Wednesday, November 27, 2013

[Living/Press Article] Taxis in Daegu

You can find a taxi almost anywhere in Daegu. They are the most convenient way to travel around Daegu. Step off a sidewalk and a taxi is bound to show up. But there are slight differences between each one, the following will give a basic description of each, as well as some helpful hints.

Corporate Taxis
These are the most common taxis and can be found at taxi stops. Empty taxis will have a red light on the roof of the cab, and because the light on the blue or purple cap of the taxi's roof also turns on, it can be easily spotted even at night.

Personal Taxis
Unlike general corporate taxis, these are personally owned taxis and can be found at taxi stops. They are differentiated by green caps on the taxi's roof.

Deluxe Taxi
Deluxe Taxies, called "mobeom" taxies in Korean, are black with usually a yellow sign on the top and the words "Deluxe Taxi" written on the side. They claim to offer a higher standard of service than the general taxies – however, other than being better upholstered, most expats see little difference between the ‘black’ taxies and the ‘grey’ ones. You can see them in places like Daegu Station and Dong Daegu Station.

The basic fare is 3,800 WON

Call Taxi
When a customer calls for a taxi in areas where public transportation cannot be easily accessed, the taxi will usually arrive within 10 minutes. There is an additional fee for calling the cab.

-K.S. Taxi (K.S택시)☎ 82-53-761-8091 (☎ 053-762-0762)
According to their website, K.S. Taxi is the first company using the special TRS program in Korea. They keep customers happy, according to the site they don't suddenly start, suddenly stop, or go over the speed limit. KS drivers are first aid certified.You can also make reservations, borrow an umbrella during rainy days and get a refund if the driver isn't friendly.They also have mini vans available.

-Sinjin OK Call Taxi (신진오케이콜택시) 82-53-985-0005

-Unbulryeon Call Taxi (운불련 콜택시)☎ 82-53-766-7777

Brand Taxi (Hanmaeum Call Taxi 한마음 콜택시)
These special taxis with the orange strip on the side is the city’s solution to promoting taxi usage. The special services includes the option to pay the fare in one of a variety of ways (such as a credit card), get-home-safe services in which customers are notified of the vehicle information, and the next available cars is available usually within 5 minutes of where you are. The best part is that there is no separate fees for calling. (Telephone ☎ : 82-53-424-1111)

Taxi Fares

     Regular Taxis
     Basic fare 2,800 won/2km
     Driving cost 100 won/144m
     Time fare 100 won/34 sec (in case of less than the speed of 15km/h)

Additional Surcharge

     Regular Taxis
     between midnight and 4 a.m. (20% surcharge)

Some Helpful Hints
     Tipping is neither customary, nor expected.
     Some simple Korean goes a long way. To ask the driver to take you to your destination, say the place and follow it with “ka ju-se-yo” (~가 주세요), which loosely translates to “go please”. So if you want to travel to Daegu Station, you would say,  “Daegu Yeok (station) Ka Chuseyo”. 


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