Wednesday, June 25, 2014

[Tour/Press Article] Suseong Lake─Swan Paddle Boats

Let's ride swan paddle boats in Suseong Lake!

A family is riding a swan boat in Suseong Lake
Looking for something fun and potentially hilarious to post on Instagram? Why not head over to Suseong Lake this weekend and take a ride in one of the swan paddle boats?

There's a platform of swan paddle boats
Since the pedestrian paths have been revamped (you can read about it here!), the lake is a great place to meet friends, grab some grub, and hang out for the evening.

People are walking along the pedestrian paths in Suseong Lake
A few weekends ago, I went for a walk around the lake with a friend and we took a ride in one of the paddle boats. For a very reasonable 10,000 won, you can rent a two-seater for thirty minutes. (And let’s be honest… Who wants to be in a paddle boat for more than half an hour?...)
There are also four-seaters available for 18,000 won if you’ve got a bigger party.

It was a beautiful evening and the mountains that surround the lake were mesmerizing as we floated around on the water. As the evening cooled down, we even saw some geese hit the lake from their hangout on the tiny center island!

Swans are floating on the Suseong Lake
This weekend, why not grab your pals and head over to Suseong Lake? Want to make it even more interesting? Rent a couple of paddle boats and race. Let us know who the winner was and share pics on our Facebook page!

Take a hilarious photo at Suseong Lake!
-How do you get there?!

You can take bus 401, 410, or 410-1 and get dropped off directly at the lake. You can also take busses 400, 403, 410, 410-1, 449, 564, or 604 to Dusan-dong Community Center. From there, it’s just a 7-10 minute walk up the hill (heading south).

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