Thursday, January 29, 2015

[Culture] Free Puppet Play with Korean Traditional Fairy-tale

Whomp it! Come out the wonderful singing!
 A free puppet play is going to be performed based on dramatized Korean traditional fairy-tale at Daegu Art Factory. The host organization of the performance, 'Saekdonghwai', was started by Bang Jeong-hwan and his friends who first established 'Children's Day' in Korea. 100 Daegu branch members of the organization currently work as story-tellers and writers of children's books, and the puppet play is the one of their activities.
Here’s the synopsis of the puppet play as followed.

An old man who has an big bump and gobilns

There are goblins

There are another greedy old man who has a big bump as well and childrren
'One night, an old man who underwent many inconveniences because of a big bump on his chin but has remarkable singing skill bumped into goblins on the street. The goblins coveted his singing skill concluding that the secret of the skill is in his bump as they please. They took the bump away and gave the old man precious treasures in compensation. Another greedy old man in the town who also had a big bump heard the news and went to see the goblins. He tried to cheat the goblins with a shallow lie to get rid of his big bump and to get treasure. The goblins, however, were cheated no more and upset enough to punish him by attaching another bump (the one they got from the first old man) on his face kicking him out without any treasure.

A puppet play: 'Whomp it! Come out the wonderful singing!'
-Date/Time: Jan 30, 2015(Fri) / 17:30

-Venue: Suchang hall, Daegu Art Factory (3F)

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