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[Event] Spend the coming big holiday with interesting events in Daegu!

how to spend Lunar New Year's Day in Korea

The big holiday in Korea, Lunar New Year’s Day, is just around the corner! The day is one of the holidays when whole family and relatives gather. During the holidays, however, foreigner living far away from their family may be lonelier than ever..

This coming holiday is too long to stick at home and spend time alone watching TV! Why don’t you go out and enjoy a variety of activities during the long holidays? The interesting events introduced below will be the great solution on how to spend your holidays to the fullest! :)

Korea traditional play experience

Enjoy a big party on Lunar New Year’s Day at E-world!

Program contents
Korean traditional folk game
Feb. 18 ~ Feb, 22
Jegichagi, Arrow-throwing game, Neolttwigi, top-spinning game, skipping rope
Writing family motto
Feb. 20 ~ Feb. 21
Make special gift for your family making family motto and writing it as calligraphy.
Trying on Korean costume  
Feb. 19 ~ Feb. 22
Make an unforgettable memory having Korean costume on and taking picture..
Making rice-cake with a mallet
Feb. 19 ~ Feb. 22
Experience an interesting way to make rice-cake and taste delicious rice cake.
Experience Korea Straw and Plants handicraft
Feb. 19 ~ Feb. 21
Make your own lucky bag with straw
*Location: at Waterfall Plaza in E-world

 <Experiencing Korean old games>
Program contents
Making Korean old snacks
Feb. 19 ~ Feb. 22
 Make Dalgona, the sweetest Korean old snacks
Making handicrafts
Feb. 18 ~ Feb. 22
Make a special handicrafts like doorplate using soap, candle and plaster
Taking pictures with the young in Korean costume
Feb. 18 ~ Feb. 22
Find girls and boys in Korean costume around of E-world and take a picture with them.
*Location: Café tree in E-world (Besides of merry-go-round)

-Address: 200, Duryu Gongwon-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu
-Buses: Soonhwan 3-1, Gansun 503, Gansun 600, Gansun 653, Jisun Dalseo 4-1

Cultural events for welcoming the New Year in Daegu National Museum

-Date: Feb. 18 ~ 21
-Location: Haesol hall & Center Plaza

Date / Time
Program contents
Performance Party
Feb. 18 ~ 21 /
15:00 ~
Center Plaza
‘Chunwangmegi’ Concert
4th intangible cultural asset of Daegu
Play Party
Feb. 18 ~21 /
10:00 ~ 18:00
A front yard of Haehol hall
Neolttiwigi, Playing yut, Jegichagi, Arrow-throwing game, Drive a hoop
Straw handicrafts
Feb. 18 ~ 21 /
12:00 ~ 18:00 (Thursday: 13:00 ~ 18:00)
Cultural Love room
Making a egg bag with straw
Korean paper artwork
Feb. 18 ~ 21 /
12:00 ~18:00
Lecture room
Making a sheep piggy bank

※ Daegu Natinal Museum 
-Address: Chungho-30 321, Susung-gu, Daegu
-Buses: Soonhwan3, Soonhwan3-1, Susung1, Susung1-1, 100, 100-1, 349, 414, 414-1. 449

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