Thursday, January 15, 2015

[Information] A Volunteer Program for Foreigners in Daegu

A Volunteer Program for Foreigners in Daegu
If you have a good mind to share your talent to your neighbors in Korea, please note this volunteer program introduced below. A volunteer organization which supports children from low-income families, single parent children and orphans really needs your help not only for English education but also English book publishing and diverse cultural knowledge acquirement.

[Teach For Korea]

Teach For Korea
Being founded in order to provide good education to every child/student in Korea without any condition, ‘Teach For Korea’ runs various educational programs including English classes led by recruited volunteer English native speakers in Daegu. Those who have talent in computer programs or web designs for book editing and publishing are wanted as volunteer members of ‘Teach For Korea’. They are supposed to work for publishing English books which will be offered to young Korean children. Above these, anyone who wants to share his/her talent for the community can join the organization any time.

■ Recruiting field

1. English teachers
-The class is scheduled once a week
-Every class has 10~15 students, and 1 (or 2) English native teacher and 1 (or 2) Korean teacher will collaborate in class.
- Textbooks, teaching materials and teaching methods are all up to the teachers.
-Classroom locations: Seogu Education Center(in Seogu District Office) / Junggu Education Center (in 2.28 Pro-democracy Movement Memorial Hall near exit 2 of Myeongduk subway station)

2. English Book Editing and Publishing Field
-The aim of the project is publishing reputable English books for children.
-‘Teach For Korea’ welcomes computer programmers, web designers, marketers and someone who has a talent concerning book publishing.

3. Other volunteers who can introduce diverse culture to Korean children/students

■Facebook group:
   Lee Dong Jung, Head teacher
   -Mobile: 010-3648-1597

   -Kakao Talk ID: MrawesomeRui

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