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[Cafe/Press Article] Daegu/Korea Baekseol Gongju(백설공주) Dessert Cafe

Daegu/Korea Baekseol Gongju(백설공주) Dessert Cafe
There is a new dessert café in Daegu that has opened up to rival A Twosome Place. Baekseol Gongju is a dessert café that offers an impressive array of desserts from all over the world, including sweet Korean toast, cakes, pastries, bingsu, and ice cream. The menu is quite extensive, and there are things on it that you won’t find at any other dessert spot. For example, in the right season, you can get traditional American caramel apples! Baekseol Gongju also has a few desserts that we, as foreigners, might not consider dessert. Cheesy sweet potatoes and corn topped with parmesan cheese are two of the more Korean desserts.

The front door of Bekseol Gongju Cafe

The showcase in the cafe

The showcase in the cafe

Chocolate cookie tart and tiramisu tart
The desserts at Baekseol Gongju are rotated seasonally, so whatever is in their display case inside the café is available for purchase. Right now, they are offering huge ice creams with various toppings that they have deemed “monster ice cream” as well as a large variety of delicious cakes and pastries. The cakes range in price from about 5,000 won for a large piece of cheesecake to 9,000 won for a piece of pie covered in chocolate and cookies. It is a bit pricy, but worth it if want to treat yourself to some high quality dessert.  

The menu of the cafe

The interior in the cafe
As far as drinks go, Baekseol Gongju has you covered there as well. They have the typical array of coffee drinks and teas, but there is also a rather large portion of the menu dedicated to fresh fruit smoothies, ranging in price from 4,000 to 6,000 won.

Baekseol Gongju already has several locations in Daegu. There is one downtown as well as another in Sangin. To get to the one in Sangin, just walk straight out of exit 8 at Sangin Station. Walk straight down for about 5 minutes, and you’ll see it on your right. 

A piece of red velvet cake
If you’re craving something sweet, Baekseol Gongju can help. It’s the perfect place to end a date or to simply treat yourself. Whether you try out a new dessert or stick with something you love, it is sure to be of excellent quality at Baekseol Gongju. 

[Baekseol Gongju(백설공주) Dessert Cafe]
-Address: 87, 5-gil, Dongseong-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu(대구 중구 동성로 5길 87)
-Phone: 053-252-9666
-Opening Hours: 11:00~03:00

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