Wednesday, August 7, 2013

[Living] All about intercity/express bus terminals in Daegu

It’s not that easy to take an express bus or an intercity bus as a foreigner.
And if you have ever tried to take a bus in Dong Daegu, you must have been in a trouble.
Because there are as many as 4 terminals which have different bus routes depending on each bus companies, I hope this article will help you. It’s all about the bus terminals in Daegu.

Before starting, I'd like you to know the three differences of types of the express buses: Ilban(General), Udeong(Premium) and Simya(NightOwl).
Ilban(Geneal) is the least expensive one if compared to other types of coaches. Udeong (Premium) is about 15% more expensive than Ilban but offers spacious and comfy seats. Simya (NightOwl) is almost as expensive as Udeong. The NightOwl buses usually run after 10 p.m.

All the express buses can be reserved online. I’ll let you know the reservation codes of the Dong Daegu express bus terminal's buses  to help you reserve even when you don’t know any Korean.
If you need to know how to make it, just click the link below.

① Geumho-Chunil (code:803) Express Bus Terminal

② Hanjin (code:801) Express Bus Terminal

③ Dongyang (Code:802) Express Bus Terminal

④ Jungang(Code:804) Express Bus Terminal

Then, where are intercity bus terminals?

Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal

Main routes are for Kyeongju, Pohang, Gumi, Seongju, Masan, Jinju, Hapcheon, Goryeung, Bugok, Haeinsa temple, and Jeonra province. It also provides additional routes during the summer season to Sangju beach at Namhae-gun, Muju, and Mt. Girisan 4 to 6 times a day.

-Address: 1135, Daemyung 11-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu
-Opening Time
AM 06:00 ~ AM 00:00
Gazo, Geochang, Kyeongju, Kwangjoo, Gumi, Kunsan, Kimhae, Namwon, Daejeon, Masan, Bugok, Busan, Yeosu, Ulsan, Wonju, Yeoryeung, Geonju, Changryeung, Changwon, Cheongju, Chogye, Tongyoung, Pohang, Hampyang, Hapcheon, Haeinsa temple

Nambu Intercity Bus Terminal

This terminal provides the service of connecting intercity buses or express buses which run through Daegu city with other major cities.

-Address: 1041-1, Manchon 2-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu
-Opening Time
AM 06:20 ~ PM 09:50
This terminal provides intercity buses several times daily to: Gumgok, Deoksan, Milyang, Socheon, Imsil, Yseo, Imdang, Pyeonggak, Pyochungsa Temple, Eunyang, Yongcheonsa Temple, Unmunsa Temple, and more.

Dongbu Intercity Bus Terminal

Located at Shincheon 4 dong, Donggu, this bus terminal provides transportation to Kyeongsang bukdo province, Ulsan area, and Kangwon province.
-Address: 281-1, Shincheon 4-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu
-Opening Time
24 hours a day
This bus Terminal provides many buses running for the following areas: Kangreung,Kyeongju, Daejin, Youngcheon, Sokcho, Ulsan,Samcheok, Uljin,Donghae,Onjeong, Younghae,Bulgooksa Temple, Pohang, Cheongsong, Angang, etc.

Bukbu Intercity Bus Terminal

As the biggest bus terminal in Daegu, it has the most bus services going to the Kangwon Area. It also provides many buses running between Daegu and Kyungsang, Chungcheong, Jeonla, Kyungkee, Kangwon Province, Pusan, and Incheon, etc.

-Address #1856-3 Bisan 7-dong, Seo-gu, Daegu

-Opening Time
AM 06:00 ~ PM 10:00
This bus terminal provides a large number of bus services going to major cities in almost all provinces. The following cities are available: Muju, Kimcheon, Jecheon, Chungju, Haepyung, Youngju, and so on.


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