Saturday, November 29, 2014

[Event] Daegu Event Calendar in December/ Events, Exhibitions, Festivals, Performances, Concerts and Musicals in Korea


The musical, CHICAGO
-Date: Dec 5, 2014(Fri)~Dec 28, 2014(Sun)
-Time: (Weekdays) 19:30~ / (Saturdays)15:00~, 19:30~ / (Sundays)14:00~, 18:30~
-Place: Daegu Opera House
-Running Time: 150 mins(Intermission: 20 mins)
-Ticket Price: (VIP) 120,000won / (R seat) 100,000won / (S seat) 80,000won / (A seat) 60,000won / (B seat) 40,000won
-Inquiry: 1599-1980

The musical, REBECCA
-Date: Dec 5, 2014(Fri)~Dec 14, 2014(Sun)
-Time: (Weekdays) 19:30~ / (Saturdays/Sundays)15:00~, 19:00~
-Place: Daegu Keimyung Art Center
-Running Time: 170 mins
-Ticket Price: (VIP) 130,000won / (R seat) 110,000won / (S seat) 90,000won / (A seat) 70,000won / (B seat) 50,000won
-Inquiry: 1599-2005

The musical, JUMP
-Date: Dec 12, 2014(Fri)~Dec 14, 2014(Sun)
-Time: (Weekdays) 19:45~ / (Saturdays)14:00~, 19:00~ / (Sundays)15:00~
-Place: Palgong hall, Daegu Culture and Arts Center
-Running Time: 80 mins
-Ticket Price: (VIP) 60,000won / (R seat) 50,000won / (S seat) 40,000won
-Inquiry: 1566-7897

-Date: Dec 13, 2014(Sat)~Dec 14, 2014(Sun)
-Time: (Saturdays)15:00~, 18:00~ / (Sundays)14:00~, 17:00~
-Place: The auditorium of Kyungpook National University
-Running Time: 90 mins
-Ticket Price: (R seat) 55,000won / (S seat) 44,000won / (A seat) 33,000won
-Inquiry: 1566-1980


NANTA performance
-Date: Dec 19, 2014(Fri)~Dec 25, 2014(Thu)
-Time: (Weekdays) 19:30~ / (Saturdays)15:00~, 18:00~ / (Sundays)15:00~ / (Dec 24) 19:30~, 22:00~ / (Dec 25) 15:00~, 18:00~
-Place: Yongji hall, Suseong Artpia
-Running Time: 100 mins
-Ticket Price: (R seat) 60,000won / (S seat) 40,000won
-Inquiry: 053-762-0000

The drama, LIAR
-Date: Nov 18, 2014(Fri)~Dec 4, 2014(Thu)
-Time: (Weekdays) 19:45~ / (Saturdays)16:00~, 19:00~ / (Sundays)15:00~
-Place: Biseul hall, Daegu Culture and Arts Center
-Running Time: 100 mins
-Ticket Price: 30,000won
-Inquiry: 1566-7897
[Photo: Play DB(]


Salon Concert Series 4.-Chamber Music(Daegu International Opera Orchestra)
-Date: Dec 17, 2014(Wed)
-Time: 18:00~
-Place: Opera Salon, Daegu Opera House(1F)
-Admission: Free
-Inquiry: 666-6034

X-mas Concert of the Czech Boys Choir, 'Bonipueri'
-Date: Dec 16, 2014(Thue)
-Time: 19:30~
-Place: Yongji hall, Suseong Artpia
  * Ave Maria -------------------------------G. Caccini
  * Hallelujah-------------------------------G. Handel
  * The medley of Czech folk music
  * Hollywood medley
  * Drawing down blessings in Christmas------------------Hyun Chul, Kim
  * Christmas Carol-Silent Night, Holy Night, White Christmas, Jingle Bell
  * The song for hometown----------------------------------------Suin Lee
-Ticket Price: (R seat) 60,000won / (S seat) 40,000won
-Inquiry: 053-668-1800

Year-end Concert 2014
-Date: Dec 31, 2014(Wed)
-Time: 19:30~
-Place: Daegu Opera Concert
-Ticket Price: 10,000won
  * Prelude (Act ) Opera "La Traviata" -------------- G. Verdi
  * La Traviata 3 (Gala) --------------------------------- G. Verdi
  * La Bohème 4 (Gala) ------------------------------ G. Puccini
-Inquiry: 053-666-6023

