Thursday, August 29, 2013

[Information] 24/7 Pharmacies in Daegu

When it's past 12 already, everybody falls fast asleep. How will you do of your baby or family suddenly sick in the middle of night? It's very embarrassing situation, but it could be happened.
Besides, whether you don't have any medicines and even don't know who you ask for help, the situation is getting worse.

Daegu government with Daegu Pharmaceutical Association determined to open one 24/7 pharmacy and 7 always-opened-pharmacies during 9 to 8 to solve citizens' problem of inconvenience.

You can get medical counseling and buy some emergency medicine by pharmacist even in the midnight or in holiday.

24/7 pharmacy
Open time: 10:00 ~ 06:00(Open in holiday)
Address: 1F, annexed building of Daegu pharmacists hall, Heemangno 175, Suseonggu (Phone. 053-768-3579)


Pharmacy  name
Daeha Pharmacy
10-3, Hyangchon Dong, Gunggu
Chamsarang Pharmacy
907-4, Bangchon Dong, Junggu
Hyoseong Pharmacy
1232-15, Bisan 5 Dong, Seogu
Daemyeong Dongsan Pharmacy
2568-10, Daemyeong 3 Dong, Namgu
Hyeongwoodang Pharmacy
376-2, Nowon 2 Ga, Bukgu
Yeongwon Pharmacy
191-1, Beomeo Dong, Suseonggu
Sinae Pharmacy
789, Jincheon Dong, Dalseogu

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