Monday, June 9, 2014

[Entertainment/Press Article] Noriteo, the Board Game Cafe in Daegu

Noriteo, the board game cafe in Daegu

The building where Noriteo is located in
If you’re fond of game night but weren’t able to bring all your board games with you to Korea, have no fear! Board game cafes are really popular in Korea, and there’s a great one right downtown.

People are playing the game at the board game cafe

The menu of drinks in Noriteo
You can choose to pay by the hour, which costs about 1,800 won. But for less than 5,000 won (4,200 or 4,900 won, depending on what time and what day you go), you can get unlimited game play and a beverage of your choice. They don’t serve alcohol, so it’s kid-friendly. But it’s tons of fun for adults as well. They have a fantastic selection of sodas, smoothies (fruit juice), and coffee.

The piles of board games in Noriteo

The board game list
The café’s menu features one page of drinks and seven pages of games. There are about 125 games on the menu, and there are multiple copies of the most popular games. You may, occasionally, have to wait if all the copies of one game are being played, but that typically doesn’t happen. They have almost any board game or card game you can think of at this cafe! 

Ticket to Ride game
If you want to learn a new game, you can ask for the English rulebook. They are available for some of the games. The staff members often explain rules of games to groups of Korean kids who come in to play, but they probably don’t speak enough English to do this for the foreigners. The staff members are able to take your order for games and drinks in English though, which is very helpful.

Toys for punishing losers of the board games
 When you’re there, you may hear the occasional squeak noise. That’s because there are punishments for game losers! At the front of the room next to the staff desk, there are inflatable mallets that squeak when you hit them over someone’s head—a favorite punishment it seems. There are also wigs and silly costumes to be worn by losers.

People are enjoying the card game in the cafe
The café is located downtown. There are two streets directly behind the stage: one to the left and one to the right. Both go straight ahead though. If you’re facing the stage, take the left street, and continue walking. The board game café will be on your left next to Wonder Bra. The building has a sign with a chef’s hat over the entrance, and you’ll see a green sign with yellow writing. The yellow writing says “board game, Noriteo” in Korean(보드게임 놀이터). The board game café is on the third floor. There is no elevator, so walk up the stairs. You’ll walk past a medical clinic, and the game café is on the next floor.  All you have to do is go inside and choose your own table. The staff members will bring you a menu.  

[Noriteothe board game cafe in Daegu]
-Address: 4-5 Samdukdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu
-Phone: 053-428-1212 


  1. Any games of Sorry at the Cafe?

  2. LOL! Dad, I didn't know you meant the Touch Daegu blog! I thought you meant on my personal blog. No, I don't think they have Sorry at the board game cafe, unfortunately. But I have plenty of new games to teach you! We have also been playing Life recently.

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