Wednesday, January 29, 2014

[Information] The Traditional Culture Events for Celebrating Lunar New Year's Holidays in the museums

●Daegu National Science Museum: Folk game events for celebrating Lunar New Year's Holidays

Distributing Tteok(Rice cakes) Event: It will be bolted up when 500 people arrived during the event period
Presenting Calligraphic with words of blessing for New Year's Day(100 pieces)
Kite-flying Event: The 100 kites written New Year's wishes will fly to the sky for 3days
-Date/Time: Jan 30, 2014 - Feb 1, 2014 / 13:00~16:00
-Venue: The front yard of the museum building
Korean folk games: Playing giant Yut Nori(Throwing sticks into the barrel), Jegichagi(Korean shuttle cock game), Tuho(Korean folk board game)

□Opening Time: 9:30~17:50 (Exceptively, the museum will be open at 13:00 in Jan 31)
□Address: 588 Sang-ri, Yuga-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu

●Daegu National Museum: Cultural Events for celebrating Lunar New Year's Holidays
□Event Period: Jan 30, 2014(Thu) - Feb 2, 2014(Sun)
□Venue: The front yard, a culture class room and auditorium in Daegu National Museum

□Performance Program
①Neoltuigi performance(Korean jumping performance similar to see-sawing)
The performance is added artistic techniques using various items on the representative folk performance, 'Neoltuigi'.

②Korean folk dance performance
'Taepyeong dance', which is made for wishing reign of peace, 'Sogo dance', which describes the agriculture of a year, and 'Choripdong dance' which expresses Korean people's flexibility and ability to react instantly, are going to be performed.

③Performance schedule
-Jan 30(Thu): Neoltuigi Performance∥16:00~16:30
-Jan 31(Sat): Neoltuigi Performance∥13:00~13:30, 16:00~16:30
-Feb 1(Sat): Korean Traditional Dance Performance∥13:00~13:30
Neoltuigi Performance∥16:00~16:30
-Feb 2(Sun): Neoltuigi Performance∥13:00~13:30, 16:00~16:30

Venue: The front yard of the museum building

□Korean Folk Games
Date/Time: Jan 30, 2014(Thu)-Feb 2(Sun) / 10:00~18:00
Games: Neoltuigi(See-sawing), Archery, Rolling a hoop, Giant Yut Nori(Korean folk board game), Tuho(Throwing sticks into the barrel), Top-spinning game, Jegichagi(Korean shuttlecock game)
Venue: The front yard of the museum building

□Haesol Cinema House
Screening schedule
-Jan 30(Thu): (13:00) Golden Master,2007 (15:00) E.T, 1982
-Jan 31(Sat): (13:00) Mr.Popper's Penguins, 2011 (15:00) Brave, 2012
-Feb 1(Sat): (13:00) Despicable Me, 2013 (15:00) My Little Hero, 2012
-Feb 2(Sun): (13:00) Tangled, 2010 (15:00) WE BOUGHT A ZOO, 2011
Date/Time: Jan 30, 2014(Thu) - Feb 2, 2014(Sun) / 13:00 and 15:00
Venue: The Haesol auditorium in the museum

□Address: 321 Cheongho-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

[Information] For the Happy Life of Foreign Residents in Daegu!

Daegu government carries forward a policy for foreign residents' better living under the catch phrase; 'A Happy and vibrant life in Daegu with the citizens of the world'.

▲Supporting living conveniences
Daegu government is planning to publish a guide book on transportation, tour and medical services as well as general information about the city for foreign residents to have better life in Daegu.
The guide book will be translated into many other languages. It also contains useful phone numbers of institutes/service centers, and many other practical information like how to separate and send out the recyclable wastes or how to pay gas bill etc.

▲Constructing a support policy system for foreign residents and multi-cultural families
To ensure the stable life of foreign residents and multi-cultural families, the government will have a survey on their actual condition, which would be a base data of constructing foreigners support policy. The government will also hold a council meeting and a practical working level consultation with relative organizations. The organizations will carry out supporting tasks through close cooperation one another.

▲Social interaction and communication with foreigners
Some foreign students and foreign language teachers will have chances to experience Daegu by attending 'Global Talk' and sharing their experiences they had in Daegu. The government is also planning to translate some major events into 5 other languages for foreign resident to participate in the civic operation of Daegu.

