Tuesday, March 31, 2015

[Event] Daegu Event Calendar in April

[2015 Daegu International Marathon]
-Date: April 5, 2015(Sun)
-Place: Gukchae-bosang Memorial Park and downtown area
[Daegu Skills Competition]
-Date: April 8, 2015(Sun) ~ April 13, 2015(Fri)
-Place: Daegu EXCO

[14th Daegu International Optical Show]
-Date: April 22, 2015(Wed) ~ April 24, 2015(Fri)
-Place: Daegu EXCO

[7th World Water Forum]
-Date: April 12, 2015(Sun) ~ April 17, 2015(Fri)
-Place: Daegu EXCO

[Mental Health Day Event]
-Date: April 4, 2015(Sat)
-Place:Duryu Baseball Stadium

[43th Health Day Event]
-Date: April 7, 2015 (Tue)
-Place: Daegu Culture & Arts Center

Monday, March 30, 2015

[living/Press article] Have a rest time at historical & unique place, 'Samduck Tea House'


Daegu has numerous themed streets, which group similar things together in one area for the convenience of residents of the city. Of all the themed—like herb medicine street, culture street, etc.—why would you ever want to go to one called “industrial tool street”? Let me give you two reasons, neither involving power tools: the street is home to a parking lot full of beautiful murals as well as a lovely tea house.

First off, where the heck is this random street? Bukseong Industrial Tools Street is relatively close to downtown, just between Jungangno and Daegu Station on the subway. Go out exit 4 of Jungangno Station and walk straight for about five minutes. Bukseong Industrial Tools Street will be your second left. From Daegu Station, go out of the exit 1 or 2 so that you are standing in front of the Lotte Department Store and train station section of Daegu Station. There will be a large building across the street from Lotte to your left. That is the Daegu Civic Center. Cross the street once so that you are standing in front of, and on the same side of the road as, the Civic Center. Then cross the street to your left and continue walking down that road for 2 minutes. Industrial Tool Street will be on your first right. Additionally, you can take the 706, 730, Rapid Line 2, 410-1, 704, 303-1, 349, 503, 623, Donggu 1-1, Bukgu 2, and 202, headed in the direction of Banwoldang, to the bus stop called “Gyeongsang-Gamyeong Park.” Get off the bus and go to your right. Industrial Tools Street will be the first street on your left.

Just two minutes down the street on your right there will be a small parking lot. It would be completely unassuming except for the fact that all the walls of the outdoor parking lot are covered in beautiful, large murals. If you are an art appreciator, it is definitely worth taking a little trip to check these out (stop by on the way to nearby Daegu Art Factory). All the murals depict different images and are very stylistically different, so it is clear that there were many artists involved. The artists’ faces are painted on one of the interior walls of the lot. Make sure to actually walk into the parking lot because there are murals on walls you can’t see when you’re standing outside. The largest mural at the entrance to the parking lot features a large, white elk standing on the moon. The background is black with beautiful rainbow colors running behind the elk. Another has a chicken pecking at a pile of old cell phones. The word “Wonderful” is colorfully painted on the back wall of the lot. There isn’t, at least in English, an explanation as to why the murals are in this lot, but they are lovely to look at still; a little bit of beauty in an otherwise undeveloped part of town.

Bukseong Street is quite old, and, unlike most of these old streets, it hasn’t been changed much in the years since Japanese occupation. Walking along the street, you may get the feeling that you’ve gone back in time. There aren’t any big buildings or chain stores. It is definitely not as bustling as the major streets nearby. But just a few minutes further down the street and on your left, you will get to a coffee shop and tea house that has preserved history in a really interesting way. Samduck is built inside of a Japanese-style building that is a remnant of Japanese occupation. There aren’t many of these buildings left, probably due to Korean sentiment toward the occupation, so Samduck boasts a really unique ambiance.

The exterior of the shop is white with light wood details. Because of the history of the building, Samduck sells postcards with pictures of the exterior.  Once inside, watch your step because you have to step up to order from the counter at the center of the first floor of the building. The counter and staff area are like their own private room almost. There are a few seats in the front and back of the shop, but the majority of the seating is upstairs. To access the second floor, you have to walk outside to the small back courtyard and go up the stairs. At one time, there was a staircase inside, but it was removed for functionality of the patrons. Outside the door of the second floor, you’ll find an information board, written in Korean, detailing the history of the building. The upper floor has a few tables with comfortable, vintage-looking chairs as well as a small floor-seating area. It is a very relaxing space to have a drink and chat with friends.

