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[Restaurant/Press Article] Sushi Neco─A foreign-friendly restaurant which serves delicious Sushi

Sushi Neco─A foreign-friendly restaurant which serves delicious Sushi
Sushi Neco is a delicious sushi restaurant located in downtown Daegu. No doubt if you haven’t eaten there yet, you’ve at least seen it. It’s right next to the YMCA. Sushi Neco offers great sushi platers at decent prices.

Honey and puffed oat snacks
Diners at Sushi Neco are given free salad and miso soup as soon as they arrive. Additionally, your are given a piece of pineapple as dessert after your meal, and you can get some self-serve honey and puffed oat snacks near the door of the restaurant if you’d like them (you do. They are really tasty!).

Interior of the restaurant
The Sushi Neco staff members are very attentive, especially the owner, who can speak a bit of English. The restaurant’s interior is the typical sushi restaurant style with regular tables and chairs as well as a bar where you can sit to watch the chefs make sushi. Most of the walls of the Sushi Neco are covered in photographs of celebrities’ autographs with photos of them eating the sushi.

A plate filled various kinds of Sushi

A bowl of Udong and few pieces of sushi
You can order the sushi itself in either assorted platters, which are usually 10 pieces, or separately in 2 piece sets. The 2-piece sets range from 2,400 to 4,000 won, and the assorted platters range from 10,000-15,000 won. The 10-piece sets typically come with shrimp, salmon, white fish, squid, and clam sushi. The platters are great for sharing between two people, especially if you are ordering other things to share as well. Sushi Neco offers a range of other dishes, like rice topped with fish and udong noodle soup. There is also beer, wine, and soju available at reasonable prices.

Sushi Neco is very easy to find. Go out exit 14 of Banwoldang Station and continue walking straight. You’ll pass the YMCA on your left, and Sushi Neco is right next door.
Next time you’re craving sushi, go to Sushi Neco. The sushi is delicious, and it is very foreign-friendly.

[Sushi Neco]
-Address:10-4, Dongseongro 3-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu (대구광역시 중구 동성로3 10-4)
-Phone: 053-252-7855

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