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[Event] Daegu Event Calendar in January/ Events, Exhibitions, Festivals, Performances in Korea

Daegu Event Calendar in January/ Events, Exhibitions, Festivals, Performances in Korea

Mt.Biseul Ice Festival
In winter, Mt. Biseul ice festival is held in the recreational forest with various things to see and enjoy, such as ice caves, ice sculptures, ice sled sites, traditional plays. The ice remains until April.

-Date: ~Feb 15, 2015(Sun)
-Place: The recreation forest in Mt. Biseul (230, Hyuyangrim-gil, Yuga-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu)
-Inquiry: 053-614-5481


[Opera] Turandot

Don't even have to remember my operas before !”
, one of big operas of Puccini, famous for beautiful melody and lively expression, announces the opening of the 12th Daegu International Opera Festival. The opera is filled with melodies of oriental mood and impressive direction including the most well-known aria, ‘No one shall asleep(Nessun Dorma)’. It also representing the cold-hearted princess Turandot in ancient China, and the prince Calaf who tries to win the Turandot’s heart. With Klaus Sallmann, a chief associate conductor of Daniel Barenboim at Deutsche Oper Berlin and Jung Sunyoung, a director who was well-received with at the 11th DIOF, there is big anticipation with participation of great Korean singers performing activities at the world stage.

-Date/Time: Jan 23(Fri) at 7:30 ~ Jan 24, 2015(Sat) at 4:00
-Place: Daegu Opera House
-Running Time: 150 mins
-Ticket Price: (R seat) 50,000won / (S seat) 30,000won / (A seat) 10,000won
-Inquiry: 053-666-6023

[Musical] Sound of Musical

-Date/Time: Jan 16(Fri) at 7:30 ~ Jan 17, 2015(Sat) at 3:00
-Place: Suseong Artpia
-Ticket Price: (VIP seat) 90,000won / (R seat) 60,000won / (S seat) 30,000won
-Inquiry: 053-668-1800


2015 Lee Seung Hwan Concert 'The realness in Daegu'

-Date/Time: Jan 3(Sat) at 7:00
-Place: EXCO
-Ticket Price: (VIP seat) 132,000won / (R seat) 121,000won / (S seat) 99,000won / (A seat) 77,000won / B seat 55,000won
-Inquiry: 1599-2005

Seo Tae Ji 'The Quiet Night' Concert

-Date/Time: Jan 31(Sat) at 5:30
-Place: EXCO
-Ticket Price: (Standing room) 143,300won
-Inquiry: 1566-9621


Lamb Painting Exhibition for Greeting New Year
-Date: ~Jan 11, 2015(Sun)
-Place: Ayang Art Center
-Admission fee: Free
-Inquiry: 053-230-3312

The Roots of Dalseong
-Date: ~Feb 22, 2015(Sun)
-Place: Daegu National Museum
-Admission fee: Free
-Inquiry: 053-7601-8543

Art Lounge ; Collection
Daegu Art Museum presents Art Lounge: Collection, the first exhibition introducing the museum’s collection since its inauguration. To be displayed at the exhibition are works of sculpture and media art selected from the museum’s collection including about 300 pieces. The works are to be exhibited in the UMI Hall in the middle of the museum building.

-Date: ~Feb 1, 2015(Sun)
-Place: Daegu Art Museum
-Admission fee: Free

-Inquiry: 053-7601-8543

[Tour] Recommended Daegu Tour Courses for Naeilro(내일로) Travelers

Recommended Daegu Tour Courses for Naeilro(내일로) Travelers
Korail is promoting two kinds of unlimited train passes which can be used for a certain period of time like Eurail pass or JR pass in Europe or Japan respectively.

Age 25 or younger
Age 26 or older
5-day pass; 56,500won
7-day pass; 62,700won
3-day pass; 56,000won(1 person) / 89,000won(2 persons)
Valid using period
7 days/9 days from the first day of using
3 days from the first day of using
Available trains/seats
Free seats or standing room of ITX-Cheongchun, ITX-Seamaul, Saemaul, Nuriho, Mugunghwa, or commuter trains
Free seats or standing room of ITX-Seamaul, Saemaul, Nuriho, Mugunghwa, or commuter trains
Seat reservation discount
50% discount (2 times only) when making a reservation for ITX-Seamaul, Saemaul, Nuriho, Mugunghwa, or commuter trains during the travelling days (weekdays only)
50% discount when making a reservation for KTX, ITX-Seamaul, Saemaul, Nuriho, Mugunghwa, or commuter trains suring the travelling days (weekdays only)
Operation period
Summer/Winter season(except  Seollal, Chuseok holidays)
All year round(except Seollal, Chuseok holidays)

[2015 Winter Naeilro Program]
-Sales period: Nov 25, 2014~Feb 28, 2015
-Inquiry: 063-855-7715, 063-850-2337~9
-Purchase spots: Daegu train station (053-940-2259), Dongdaegu train station (053-940-2223) and other major train stations in Korea
* Passport is needed to buy Naeilro pass

Naeilro pass is absolutely suitable for backpackers. The biggest pleasure of backpacking travelling is that you make your own travelling route getting useful guideline from local people. As they know much about the city or region, you may get information about hidden but nice places, restaurants or hotels which aren't posted in tourist guide books.
Here are recommended several hidden tour routes and nice places to visit in Daegu for Naeilro travelers.