[Photo: Daegu Opera House(]


Super Romantics Exhibition
-Date: Dec 9, 2014(Tue)~Jan 25, 2014(Sun)
-Place: Daegu Art Factory(31-12, 22-gil, Dalseong-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu)
-Admission: Free
  * Opening Ceremony & Events(Dec 9)
  14:00~ : Super Romantics Seminar(Subject: The new definition of Super Romantic in the same age and another vision of Korean young artists arts)
  17:00~ : Opening Ceremony
  18:00~ : DJing & Night Party
  * Super Romantics Exhibition: It will be introduced that New artworks of home and overseas young artists who follows Romanticism. You'll be able to see various of media arts themed Romanticism in the fields of installation arts, paintings, videos and sculptures.
  * Other Events
  Mangwondang Artist Talk on Friday in Dec 19 : A talk concert which the artists, who participate in Super Romantics exhibition, host

  Artist Round Table(in January, 2015) : The artists who participate in Ten-topic program and Super Romantics exhibition talk about arts and find out the right direction to operate the residency art project.
[Photo: Daegu Art Factory(]


For Rest, the garden of lights festival

-Time: (Weekdays) 14:00~23:00 / (Weekends & Holidays) 10:00~23:00
-Ticket Price: (All day pass ticket; you have free access the garden) 10,000won for adult, 7,000won for child / (General ticket; If you get out from the garden once, you'll never come in again) 8,000won for adult, 5,000won for child
-Venue: Spa Valley(891, Gachang-ro, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu)

E-world Star Lights Festival 2014

-Time: 18:00~22:00
-Ticket Price: 14,000won for adult, 9,500won for youth, 8,000won for child
-Venue: E-world and near 83 Tower(200, Duryugongwon-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu)

[Photo: Samane Rsta‎&Saeid Gholami, the Daegu SNS supporters in 2014]

Thursday, November 27, 2014

[Exhibition] The opening of National Daegu Meteorological Science Museum / The first weather museum in Korea

A very new science museum currently opened under the theme of 'weather' for the first time in Korea. ‘National Daegu Meteorological Science Museum’ is the name of it, which allows visitors to learn the principle theories and phenomena of the weather by offering in-person experiences.

In the exhibition hall composed of 3 rooms, a guide explains what causes weather, how the weather affects people’s lives and so on. There’s a ‘3D theater’ that offers an interesting experience of standing up against typhoon and tsunami. In addition, a ‘weather service experiential class’ is prepared for you to manage a weather forecast task yourself.

virtual reality experiential program hall
The most interesting one is a virtual reality experiential program in which you pilot a plane going through the reproduced typhoon, Maemi, which hit Korea in 2003. Though it is a virtual reality, the force of typhoon you will meet is never easy to manage.

Outside the museum is made a meteorological science park. As the concept is 'meteorological science', the garden looks like a chart of high/low atmospheric pressure.
The museum opens every day except Mondays/10:00~18:00 and the admission is free of charge.

-3D movie showed in 3D theater of National Daegu Meteorological Science Museum-

[National Daegu Meteorological Science Museum]
-Address : 2-gil 10, Hyodong-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu (대구광역시 동구 효동로 2길10)
-Website :

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

[Beautiful Daegu] The view of Dongchon Haemaji bridge seen through fish eye lens

The view of Dongchon Haemaji bridge seen through fish eye lens
Do you like sometimes look at the view in different angle like looking at the sight upside-down by hanging down from the horizontal bar? Interestingly, everything looks unfamiliar even the things are what you see every day. The view of Dongchon Haemaji bridge seen through fish eye lens is the same for me as well.

[How to get to Dongchon Haemaji Bridge]
-By subway: Get on the subway line 1 and get off at Dongchon station. Take exit 2 and walk toward the Geumho river around 50 m.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

[Tour] Gukchaebosang Memorial Park is lit up with sparkling lights!

I don’t remember how it started, but when the end-of-the-year comes, the twinkling lights on the street trees are brightening up Daegu Gukchaebosang Memorial Park, which is one of the busiest streets of Daegu. The place boasts its beautiful night views good enough to make passersby heart-flutter. Though the lights are not set up completely yet, the street will be brightly lit soon with colorful lights on blue color basis! 

The lights operating period/hours in Gukchaebosang Park
-Period : Dec 1, 2014 ~ Feb 28, 2015
-Time : 17:30~