Friday, August 30, 2013

[Living] Applying alien registration in Daegu

Some jobs that you do in unfamiliar surroundings sometimes make you meet with a difficulty especially when in a foreign country. Among the hassling tasks, alien registration is on the top of the list. If you are to register as an alien here in Korea, the article below will be a good guide for you.

<Foreigners registration application>

Foreigners that entered with the visas stated below must go through foreigner registration at the Local immigration office or branch office within 90 days from the date of their entry into Korea. Such individuals can use this application to reserve an appointment for the registration process.

Cultural Arts (D-1), Study Abroad (D-2), Industrial Training (D-3), General Training (D-4), Journalism (D-5), Religious Affairs (D-6), Supervisory Intra-company Transfer (D-7), Corporate Investment (D-8), Trade Management (D-9), Professorship (E-1), Foreign Language Instructors (E-2), Research (E-3), Technology Transfer (E-4), Professional Employment (E-5), Arts & Performances (E-6), Special Occupation (E-7), Non-professional Employment (E-9), Vessel Crew (E-10), Family Visitation (F-1), Residency (F-2), Dependent Family (F-3), Working Holiday (H-1), Working Visit (H-2)

However, Diplomacy (A-1), Official Business (A-2) and Convention /Agreements (A-3) status holders and their family; those that are involved in important foreign relations, industry, or national defense matters and their family; Canadians seeking to participate in activities associated with Cultural Arts (D-1), Religion (D-6), Family Visitation (F-1), Dependent Family0 (F-3), and Miscellaneous (G-1) status that are staying for under 6 months; and others that the Minister of Justice deems as eligible for exemption from registration are not allowed to reserve appointments, as foreigner registration does not apply to them.

In addition, those foreigners subject to registration that were granted status of stay after being born in Korea, and stays for over 90 days; residing in Korea and have changed their status to stay for over 90 days from the date of entry; former Koreans that lost their nationality by gaining another, and seeking to stay for over 90 days are required to go through foreigner registration upon change/grant of status. Hence, these individuals must reserve an appointment for change/grant of status.
Required documents

Commonly required documents : Passport, one color photograph (3㎝ × 4㎝)
Required documents for each status
Cultural Arts(D-1), Study Abroad(D-2), Industrial Training(D-3), General Training(D-4), Journalism(D-5), Religious Affairs(D-6), Supervisory Intra-company Transfer(D-7), Corporate Investment(D-8), Trade Management(D-9), Professorship(E-1), Foreign language Instructor(E-2), Research(E-3), Technology Transfer(E-4), Professional Employment(E-5), Arts & Performances(E-6), Special Occupations(E-7), Non-professional Employment(E-9), Vessel Crew(E-10), Family Visitation(F-1), Residency(F-2), Dependent Family(F-3), Working Holiday(H-1), Working Visit(H-2)

Service charge : 10,000 KRW(Government revenue stamp)
Exemption by nationality : Argentinian minors (those under 14)
Exemption by status : Corporate Investment (D-8)

Administrative process
*Reserving an appointment
① Reserve an appointment in advance -> ② Visit the immigration office or its branch office at the reserved date -> ③ Apply -> ④ Receive -> ⑤ Process
※ Applications that were not processed on that day can be found under Status of e-application

Time received/Reserving an appointment by visit : Available every day throughout the year
Process time : Immediate (As a general rule, it is processed immediately. However, due to abundant number of requests for this application, it may actually take up to 7 days to process)
Administrative organization Local immigration office or branch office
Competent department Residence policy division of the immigration bureau.

Related laws and regulations
Immigration Laws Article 31 or 37
Immigration Laws Enforcement Ordinance Article 40 or 46
Immigration Laws Enforcements Regulations Article 45 or 49

Phone Number : 02-2650-6399

Miscellaneous Appointment reservation is possible until the 89th day from the applicant’s entry into Korea.

  This is the building of Daegu Immigration Office.

 Apply for a certificate of alien registration on the first floor. The office is on the right side when you step in.

 Take a number from the machine and wait for your turn.

 This is the application form for you to fill in while waiting.

 When your number is on, go to the counter indicated.

After making a payment of 10,000KRW, have your finger prints copied.

*The immigration office is almost always busy helping people. It is a good idea to visit in early hours.
*For more details, call 1345. Immigration office offers phone counseling in 17 different languages including English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Burmese and Arabic.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

[Information] 24/7 Pharmacies in Daegu

When it's past 12 already, everybody falls fast asleep. How will you do of your baby or family suddenly sick in the middle of night? It's very embarrassing situation, but it could be happened.
Besides, whether you don't have any medicines and even don't know who you ask for help, the situation is getting worse.

Daegu government with Daegu Pharmaceutical Association determined to open one 24/7 pharmacy and 7 always-opened-pharmacies during 9 to 8 to solve citizens' problem of inconvenience.

You can get medical counseling and buy some emergency medicine by pharmacist even in the midnight or in holiday.

24/7 pharmacy
Open time: 10:00 ~ 06:00(Open in holiday)
Address: 1F, annexed building of Daegu pharmacists hall, Heemangno 175, Suseonggu (Phone. 053-768-3579)


Pharmacy  name
Daeha Pharmacy
10-3, Hyangchon Dong, Gunggu
Chamsarang Pharmacy
907-4, Bangchon Dong, Junggu
Hyoseong Pharmacy
1232-15, Bisan 5 Dong, Seogu
Daemyeong Dongsan Pharmacy
2568-10, Daemyeong 3 Dong, Namgu
Hyeongwoodang Pharmacy
376-2, Nowon 2 Ga, Bukgu
Yeongwon Pharmacy
191-1, Beomeo Dong, Suseonggu
Sinae Pharmacy
789, Jincheon Dong, Dalseogu

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

[Festival] 14th Daegu Independent Short-film Festival

The history of Daegu Independent Short-film Festival is quite long. It started running 13 years ago letting it the 14th this year. Despite of the regional disadvantage, the festival stands firm as the only Short-film Competition Award.