1. Daegu Art Factory
Get off at Daegu train station and walk down the street to the west for about 20 minutes.

-Operation period: Every Tue~Sun(Close on every Monday and New Year's Day)
-Opening hour: 10:00~18:00
-Address: 31-12, 22 gil, Dalseong-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu

Daegu Art Factory - Super Romantics 1

Daegu Art Factory - Super Romantics 2

Daegu Art Factory - Super Romantics 3

Daegu Art Factory - Super Romantics 4

Daegu Art Factory - Super Romantics 5
You will meet the local artists, find out information all about arts of Daegu and read art books that you will not be able to find at other places (even at the libraries) here at Daegu Art Factory. Moreover, Super Romantics, a special collaborative art exhibition of Daegu local artists and foreign artists, is currently held by Jan 25. Even better, the admission fee is free which is important point for backpackers!!!

2. Cafes in Daegu Industrial Tools Alley
When coming out from the museum and walking toward the industrial tools alley in Bukseongro for 5 minutes, you'll meet altered Hanok(Korean traditional house) cafes. The cafes here are very unique showing own character melted with the history and art soul of Daegu.

Samduk Sanghwai
Bukseongro Samduk Sanghwai 1

Bukseongro Samduk Sanghwai 2
The building is an altered Japanese-style house which has remained from Japanese Colonial Ruling Era, so the cafe still has a dadami room. You may feel an artistic atmosphere with the scent of coffee all over the cafe.

Jan-ger Salon
Bukseongro Jangger Salon
The cafe is a place for mixed-culture of bicycles, Art and coffee, and it's also an altered old building like Samduk Sanghwai. The owner of this building works as a social enterpriser while artists and magazine editors use the cafe as their workroom. You can get a discount for coffee if you ride your bicycle to come.

Mixcafe Bookseongro
Mixcafe Bookseongro 1

Mixcafe Bookseongro 2

Mixcafe Bookseongro 3
Though the place used to be a warehouse once, the whole building is changed to a modern cafe now. The third floor is open as a gallery so that you can appreciate art works over a cup of coffee.

3. Bukseongro Udon & Bulgogi

Bukseongro Bulgogi & Udon 1

Bukseongro Bulgogi & Udon 2
Bukseongro Udon & Bulgogi is a popular menu in Daegu, but the dish is not easy to meet in other cities. Udon and Bulgogi are ironically well-matched, especially in cold winter days. When dusk falls, the cart bars in Bukseongro open by ones and twos. Then it's ready to have a bowl of hot Udon and Bulgogi that the smell of coal-heating permeates the air. Don’t miss this wonderful dish at Bukseongro!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

[Festival] Say hello to your 2015 with exciting event in Daegu!

last day of 2014 in Daegu
Finally, a new year is just around the corner! What exciting plans do you have to greet the New Year? If you haven’t made any plans yet, don’t be disappointed! The city of Daegu prepares a special party for everyone in the middle of downtown!!
The event will be open at 9pm and will last for three and half hours with a variety of performances, fire work and, of course, the Bell-tolling ceremony! Even more, there’s something that makes this event more special than last year~~~Flashmob, which will fill the street with exciting dance and music, is supposed to be held! If you want to participate in the Flashmob, prepare just two things: a towel and choreography of ‘sheep-head’ dance. Here’s all the information to know about the event J Join the last day event of 2014 and say hello to your 2015!! 

People enjoying fire works in Daegu city

Welcoming Ceremony
Welcoming Event
-Distribution of the Balloon of happiness and Lucky hotpack.
-Triumphant Project step I: making a sheep head with a towel.
Pre-event Ceremony
The performance of “COOL Stage” showing youthfulness and dynamic
A cultural art performance by a collaborative group of six teams in Daegu
The performance of “HOT Stage” showing passion and romance,
-2014 count down DJ PARTY
-BIG BAND: “Mood Salon” performance
-Triumphant project stepII: learning the choreography of “Sheep head“ Flashmop dance
Bell-tolling Ceremony
Event Introduction / Scene Sketch
Stage cleaning/Host Greetings/Event Sketch
Video Show
Documentary, “My hometown, Daegu”
Bell tollers and Celebrities on stage
33 bell tollers are on stage
Count down
Showing a video image of count down
The New Year bell-tolling, “Wish for everyone’s happiness”

-Three groups of 11 people will strike the bell for 11 times respectively total of 33 times.
-The first Bell-tolling; for my happiness
-The second Bell-tolling; for the happiness of my family
-The third Bell-tolling; for the happiness of Daegu citizens.
A new year’s message
A new year’s message from Kwon Young-Jin, the mayor of Daegu.
After-Ceremony Event
The choir of citizens
Sing along; “Go to the land of hope”
Triumphant project
“Seep head” Flashmop with DJ performance
HOT New year! Fire-Work
Multi-media firework shows with music, images and lasers

-Date: Dec. 31. 2014
-Time: 9PM ~ 12:30AM
  - Venue: The belfry stage in front of Dalgubul mighty bell at Gukchae-bosang Memorial Park

The belfry stage in front of Dalgubul mighty bell

Let’s learn how to do “Sheep head” dance (a dance for the flash mop) with the following clip

 How to make a “Sheep head” with a towel

How to make a "Sheep head" with a towel
1.    Fold the towel twice in length.
2.    Roll up both sides of the folded towel just like turning up your pants.
3.    Open the center
4.    Wear it on your head!

*Daegu Metro will extend the service time on Dec. 31, for the people who join the event.
*The last train time is 01:.00am at Banwoldang station

Line no.1 departure time
Line no.2 departure time
Banwoldang Ansim
Banwoldang Daegok
Banwoldang Sawol
Banwoldang Munyang
Arrival time
at Banwoldang