 100 hours, Green card holders
The elderly (60~), Toddler, Men of national merit, The disabled

[Online Reservation]
Online reservation is available for organizational visitors only on the Daegu art museum web site. ☛ (Korean)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

[Living/Press article] Cheap Seoul KTX Trains

Did you know not all KTX train tickets from Dong-Daegu to Seoul are the same price? Ever wonder why your ticket price keeps changing? For those of you looking to save money and are flexible on times there is a cheaper KTX train you can take

Normally you would pay 40,000w - 44,000w for a one way KTX ticket to Seoul. However, there is a less frequent route that runs thru Ulsan/Gyeongju via Suwon to Seoul. Because this train takes about 45 mins longer than a normal KTX due to its longer route the ticket is priced lower at 33,500w ($30) shaving about 10,000w off the regular price. 

<Seoul KTX Price List>

<KTX Fare>

There are only four trains per day that follow this route and stop at Suwon so look on the Korail site for the Suwon trains to find the train numbers and times. 
If you are only going as far as Suwon it would cost you as low as 30,300w ($28). You can then take the metro from Suwon and be in Seoul later in the day. 
<Suwon Train Line>

<2nd Suwon Train Line>

Another option is to buy an annual membership for 80,000w ($70) which saves 10% for personal members or 30% for business members. However, I don't have one and don't know if this can be pooled between friends. 
Going to Seoul can be an expensive return trip by KTX but there are various options. The cheapest way is still by bus or Mugunghwa train but the slow KTX via Suwon can shave another hour off slow bus/train times while providing the comfort of a KTX train.  

<Korail Site>

<New Bilingual English Ticket Machine>

Monday, July 29, 2013

[Festival] Announcement of Recruiting Daegu Colorful Festival Parade Team

 Costume parades are not only magnificent spectacles, they also show distinct features of the festivals. As the way people dress up, sing and dance on the parade, the Looker on get different impressions from each festivals.

[Daegu Colorful Festival Parade]

The Daegu Colorful Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Daegu. Various programs and events are arranged every years, above all the costume parade is always the highlight of the festival.

The parade have been consisted of people participating in the festival. Especially, foreigners are also available to entry in the parade in this year. Anyone can organize performance team of the costume parade, if they submit the application on the online.

[How to participate the parade]

Title : 2013 Colorful Daegu Festival ‘Colorful Parade’
Parade period : 2013. 10. 12(Sat) 18:00 ~ 21:00 (예정) the preliminaries of the Colorful Parade 
                2013. 10. 13(Sun) 18:00 ~ 21:00 (예정) the final of the Colorful Parade
Parade section : Donseongro ~ Jungangro junction ~ Banwoldang Junction
Mission : The green color-the festival's main color of this year- must be included the costume
Music : It will be noticed in the orientation
Entry credentials : Anyone who are able to attend the festival
Category : 1. Adult (clubs, companies, institutes, organizations, multi-cultural organizations, aboard teams..)
                    2. University/College students (colleges, majors, clubs) 
                    3. Teenagers
                    4. Kids 
                    5. Families   
                    6. Boroughs, Districts in Daegu
Benefit : - The participates will be provided entry fee
                 - Awarded teams will be awarded certificates of merits and cash prizes (Winner's prize: 2 millions won)
Direction of the parade
- Free style
- Express yourself creatively by using parade car, costumes and other items

▣ Entry Application
❍ Application period : 2013. 7. 15(Mon) ~ 2013. 8. 30(Fri)
❍ The method of application : Please submit the application on the online.
<Colorful Daegu Festival Homepage:>

Here's the registration for applying the parade program. You need to check 'Yes, I agree' box above this registration.

Friday, July 26, 2013

[Restaurant] 'Buy the Book Cafe' with healthy foods and used english books

Buy the Book Cafe is located right in the downtown but it is easy to pass by this secret place without notice. I have walked through this area for so many years but I haven't really thought about navigating the stairs in this building.

After climbing the stairs, you will get to see inside view of buy the book cafe :) The first impression about this place was
'Interesting'. They have free and unique atmosphere as you can see.


The owner welcomed me kindly and also asked whether I came here for language exchange or not. Apparently, many things are organized here such as language exchange which is a meeting with Korean and foreigners on every Friday from 8pm, farmer's market day selling all the home made good, jewelry, clothes stuff on the last Sunday of every month. Oh, the market day will be held this Sunday so drop by there if you wake up early in the lazy morning :)

This place is worthy of its name 'Buy the Book Cafe' as literally there are so many books are displayed. All of them are used english books I guess. So if you have been struggling to find an used english book store, don't worry be here.

Books, books and endless bunch of books everywhere!! As a book lover, this place was an oasis for me :D

Plus, you will be able to get international brand snacks, chips and sweets you love. Don't have to bring your car or costco card for bulk food items.

At the corner of here, open kitchen exists. The owner and other staffs make nice foods by themselves. To be honest I really didn't expect about the foods but they were amazing.

This is a menu. You can have a variety of options to enjoy international foods from heavy hamburger to fresh vegan salad. Most of them are western style foods with reasonable price. In my personal experiences, it is safe to say that this place would be the only one place provides many vagan foods.

I ordered poutine(fries topped with cheese curds, gravy sauce) and uhmm forgot the name for another one lol maybe it was chili enchiladas. For me, they were exotice a bit but still so good. I would definately love to visit here again for these foods, very soon!!

