Tuesday, December 24, 2013

[Information] Enjoying Christmas Day in a Korean Way

In western countries, people usually spend time with their family in the Christmas holidays though, Christmas day has been considered an uproarious festival day in Korea. It’s presented that a variety of performances, festivals and events, and the streets are overflowing with the crowds.
The best way to enjoy Christmas day, of course, is being with family. However, if things are not the way they should be, why don’t you enjoy this Christmas riotously in Daegu? J

°Sightseeing: Provence light festival in Chung-do

As the end of the year is almost upon us, every street is filled with the sparkling lights. Even Chung-do, the quiet countryside, turns the lights brighter than any other places and welcomes the visitors around this time of year.
It has been getting fancier that the light festival in a large scale with 11 themes contains to the Christmas theme.
-Opening Time
Weekdays/Sundays: After sunset~23:00
Saturdays: After sunset~23:30
Adults: 6,000won (Group: 5,000won per person)
Kids: 4,000won (Group: 3,000won per person)
-Address: 893-1 Samsin-ri, Hwayang-eup, Chungdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

°Performance: The musical ‘Christmas Carol’

‘Christmas Carol’, the representative story of Christmas is adopted into a musical and presented at Daegu Culture Arts Center in Christmas day.
-Performing Periods: Dec 20(Fri) – Dec 25, 2013(Wed)
-Showtime: 7:30(Dec 24) / 5:00 (Dec 25)
-Tickets: 15,000won(R seats) / 12,000won(S seats)
-Venue: Palgong Hall, Daegu Culture Arts Center

°Event: Christmas promotion at Daegu Art Museum

If you still haven’t seen the Animamix Biennale at Daegu Art Museum, this is your chance to see the exhibition. The invitation tickets(2 tickets) will be presented to visitors who bring white items(puppets, dolls, clothes, etc.) and hang them on the white Christmas tree. The promotion is running until Christmas Eve. Besides, 25 visitors will draw small prizes in the Christmas day. The event will be bolted up when 25 people applied.

Find more information about Animamix Biennale: http://bit.ly/1i6Zuf6


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  2. How and where can I buy tickets for the Christmas carol?