Tuesday, December 31, 2013

[Information] A Bell Tolling Ceremony & Sun-rising Viewpoints for New Year's Day

○ A Bell Tolling Ceremony

Gukchaebosang Memorial Park holds a bell-tolling ceremony on new year's eve every year. As one of the visual treats provided, photo zones equipped with LED lights are set in the park.

°Special Programs
-Firework display
-Making a new year's wish
-Flying wish balloons
°Date: Dec 31, 2013(Tue)
°Time: 21:30~
°Venue: Gukchaebosang Park, Jung-gu, Daegu

(Photos by Kim Sang-Tae, a civic journalist of Daegu)

○Sunrising Viewpoints for New Year's Day

Watching sunrise making a New-Year's wish is a must for many Koreans on New Year's day. They say that, on the new year's day in 2014, the sun will rise at 7:36 in the morning. Let's check out where the sunrise viewpoints are and what events will be held at each borough.

°Seo-gu District
-Venue: The heliport in mt. Waryong
-Date/Time: Jan 1, 2014(Wed)/ 06:40
-Events: 지신밟기(Jisinbalkki; a traditional play for the god of earth), Flying wish balloons, Free Teokguk

°Dong-gu District
-Venue: Ayang railway bridge  
-Date/Time: Jan 1, 2014(Wed)/ 07:00

°Mt. Apsan Area
-Venue: The heliport in mt.Sanseong
-Date/Time: Jan 1, 2014(Wed)/ 07:10
-Events: Pungmulnori(a folk instrument performance), Flying wish balloons, Free meals

°In Suseong-gu District
-Venue: on the top of Mt. Cheonul
-Date/Time: Jan 1, 2014(Wed)/ 07:00
-Events: Layering stones for a new year's wish, Flying a wish card up in the sky, Korean folk instrument performances

°In Buk-gu District
-Venue: Waterfront park in Unamji
-Date/Time: Jan 1, 2014(Wed)/ 08:00
-Events: Flying an ad balloon, acoustic live concert

°In Dalseo-gu District
-Venue: The 1st heliport in Mt. Waryong
-Date/Time: Jan 1, 2014/ 07:00
-Events: Korean folk instrument performance, Free Teokguk

°At E-world Park
-Venue: The observatory floor of 83 Tower
-Date/Time: Jan 1, 2014(Wed)/ 07:00
-Admission Fee: Adult/Youth-5,000 won, Kids-4,000 won

(Photos by Kim Mun-Soo, a civic journalist of Daegu)

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