Tuesday, July 9, 2013

[Living] A list of useful mobile apps for living in Korea

1. Visit Korea 2.0 - English

Visit Korea 2.0 provides users with expanded travel content and information on Korea's tourist attractions, restaurants, accommodations, shops, and more. Each listing comes complete with a map and directions to help travelers get where they need to go.

2. The Smart Tour Guide 

The Smart Tour Guide contains audio guides for major historical sited and national museums across Korea. Audio tours give users an interesting and convenient way to learn about Korean history in their own language.

3. Buzz Korea

Your best mobile solution when planning for a trip to Korea. Utilize this application when you need quick information while traveling around Korea. Also, when you’d like to cherish the memories from Korea and share them with your friends, this application will help you.


4. 한식 메뉴 가이드- Korean Menu Guide

Actually Korean Menu Guide is made for Korean people who have foreign friends. They say this app offers the most convinient way to introduce Korean foods to foreigners. There are 5 different languages contained and you can search all the Korean foods and explanaions.

5. Korean Builder - English 

Korean language app for building sentences based on library of over 1100 of the most common words and phrases in Korea. Provides full range of different conjugations in multiple honorific, formality, and politeness settings. You can create your own sentences and form with this application. 


6. Daegu Tour - English, Chinese and Japanese.

This application contains information of tourist attractions, hands-on experience, themed tour packages, shopping places, festival, events, food and accommodations with detailed description of each attraction. It also has real-time travel news and transportation information. Contact numbers in the application make it possible for you to call each attraction information center directly through the phone.

7. MediApp Korea - English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian

MediApp Korea is your guide to medical travel in Korea, where cutting-edge healthcare is available at reasonable rates. The application has general information on Korean health and beauty as well as detailed information on Korea's medical institutions including location, contact numbers, doctor bios, treatment costs, and more.

8. BENIKEA - English

BENIKEA, operated by the Korea Tourism Organization, is Korea's first-ever-mid-priced hotel chain. This application introduces BENIKEA hotels nationwide and includes hotel specs and nearby tourist attractions. The app also lets you make quick and easy reservations at the BENIKEA hotel of your choice(pending availability).

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※ Infromation from www.visitkorea.or.kr


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