Wednesday, February 25, 2015

[Tour] Watching Diverse Migrant Birds in Shincheon River for the Winter

Watching Diverse Migrant Birds in Shincheon River for the Winter
Every river seems to be a rich repository of lots of living things. Among these, Shincheon River, which flows across Daegu, is famous for a nesting place of diverse migrant birds in the winter time. How about watching the diverse birds which visit Shincheon River this winter with photos for now and then planning outing to watch them before spring comes?

[The kind of birds you can see in Shincheon River]

Great white egret
Great white egret
Though sometimes confused with large egret, great white egret, the largest one among the egret species, has big and beautiful wings. And the bird regularly comes to Shinchon River and Geumho River every winter season.

Distinguished its gender by the color of head, red headed male and yellow headed female, Pochard doesn't guard against the approaches of human letting us watch it very close to. It's hard to watch their wings wide open since it rarely runs away.

Chinese grosbeak
Chinese grosbeak
The birds usually sit on the zelcova tree enjoying its nuts. Coming to Shincheon River, they like to drink the water in it.  The male of Chinese grosbeak has a black head, so it's called 'the bird wearing a mask'.

Since the bird visited Shincheon River for the first time this year, it often appears near Shincheon Ice Rink these days. These birds have plumage like a pigtale ribbon on the back of his neck, and the bigger plumage they have, the more popular they are.

It's not always easy to meet this bird in Shincheon area, its lightning huntsmanship is spectacular. 
Besides, you also can watch sparrow, flycatcher, brown-eared bulbul, grebe along the Shincheon.




Brown-eared bulbul



If you drive to the Shincheon, use a free parking lot under the Dongshin bridge. The parking spots prepared there, however, are very limited, so public transportation is recommended.

Metro to Shincheon area as below:

-Subway: (line 1) Get off at Shincheon station and take exit 2 or 4.
               (line 2) Get off at Daegu Bank station and take exit 1 or 2.
-Bus: (Get off @ Suseong bridge bus stop) 303, 309, 403, 420, 420-1, 425, 609, 649, 840, 939, 990, 991
         (Get off @ Jungang middle/high school bus stops) 508, 518, 106, 400, 724, 909, Donggu 1-1, Gachang

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