Tuesday, February 3, 2015

[Living/Press Article] Hot Tracks Stationary Store in Daegu

Anyone who has been in Korea for any length of time can tell that Korea loves its stationary stores and stationary products. There are any number of cute notebooks, pencil cases, stickers, and folders on sale at the local shops that seem to be on practically every corner.

 There is one stationary store downtown that is the mother of all stationary stores: Hot Tracks. I was introduced to this store a bit late in my stay in Korea, so I wanted to give you the information in case you missed it as well. Hot Tracks is located in the basement of the Kyobo building right across the street from the Lotte Department Store by Jugangno station. You can get there by going into the underground mall at Jungangno station. Walk in the mall towards the entrance for Lotte and the CGV movie theater. If that entrance is on your left, continue walking down past a few more shops, and the big entrance to Hot Tracks will be on your right.

Hot Track is a massive stationary and arts store. You can find practically anything you could ever want at Hot Tracks. There are the basic school supplies, but there are also more specific items and fun Korean souvenirs for friends and family. The various sections of the store include jewelry and accessories, children’s toys and school supplies, pens, electronics, and art supplies.

Hot Tracks is so large that there are even specialty stores inside of it. There’s a Tony Moly, a small Art Box, a CD/DVD shop, a glasses store, and a Baskin Robbins. At the back of Hot Tracks, there is a small copy center, a booth where you can have a personalized stamp made, and another booth where you can buy traditional Korean gifts and have them gift wrapped. Hot Tracks also sells a range of fun products from Korean brands, like ChooChoo Cats.

Hot Tracks is a great place to visit if you need some gifts for people at home, or if you just feel like doing a bit of a shopping spree. The prices are decent on most things, but they do sell some upscale items. If you haven’t already been, it is definitely on my list of top stores to check out in Daegu.

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