They have been trying to train prospect movie-men and to improve film making production environment.

Also, the festival executive committee has concentrated effort to make this festival to be an enjoyable one for all local people. The opening film will be screened at 2.28 Memorial Park so that anyone can enjoy the film for free of charge!! :-)

[Daegu Independent Short-film Festival]
-Dates: 30th of August, 2013 (Fri.) ~ 3rd of September(Tue.)
-Screening Venue: Main theater; Screen Seenun-Daegu Video Media Center-
-Opening film screening venue: 2.28 Memorial Park
-Closing film screening venue: Main theater

[Screening Schedule]

 경쟁1 (93min) 9/01 19:00, 9/03 12:30  
 C1-1. 농담(Joking) (최시형, 2013, HD, 12min, color+black, 국내경쟁) 
 C1-2. 목격자의 밤(The Night of a witness) (박범, 2012, HD, 28min, color, 국내경쟁) 
 C1-3. 사라지고 또렷해지는(Fading & Clearing) (김윤지, 2012, HD, 6min, color, 국내경쟁) 
 C1-4. 달이 기울면(When the moon declines) (정소영, 2013, HD, 24min, color, 국내경쟁) 
 C1-5. 그들 각자의 이별(Parting for their each own) (김홍완, 2013, HD, 23min, color, 애플시네마)
 경쟁2 (90min) 9/01 16:50, 9/03 14:40  
 C2-1. 브라자(Brassiere) (원잔디, 2013, HD, 17min, color, 국내경쟁) 
 C2-2. 해운대소녀(The girl from Haeundae) (이정홍, 2012, HD, 5min, color, 국내경쟁) 
 C2-3. 충심, 소소(Chungsim, Soso) (김정인, 2012, HD, 36min, color, 국내경쟁) 
 C2-4. Alone (Matthew Root, 2013, HD, 10min, color, 애플시네마) 
 C2-5. 도시의 밤(The night of city) (김태용, 2012, HD, 22min, color, 국내경쟁) 
 경쟁3 (90min) 9/01 14:40, 9/03 16:50  
 C3-1. 자네 아내와 여행을 가고 싶네(I'd like to go travel with your wife) (김현규, 2013, HD, 25min, color, 국내경쟁) 
 C3-2. 형의 휴가(My elder brother's holiday) (심찬양, 2013, HD, 23min, color, 애플시네마) 
 C3-3. 소년과 양(the boy and a sheep) (이형석, 2013, 35mm, 18min, color, 국내경쟁)
 C3-4. family (정욱, 2012, HD, 24min, color, 국내경쟁) 
 경쟁4 (88min) 8/31 19:00, 9/02 12:30  
 C4-1. 123km (김미경, 2013, HD, 25min, color, 국내경쟁) 
 C4-2. 수영장의 고양이들(The Cats in the swimming pool) (김보경, 2012, HD, 8min, color, 국내경쟁)
 C4-3. 고추가 사라졌다(The peppers are disappeared) (김은영, 2013, HD, 22min, color, 애플시네마)
 C4-4. 붉은손(The red hand) (신지현, 2012, HD, 12min, color, 국내경쟁) 
 C4-5. MJ (김희진, 2013, HD, 21min, color, 국내경쟁) 
 경쟁5 (87min) 8/31 16:50, 9/01 12:30  
 C5-1. 대회전(The grand rotation) (김진태, 2013, HD, 16min, color, 국내경쟁) 
 C5-2. 소멸불가(Impossibility of extinction) (김용삼, 2012, HD, 13min, color+black, 애플시네마) 
 C5-3. 레몬타임(Lemon Time) (임대형, 2012, HD, 31min, color, 국내경쟁) 
 C5-4. 얼굴(The face) (이정행, 2013, HD, 27min, color, 국내경쟁) 
 경쟁6 (87min) 8/31 12:30, 9/02 16:50  
 C6-1. 미라의 의지(Mira's will) (이은정, 2013, HD, 11min, color, 국내경쟁) 
 C6-2. 친구야 생일 축하한다(Happy birthday to you, my friend) (안재홍, 2012, HD, 24min, color, 애플시네마)
 C6-3. 월동준비(Jane, we know) (이윤형, 2013, HD, 24min, color, 국내경쟁) 
 C6-4. 춘정(Chunjung) (이미랑, 2013, HD, 28min, color, 국내경쟁) 
 경쟁7 (87min) 8/31 14:40, 9/02 14:40  
 C7-1. 중독(Addiction) (이형석, 2013, HD, 36min, color, 애플시네마)
 C7-2. 트렁크(Trunk) (김현철, 2013, HD, 13min, color, 국내경쟁) 
 C7-3. 자기만의 방(A room of one's own) (유재욱, 2013, HD, 39min, color, 국내경쟁)
 와일드미션 JP - 해외(일본)초청 (95min) 8/31 21:10, 9/02 19:00  
 I-1. 대파맨 Negiman (아카이 타카미, 2012, HD, 35min, color) 
 I-2. 도쿄무국적소녀 Nowhere Girl (야마기시 켄타로, 2012, HD, 20min, color) 
 I-3. 로보토미 Robotomy (이안 스튜어트 갈링튼, 2012, HD, 14min, color) 
 I-4. 겨울의 폭탄 A Bomb in Winter (모리 히데토, 2010, HD, 26min, color) 

How to get to the screening venues

-Main Theater
 Daegu Video-media Center-Screen Seenun-
 (6F, Gyemyeong cultural college building, Daemyeongdong)

-Open Screening venue
  2.28 Memorial Park