▲Free medical service and legal counseling service for foreign workers
The foreign workers who don't have time or money to go to see a doctor can get medical services at Daegu medical association, Daegu medical center, free dental clinics and volunteer clubs for foreign workers on every sunday.
In addition, Daegu local lawyer's association will give a help to foreign workers for free.

Monday, January 27, 2014

[Information] Celebrating Lunar New Year's Holidays Event for Foreign Workers and Multi-Cultural Families

A variety of experiential events of Korean traditional holiday culture are going to hold on the Luna New Year's holidays. The event are planned to let foreign workers and multi-cultural families comforting yearing their hometowns and spending a meaningful time with their families.

[The list of Programs]

*Contact numbers
영남 노동 교육 위원회(Yeongnam Labor Education Commission) / ☎053-253-1313
대구 이주민 선교 센터(Daegu Missionary Center for Emigrants) / ☎053-636-4171
동구 다문화 가족 지원센터(Support Center of Multi-cultural Families in Dong-gu) / ☎053-961-2203
서구 다문화 가족 지원센터(Support Center of Multi-cultural Families in Seo-gu) / ☎053-341-8310
남구 다문화 가족 지원센터(Support Center of Multi-cultural Families in Nam-gu) / ☎053-475-2324
북구 다문화 가족 지원센터((Support Center of Multi-cultural Families in Buk-gu) / ☎053-327-2294
수성구 다문화 가족 지원센터(Support Center of Multi-cultural Families in Suseong-gu) / ☎053-764-4317
달서구 다문화 가족 지원센터(Support Center of Multi-cultural Families in Dalseo-gu) / ☎053-580-6815

Friday, January 24, 2014

[Information] The over bridge in front of Dangdaegu station reveals increasingly its appearance

It will be completely changed that the over bridge in front of Dongdaegu station which has made passengers inconvenient by a busy road and old facilities.

The over bridge is going to be extended from a six-lane road to a ten-lane road and it’s going to be prepared a taxi and a temporary parking lot near the bridge. In addition to these plans, a moving walk, an escalator and an elevator will be added for the people who use Dongdaegu station.

[Living] What is it like that foreigners get LASIC surgery in Daegu?

Going to see a doctor in a foreign country where communication is limited is a puzzled and complicated work. Not to mention medical procedure or surgery, even getting general treatments is such a complicated problem. The number of foreigners who are seeking medical help is on the rise. For this issue, the city of Daegu decided to help some specific hospitals for foreigners by offering medical specialized translation as well as medical services of high quality.

Here's a story of a patient whose name is Dan. He was one of the foreigners who recently received a LASIC surgery at the ophthalmic clinic in Daegu. His Friend, Lee, who accompanied with, observed how well Dan was treated and how high the level of medical services that the clinic in Daegu offers to foreigners was.

Dan made an appointment for an eye exam a week prior to the LASIC surgery. When visiting the clinic, he was advised not to wear contact lenses for a week since. A week later, on the very surgery day, he arrived at the vision correction department of the clinic in time. An interpreter who specialized in medical field was waiting for him at the clinic.

Since the interpreter had lived in Canada for 20 years, her English was perfect. Dan agreed on the personal information collecting policy and signed the consent form.

Before receiving LASIK eye surgery, Dan needed to go through lots of tests to check wether the surgery fits him. Throughout all the tests, Dan was informed, of course with the help of the interpreter, how much his vision would be corrected, what procedure would be taken, etc. The interpreter was so good at explaining all the process that Dan could understand completely.

After the test, a doctor who seemed to have had many cases with foreign patients talked with Dan without the help of interpreter. The doctor explained what the ideal surgical method was and when the best date for surgery was considering his physical, environmental condition and his preference. Dan was very satisfied with the service the clinic offers.

If you also need some medical help but get in trouble with language problem, call 1345 and get information about that. Or you can ask me, then I'll contact the medical department of Daegu government whether not you still get right answer.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

[Restaurant] 55 Dining(Two Five Dining)

After getting out of the noisy and crowded club area in Dongseong-ro, you'll find a narrow alley full of houses where 'the 55 dining' locates. This restaurant sits so deep back in the alley that it's almost impossible to find it without knowing the exact location.

