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[Event] Daegu Event Calendar in January/ Events, Exhibitions, Festivals, Performances in Korea

Daegu Event Calendar in January/ Events, Exhibitions, Festivals, Performances in Korea

Mt.Biseul Ice Festival
In winter, Mt. Biseul ice festival is held in the recreational forest with various things to see and enjoy, such as ice caves, ice sculptures, ice sled sites, traditional plays. The ice remains until April.

-Date: ~Feb 15, 2015(Sun)
-Place: The recreation forest in Mt. Biseul (230, Hyuyangrim-gil, Yuga-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu)
-Inquiry: 053-614-5481


[Opera] Turandot

Don't even have to remember my operas before !”
, one of big operas of Puccini, famous for beautiful melody and lively expression, announces the opening of the 12th Daegu International Opera Festival. The opera is filled with melodies of oriental mood and impressive direction including the most well-known aria, ‘No one shall asleep(Nessun Dorma)’. It also representing the cold-hearted princess Turandot in ancient China, and the prince Calaf who tries to win the Turandot’s heart. With Klaus Sallmann, a chief associate conductor of Daniel Barenboim at Deutsche Oper Berlin and Jung Sunyoung, a director who was well-received with at the 11th DIOF, there is big anticipation with participation of great Korean singers performing activities at the world stage.

-Date/Time: Jan 23(Fri) at 7:30 ~ Jan 24, 2015(Sat) at 4:00
-Place: Daegu Opera House
-Running Time: 150 mins
-Ticket Price: (R seat) 50,000won / (S seat) 30,000won / (A seat) 10,000won
-Inquiry: 053-666-6023

[Musical] Sound of Musical

-Date/Time: Jan 16(Fri) at 7:30 ~ Jan 17, 2015(Sat) at 3:00
-Place: Suseong Artpia
-Ticket Price: (VIP seat) 90,000won / (R seat) 60,000won / (S seat) 30,000won
-Inquiry: 053-668-1800


2015 Lee Seung Hwan Concert 'The realness in Daegu'

-Date/Time: Jan 3(Sat) at 7:00
-Place: EXCO
-Ticket Price: (VIP seat) 132,000won / (R seat) 121,000won / (S seat) 99,000won / (A seat) 77,000won / B seat 55,000won
-Inquiry: 1599-2005

Seo Tae Ji 'The Quiet Night' Concert

-Date/Time: Jan 31(Sat) at 5:30
-Place: EXCO
-Ticket Price: (Standing room) 143,300won
-Inquiry: 1566-9621


Lamb Painting Exhibition for Greeting New Year
-Date: ~Jan 11, 2015(Sun)
-Place: Ayang Art Center
-Admission fee: Free
-Inquiry: 053-230-3312

The Roots of Dalseong
-Date: ~Feb 22, 2015(Sun)
-Place: Daegu National Museum
-Admission fee: Free
-Inquiry: 053-7601-8543

Art Lounge ; Collection
Daegu Art Museum presents Art Lounge: Collection, the first exhibition introducing the museum’s collection since its inauguration. To be displayed at the exhibition are works of sculpture and media art selected from the museum’s collection including about 300 pieces. The works are to be exhibited in the UMI Hall in the middle of the museum building.

-Date: ~Feb 1, 2015(Sun)
-Place: Daegu Art Museum
-Admission fee: Free

-Inquiry: 053-7601-8543

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