As far as the menu goes, Samduck offers the same beverage list as most other coffee shops with, perhaps, a few additions. There are tons of coffee and tea drinks, but the menu is written only in Korean. If you can’t read Korean, order something that they usually have at other coffee shops. It is more than likely that Samduck also has it. Smoothies are quite large and are served in mason jars with handles. You can get typical flavors as well as more exotic ones, like citron, one of the four original citrus fruits. If you’re not a coffee drinker, try the delicious rooibos tea latte. If you’d like a little snack to go with your drink, Samduck has some tasty cookies near the register as well as some larger dessert items, like waffles and cheesecake.

Samduck serves patrons delicious beverages and snacks with a personal touch. The staff are very friendly and attentive. You won’t feel like you are just another customer at any old chain coffee shop. It is a place to rest, relax, and appreciate the historical building you are sitting in.   

Friday, March 27, 2015

[Notice] 2015 Foreign Blog Press and Online Supporters Recruitment

2015 Foreign Blog Press and Online Supporters Recruitment

Daegu metropolitan city government is inviting foreign blog press and online supporters who will help run Daegu social media international channel(blog and facebook of 'Touch Daegu') and promote it.
We want people to work with passion and interests in online social activity.
Apply now and make 'Touch Daegu' together!

-Applying Period: March 30(Mon), 2014 - April 10(Fri), 2015
-How to Apply: Fill out the attached application form and e-mail us to
                       : Save the name of your application file as 'Daegublogpress_yourname.doc'
                          or 'Daeguonlinesupporters_yourname.doc'
-Working Period: May 1, 2015 ~ April 30, 2016
-Announcement: 17th of April, 2015(Fri), the recruiting result will be notified individually and posted on our blog and facebook as well
Download the application forms here: http://bit.ly/1D4jji1

 Blog Press
-Requirement -Foreigners who are currently living in Daegu (Applicant's visa should be valid until April, 2016)
                       -Those who have one or more digital multimedia devices of their own (digital camera, digital camcorder, etc.).
                       -Those who currently runs their own blog and/or facebook
                       -Those who are able to go out to cover stories at least one day per month and to submit appropriate articles for 'Touch Daegu' on a weekly basis. 
-The Volume of Recruitment: 5 People
-Activities -Write more than 3 articles each month
                  -Participate in appointment ceremony & workshop(once) and group reporting days(4 times)
-Benefit -Paid for writing submissions (Maximum 60,000KRW per each month/performance-based)
              -Given a priority in invitation at the events held by Daegu government

-Starting Ceremony -a.m 9:30 April 25(Sat), 2nd floor Meeting Room, Daegu City Hall
(Right after the ceremony an overnight workshop will be followed.)
※ Attendance the ceremony required.
 Online Supporters 
-Requirements -Foreigners who are currently living in Daegu
                          -Those who are Actively using social media including facebook
                          -Those who have mobile devices available for realtime communication

-The Volume of Recruitment: 20 people
-Activities -Do online activity related to 'Touch Daegu' blog and facebook(e.g. Comments on the blog and facebook page, Sharing articles or statements, Inviting friends to the facebook page, Delivering the latest news about Daegu, etc.)
                  -Participate in the main events hosted by Daegu government
                  -Accomplish monthly mission which are updated on the private facebook group of 'Touch Daegu'

-Benefit -Given a priority in invitation at the events held by Daegu government
-The most remarkable supporter will be rewarded (10,000KRW mobile gift certificates per each month)
-Staring Ceremony - Expecting in early May. 10th floor Conference Room, Daegu City Hall

※ Attendance the ceremony required.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