Some of the outstanding features there are 1)the interior decorated as vintage style, 2)the I-pad menu that shows the list of food they serve, 3)the 'Course Meal of the month', the only menu which changes monthly, etc. Of course diners can choose the drinks they like. The course meals they serve are all made with the chef's special recipe.

 In this month, the restaurant serves corn soup, bruschetta with salmon, shrimp and ricotta cheese, green salad with various hams, gnocchi and bulgogi, bouillabaisse made with snapper and crab broth and roasted chicken with some poached vegetable & cheese, and the dessert is finger cookies with pomegranate seeds.
Since the cook start cooking as soon as you come into the restaurant, you should inform the staff if you have something allergic to you or something you don't eat in advance just in case. 

[55Dining(Two Five Dining)]

-Address: 대구광역시 중구 삼덕동 1가 55-21(55-21 Samduckdong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu)
-Course meal price
   2 people: 32,000won
   3 people: 48,000won
   4 people: 64,000won
  *They have the only menu and the course meal is changed each month.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

[Event] Colorful Life in Colorful Daegu! (Jan 22, 2014 - Feb 2, 2014)

Wow!! Congratulate us! Our facebook page hits 10,000 likes!! >_<
Thank you very much indeed for your support!
It’s the most colorful moment to Colorfuldaegu last year. How about you? Did you spend colorful days over the year?

To commemorate the hit of 10,000 likes, Colorfuldaegu prepares gifts for you!

Posting a short story on the most colorful moment of yours, you might be given ‘Fuji Instax mini camera’ or ‘Starbucks Daegu mug’ by a random drawing.

[An Event for Commemorating the Hit of 10,000 Likes – Colorful Life in Colorful Daegu!]
Write a comment on the most colorful moment of yours happened last year. There will be a random drawing to select qualified participants!!

•Event Period: Jan 22, 2014 - Feb 2, 2014
Prize: Fuji Instax mini camera (2 persons)
          StarbucksDaegu mug (10 persons)
•Qualification: Any foreigner living in Korea
•Winner Announcement: Feb 3, 2014

Click the link of our facebook page and participate the fantastic promotion!

Monday, January 20, 2014

[Nightlife/Press Article] Hot Gossip Lounge―A Lounge Bar in Daegu

Hot Gossip opened its doors at the end of December, bringing a new level of class to Waegookin Way, the street very familiar to most foreigners in downtown Daegu. Hot Gossip has the room and the space to make you feel as if you are in New York City, with its multi-level seating areas to its high two-story ceiling. 

 Its smoking room reminds you of the random niche you found in Paris, and the windows and lights remind you of a Gothic church you saw in London.

The drinks are decently priced, and if you are hungry for a pizza or some other appetizer then that can easily be found here as well. The raspberry mojito (10,000 WON) was a pleasant surprise. It lacked the strong mojito flavor, but having actual raspberries in a drink made for an easily forgiven oversight. The margarita (9,000 won) was perfectly divine and frozen, their Long Island (9,000) did not taste like the typical overly sweet you find in Daegu and their Berninirita (12,000) is their most popular drink. They also carry some nice non-alcoholic drinks, such as the Apple Yogurt Lounge or the Virgin Piña Colada. 

 The only concern is flagging down a waiter; it may just be easier to go to the bar. The only complaint is no soap in either bathroom, and the men’s bathroom do not have mirrors. Parking is available directly in front of the lounge, for patrons only.

[Hot Gossip Lounge]
Directions: Hot Gossip is between Bunny’s and Rock & Taco, across from Pan Asia.
Address: 62 Gongpyeong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea

Friday, January 17, 2014

[Tour] The mural art village, 'Ongi Jonji Happy Village'

A desolate village with narrow alley, old railroad near airfield is changed into a bright and colorful mural art village.

As a brand new tourist attraction, the walls and flowerpots of the village are painted with red, yellow, and blue for the joy of the tourists.

The landscape and things for daily life you meet there remind elders of old memories of 1990s while children arouse their curiosity on the old things.

[Ongi Jongi Happy Village(옹기종기 행복마을)]
Address: 931-5 Ipseok-dong (15-18 Ipseok-ro), Dong-gu, Daegu, South Korea