Tuesday, February 24, 2015

[tour] Spring news form Bullo-dong floricultural complex

Spring in Daegu
 Since last week, you might feel spring in the air. Not seeing any flowers in full blossom on the street yet, we have a place to enjoy the scent of beautiful spring! The floricultural complex located in Bullo-dong is the right place to meet coming spring. Go towards Palgong Mountain while passing by Daegu airport. Then you may meet floricultural complex stretched out on either side of the street. Here are some pictures of the beautiful flowers in Bullo-dong floricultural complex! Hope you enjoy a feel of spring with these pictures ahead of time. :) 

Spring flowers arranged in Bullo-dong floricultural complex

Pretty pink flowers

Bunch of flowers in Bullo-dong floricultural complex

Purple colored  flower

A number of succulents in pots are on sale

Many kinds of plants are arranged in a vinyl greenhouse

A number of plants in pots are on sale

Beautiful yellow flowers in Bullo-dong floricultural complex

[Bullo-dong floricultural complex]
Jijudong, Dong-gu, Daegu
-Buses: Take 401 or 101-1, 101. 팔공1, 팔공2 and get off at Bullo Hwahwedanji

*Photo by Kim, Sang-Tai, the Daegu blog press 2014-2015

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