Friday, July 26, 2013

[Restaurant] 'Buy the Book Cafe' with healthy foods and used english books

Buy the Book Cafe is located right in the downtown but it is easy to pass by this secret place without notice. I have walked through this area for so many years but I haven't really thought about navigating the stairs in this building.

After climbing the stairs, you will get to see inside view of buy the book cafe :) The first impression about this place was
'Interesting'. They have free and unique atmosphere as you can see.


The owner welcomed me kindly and also asked whether I came here for language exchange or not. Apparently, many things are organized here such as language exchange which is a meeting with Korean and foreigners on every Friday from 8pm, farmer's market day selling all the home made good, jewelry, clothes stuff on the last Sunday of every month. Oh, the market day will be held this Sunday so drop by there if you wake up early in the lazy morning :)

This place is worthy of its name 'Buy the Book Cafe' as literally there are so many books are displayed. All of them are used english books I guess. So if you have been struggling to find an used english book store, don't worry be here.

Books, books and endless bunch of books everywhere!! As a book lover, this place was an oasis for me :D

Plus, you will be able to get international brand snacks, chips and sweets you love. Don't have to bring your car or costco card for bulk food items.

At the corner of here, open kitchen exists. The owner and other staffs make nice foods by themselves. To be honest I really didn't expect about the foods but they were amazing.

This is a menu. You can have a variety of options to enjoy international foods from heavy hamburger to fresh vegan salad. Most of them are western style foods with reasonable price. In my personal experiences, it is safe to say that this place would be the only one place provides many vagan foods.

I ordered poutine(fries topped with cheese curds, gravy sauce) and uhmm forgot the name for another one lol maybe it was chili enchiladas. For me, they were exotice a bit but still so good. I would definately love to visit here again for these foods, very soon!!

Guess what? I got petite-size 팥빙수(patbingsu, shaved ice with red bean, fruits, icecream etc.) for free from stompy ruffers. It is a small patbingsu shop in the buy the book cafe which is running by another person. They tasted also good and healthy. Having a patbingsu must be the best way to beat the heat.

The thing I liked the most about the Buy the Book Cafe was nobody cares. Of course they pay attention to people and taste of the food very carefully. What I want to say is it is a  place that unimpeded by anyone else compared with other Korean restaurants. With friends or alone, buy the book cafe is always good place to visit.

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        -Address : 18-11, Samduk-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu (대구광역시 중구 삼덕동 18-11)
    • Start at 2.28 park (head left from Jungango exit 2 then head right when you hit the park) 
    • Walk past Angel in Us (it'll be on the left) 
    • Keep walking straight through that intersection (the one with Angle in Us on the corner) 
    •  Walk past Holly's Coffee. Keep walking straight 
    •  At the end of that block, there's a Coffee Bean. Keep walking straight 
    •  At the next intersection, you'll see a Starbucks on the second floor 
    •  It will be straight ahead and towards the left. Turn left (don't go straight past the Starbucks) 
    • On the left, you'll see Mr. Pizza. Buy the book is on the 4th floor! 


    1. Hello. impressive job. I did not anticipate this. This is a remarkable story. Thanks!

    2. Yeh, it's a quite impressive cafe. Thanks for visiting blog!

    3. You know, if you had run this wonderful, positive review past the owner, I'm sure she would have happily proofread it for you. ^^

    4. The directions to Buy the Book are correct, but the map doesn't look right. Just FYI.