Sunday, December 15, 2013

[Living] 7 Best Warmth Keeping Items in Korea

Even the very little warmth is desperately needed in winter. It seems the more it gets cold, the more we need something to chase the cold away.
Therefore, Koreans love warmth keeping items to bear harsh and freezing winter. Among those items, some - a muffler, boots or extra blanket - are common and ordinary while others are unique and novel.
If so, what are the most popular winter items now in Korea? Here are 7 items which Colorfuldaegu has chosen for your warm winter!

1. Down jumper

As the sports apparel brands has settled as the fashion mega trend in Korea, down jumper is the item that Koreans love the most. They do not grudge money for a functional, but very expensive down jumper.
The down jumper became an item that fully explains Koreans’ tendency of following what others do; furthermore, CNN expressed it as “the uniform worn over a uniform”.

2. A pair of long johns
Up until just 20 years ago, long johns had been the most common heat-retaining item. However, it has been forgotten because people thought it was out of style. However, ‘heat-tec’, functional long johns put on sale by Uniqlo(a Japanese fashion brand), sell like hot cakes with huge popularity in Korea

3. Velboa pajama bottoms & socks
These items have been big sellers under the name of ‘sleep pajama’ and ‘sleep socks.’ These are made of velboa fabric, which makes them very soft and effective in keeping warmth.

4. Microfiber duvet
In winters, Koreans sleep with microfiber duvet along with velboa pajamas and socks. Specially processed fabric and the cotton stuffed in the duvet makes it very effective in maintaining heat.

5. The leggings raised nap in the fabric
Women in Korea likes showing off their slim legs with miniskirts and short pants, and therefore, they love leggings. For women who don’t forgo their fashion style even in harsh winter, leggings is a necessity!

6. Slippers and thermal cups connected USB

In winters, hands and feet are still cold even when the offices are heated. Office workers enjoy electric heating with USB-connected heating system! Keeping feet warm by heating the bottom of slippers or keeping tea hot with thermal cup can be done through USB. These definitely are workers’ beloved items.

7. The exclusive gloves for smart phone users

Koreans don’t let smart phones out of reach everywhere, anytime, even in blowing icy blast in the winter! These brilliant and useful smart-phone-exclusive gloves are designed to touch the screen freely.

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