Tuesday, September 17, 2013

[Information] Introducing Wonderful Events on Chuseok Holiday

What's your plan for the coming long~ holiday? You may find yourself partying or watching movies with friends. 

It sounds very relaxing and enjoyable but how about this? I suggest you to join much more exiting events and performances which will be taken places here in Daegu for the Chuseok holiday!

<Cultural Events for Hangawi(Chuseok) Holiday>

• Date: 18th of September - 21st of September, 2013
• Time: 13:00 - 18:00
• Venue: The front yard of Haesolgwan @ Daegu national museum

‣Straw and Plant Handicraft
At this event, you will experience of making strainers and doll brides using straws and plants.
*Date: 18th of September(Wed) - 19st of September(Thu)

‣Natural Dyeing — Making a Handkerchief
You will have a chance to make dyes from natural materials and also make a handkerchief of your own as well.
*Date: 20th of September(Fri) - 21st of September(Sat)
*Time: 13:00 - 18:00

‣Korean Traditional Outdoor Theatrical Performance: 'When Simcheong Meets Nolbu'
The theatrical drama is reconstitute from a well known story of 'the Filial Daughter, Simcheong'. This performance will be featured with singing and dancing and also with shows of puppets and marionettes .
*Date: 20th of September(Fri) - 21st of September(Sat)
*Time: 17:00 ~

<Hands on Experience Programs in Yangyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine>
• Date: Open during Chuseok holidays -Close at Chuseok day(19th September, 2013)-
• Time: 10:00 - 12:00, 14:00 - 17:00
• Venue: Yangyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine

‣Feet Bathing in Herb Medicine

Feet bathing in herb medicine using Korean angelica root is good for the skin, mint helps cold recovery and Aeyup is useful for haemostasis. This hands-on corner uses such Feet bathing in herb medicine preparation that is both easy to use and good for one's health.
A Feet bathing in herb medicine using Korean angelica root, mint and Aeyuo is good for the skin, cold and haemostasis respectively.
*Service time: 20 minutes / Fee: 5000 Won per person

‣Making Herbal Soap

Apricot seeds help your skin beautiful: a hands-on soap-making activity corner using herbal medicine ingredients such as angelica roots, amur cork tree barks, Chinese angelica, Wolfiporia extensa(Peck) Ginns, and gingko is prepared.
*Service time: 20 minutes / Fee: 3000 Won per person

‣Try on Doctor’s Costumes
Try on costumes just like what Huh Joon and Dae Jang Geum wore on TV series and take pictures in it!

‣Drink Traditional Herbal Tea

Try Sipjundaebo-tang or/and Ssanghwa-tang brewed with domestic healthful ingredients. (Traditional herbal tea selections are seasonal.)

<Movie Days at the Libraries>

<What Else?>