Guess what? I got petite-size 팥빙수(patbingsu, shaved ice with red bean, fruits, icecream etc.) for free from stompy ruffers. It is a small patbingsu shop in the buy the book cafe which is running by another person. They tasted also good and healthy. Having a patbingsu must be the best way to beat the heat.

The thing I liked the most about the Buy the Book Cafe was nobody cares. Of course they pay attention to people and taste of the food very carefully. What I want to say is it is a  place that unimpeded by anyone else compared with other Korean restaurants. With friends or alone, buy the book cafe is always good place to visit.

 Facebook page:

 Stompy Ruffers:
 Btb July Market Day: 
 Language cast:


        -Address : 18-11, Samduk-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu (대구광역시 중구 삼덕동 18-11)
    • Start at 2.28 park (head left from Jungango exit 2 then head right when you hit the park) 
    • Walk past Angel in Us (it'll be on the left) 
    • Keep walking straight through that intersection (the one with Angle in Us on the corner) 
    •  Walk past Holly's Coffee. Keep walking straight 
    •  At the end of that block, there's a Coffee Bean. Keep walking straight 
    •  At the next intersection, you'll see a Starbucks on the second floor 
    •  It will be straight ahead and towards the left. Turn left (don't go straight past the Starbucks) 
    • On the left, you'll see Mr. Pizza. Buy the book is on the 4th floor! 

    Thursday, July 25, 2013

    [Food/Press article] How to make Tofu Buchim(Fried Tofu with soy sauce)

    Sometimes, while living in Korea, you just need a break from all of the gokee—while delicious, the samgyeopsal, bulgogi, and galbi can sit a little heavy, especially with Daegu’s unwavering wall of scorchery. And while many foreigners are discouraged at first sight of their comparatively closet-sized kitchens, it’s no excuse to avoid them altogether. In fact, you may just learn to appreciate Korean cuisine a little more if you take matters into your own hands. Here, we give a ten-minute meal suggestion, a lighter summer dish that serves up nicely with some rice, veggies, and kimchi—no pork included.

    Tofu, in Korean, is known as “dubu”—maybe easiest to remember once you’ve had your first few bites of sundubu jjigae, or soft tofu stew. Tofu is made when soybeans—an abundant Korean crop—are soaked, crushed, and cooked into soy milk, and coagulated (changed into a solid) into blocks to make bean curd. It can then be sold soft or “silken” (순두부), or pressed and drained and sold as firm (단단한두부or부드러운 두부 ), or extra firm tofu. 

    Most health researchers suggest buying tofu organic, as many soy products contain GMOs, including those in Korea. Pulmone, as pictured above offers organic goods as noted by the small green “organic” label on the bottom middle of the package.

    Tofu is best-known for its high protein content and ability to carry flavor, making it an excellent meat substitute. If it’s your first time cooking with tofu, we recommend the firm variety as its texture is a lot more friendly (read: doesn’t jiggle in your jjigae)—and that’s exactly what this simple recipe for Tofu Buchim requires.

    First, let’s make the sauce—you’ve probably got all of these ingredients on-hand already! 

    In a small bowl, mix:
    3 tbsp soy sauce (tamari or coconut aminos work great, too)
    2 tsp red pepper powder
    ½ tbsp minced garlic
    ½ tbsp sesame oil
    1 tsp sesame seeds
    1 tbsp sugar (I subbed agave syrup)

    Now that you’ve got your sauce-uh, set it aside, and cut a whole block(one package) of firm or extra-firm tofu into about 8 1x1.5-inch blocks (slice into 1-inch strips and then cut those in half). 

    Now, fry the tofu in a pan over medium-high heat using your oil of choice, flipping as necessary until it is golden-brown. We found this easiest to do using chopsticks as not to break up our little blocks.

    Lay the tofu out on a plate and drizzle with sauce as desired. Top with chopped green onion to make it all fancy and feel like a pro chef.

    Serve it up alongside some veggies (kimchi, anyone?) and rice and you’ve got yourself a well-balanced Korean meal. Now, invite all of your friends over to show off your awesome Korean chef skills—mmm, mashisseoyo!

    Recipe adapted from Aeri’s Kitchen.

    Wednesday, July 24, 2013

    [Living] Daegu Beomeo Art Street Market

    Let's escape from hot summer heat and have a brief vacation at Beomeo art street market! while you feel the artistic atmosphere, midsummer heat will be gone before you know it :-)

       -Open Beomeo Art Market

    The artists who live in Beomeo are going to exhibit water color paintings based on Colorful Daegu and going to prepare open studio to let visitors attend to their artworks.

    30 sellers is preparing ceramics, beads accessories and wooden handcrafts at a low price.
    Above this, it's scheduled that moving art cafe, busking performance and a variety of events during the art street market is open.

    -Mini Concerts

    Many kinds of performance like acoustic guitar playing, ocarina playing, Korean classic crossover, drum performance are going to perform at 12:00 and 18:00 (everyday).
    The Beomeo street would become full of various tunes! :-D

    -Hands-on experience events

    You can take classes like playing with color paint, painting with water-colors, painting on the ceramics, making Tow dolls
    And what's more, all classes are free!

    [Daegu Beomeo Art Street Market]

    Date: 23rd, July(Tue)~28th, July(Sun)
    Place: Beomeo underground district
    How to get here
    The underground: The market is placed at B1F. Get off the Beomeo station (Line 2), go along to gate 8