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[Tour] Cycling courses for fall season and free bicycle renting in Daegu

Cycling courses for fall season and free bicycle renting in Daegu
It is such a wonderful weather for outdoor activities with the temperature of around 20℃. If you like riding a bike, you can’t miss the chance to enjoy the weather~~.

Good news for bikers is that Daegu government has concentrated on paving the new cycling paths along the Geumho River. Now, let me introduce several nice cycling courses where you can enjoy this autumn weather as well as the amazing sceneries around. Um... you’ve got no bike? No problem!!! You can rent a bike for free of charge at some designated subway stations. Let’s find out how to.

Dodong Seowon
The Arc

[The course of Gangjeong Goryeongbo-1 (25 km)]
Gangjeong Goryeongbo(The Arc) - Susang cycling path - Munsan filtration plant - Habin sports park - Seongju bridge - Habin pumping station - Hamokjeong - Yukshinsa

[The course of Gangjeong Goryeongbo-2 (40 km)]
Gangjeong Goryeongbo(The Arc) - Samunjin bridge - Okpo swamp - Dalseong bank - Bakseokjin bridge - 2nd Dalseong industrial complex - Darimjae - Dodong Seowon

You can easily reach the starting point of Gangjeong Goryeongbo course by subway. Get off at Gangchang station or Daesil station of line 2 and move along the Shincheon cycling path by bike. Gangjeong Goryeongbo and its vicinity is a perfect place to enjoy nice view of autumn with sites of superb scenery.

Cosmosin Hajungdo

[The course of the Geumho river (50 km)]
Gomo temporary station - Ansim wetland(Suseong Family Park) - Dongchon recreation area - Mutae bridge - Shincheon(Sangdong bridge~Chimsan bridge) - The confluence point of Guemho river - Paldal bridge(Hajungdo) - Gangchang bridge - Gangjeong Goryeongbo

While cycling along the Geumho River, you will meet the scenery full of cosmos in Hajungdo at Nogok-dong and the field of reeds in season in Ansim wetland. Beyond various kinds of wild flowers which filled the road sides, you can feel an autumn flavour there.

Daegu Stadium

[City circulation course (36 km)]
Daegu stadium - The Maeho river - Ansim bridge - Daegu airport - Gyeongbuk provincial government hall - Daegu station - Banwoldang junction - Namgu office - Dusan five-way intersection - Daegu stadium
Since the area near Daegu stadium is teeming with Prunus cherry trees, the red colored autumn foliage shows off its intense colors. A well paved circled cycling path there is a recommendable place to enjoy the scenery around.

▼The way to rent free bikes
Free bicycle renting center
You can rent a bike at some designated subway stations. Bring your photo ID to register a membership. (Subway stations where there’s a bicycle rental center)

- Subway Line 1
  ● Daegok Station
  ● Jincheon Station
  ● Wolchon Station
  ● Seongdangmot Station
  ● Myeongdeok Station
  ● Sincheon Station
  ● Dongdaegu Station
  ● Keungogae Station
  ● Dongchon Station
  ● Yulha Station
  ● Banyawol Station

-Subway Line 2
  ● Daesil Station
  ● Gangchang Station
  ● Keimyung Univ. Station
  ● Seongseo Industrial Complex Station
  ● Igok Station
  ● Yongsan Station
  ● Kyungpook National University hospital Station
  ● Daegu Bank Station
  ● Manchon Station
  ● Daegu Grand Park Station
  ● Sinmae Station

Open Time: 06:00~20:00(spring/summer season) / 06:00~18:00(fall/winter season)

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