[Event] Flea Market & Free dance performance at Daegu Art Factory

Daegu Art Factory Flea Market
Let's say, you want to go somewhere to experience something UNIQUE. What if, however, the last cold snap bothers you? Or what if you run out of money at the end of the month? I would like to drag you to a fantastic place which provides you an indoor free event this upcoming Saturday, 28th March.
Daegu event in March
A flea market will be held at Daegu Art Factory
On last Saturdays each month, a Flea Market, called Art Factory Market, is held at Daegu Art Factory. It is hosted by both artists and citizens. This is a great chance to see unique hand craft products. If you want to join the Art Factory Market as a seller, fill out an application available on the internet in the last week of the month. The application for April sellers is going to be uploaded on the official website and blog soon!
Enjoy free dance performance at Daegu Art Factory
Especially, this month, Daegu Art Factory provides a dance performance of a very noted painting. Have you watched any 3D performance based on any well-known paintings? This Saturday, Rainbow Performance Group 'AIKO' will show "The Gleaners", one of the famous paintings of Millet, with dancing. Performers wear exactly the same clothing from the painting and they reproduce the meaning of masterpiece with a storytelling. It is meaningful to "feel" the masterpiece via 3D instead of a flat paper. After the 3D performance of famous painting, performers change their costumes to a Thailand traditional dress, and show you a Thailand traditional dance within the frame just like a moving painting in the Harry Potter movie. This unique performance would give you a full-of-energy and artistic atmosphere.

I know, now, you are writing "Art Factory Market" down in your planner for this Saturday's schedule :) Following is the information about how to get there and time schedule of each event.

Daegu Art Factory Event Schedule

Deagu Art Factory

-Address : (700-850) 31-12, 22-gi (Street), Dalsung-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu.
-By Bus : take off the bus from one of 3 destinations below and walk approximately 5mins
ㆍDowon Apartment : 101, 101-1, 420, 420-1, 618, 808, bukgu#2
ㆍSuchang Elementary school: 300, 414, 427, 808, 939, donggu#2, bukgu#2, bukgu#3.
ㆍKyungjinTechVil: 651, 653
-By Subway
Get off at Daegu station on line #1 and Exit#3. Then 10 minutes walk to the Taepyeong junction (Westward).

Event Schedule

Daegu Flea Market [Art Factory Market]
-Time: 1:00pm~5:00pm
-Location: 1st floor of Art Factory

Daegu Free Performance [3D Dance performance of famous painting]
-Time: 1:00pm~5:00pm
-Location: the lobby at Art factory (1st floor)
-Cast: Rainbow performance group


Friday, March 20, 2015

[Restaurant/Press article] Grab Indian ethic food with cheap prices!

Indian restaurant

Tajimahal , Indian ehtic food restaurant in Daegu
There are a few great places to grab other ethnic food choices in town, but sometimes eating
something different also means spending more of your paycheck.

Ever get a craving for Indian food but don’t want to break the bank? Check out Taj Mahal in Korea in Sinmae!

Interior of Tajimahal

India atmosphere of Tajimahal

Indian food restaurant
The Taj Mahal opened last fall and offers all your favorites: plenty of chicken, lamb, and pork curries; garlic, honey, and plain naan; and sohan papdi and gulab jamun, traditional Indian desserts. Taj Mahal has an extensive menu with tons of choices. They even have a special lunch set menu on weekdays from 11:30~3:30!

Delicious curry served in Tajiumahal

Indian food and veberage

Prices run in the 9,900 won ~ 14,000 won range. My personal favorite is the chicken tikkamasala with garlic naan. If you’re curious about the dessert, I recommend trying the sohan papdi with ice cream. Sohan papdi is made from a variety of nuts and is a mildly sweet, fibrous snack.

It was a little drier than I anticipated, though I enjoyed it. Next time, I will definitely try it with the ice cream offering.

 Location and Hours:
11:30 AM – 10:00 PM
567-21 Sinmae-dong, Suseong-gu, 2nd Flr.

How do you get to Taj Mahal in Korea?

- On the subway: Take the green line to Sinmae Station. Come out Exit 5 and walk straight ahead until you see a Dunkin’ Donuts on your right. Step into the building entrance directly to the left of the Dunkin’ and up the stairs to the second floor.

- On the bus: Take bus 309, 349, 449, 509, 649, 724, 840, 909, or Suseong 2 and get off at Sinmae Square. Walk straight ahead until you see a Dunkin’ Donuts on your right. Step into the building entrance directly to the left of the Dunkin’ and up the stairs to the second floor.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

[Festival] Don’t miss Cherry Blossom Festival at E-world


Daegu spring festival

What makes you feel the spring is coming? Raised temperature or thin clothing? I would say going to the cherry blossom festival is what you want to do as a start of spring. If it sounds attractive, please focus on following information about 83 Tower Starlight Cherry Blossom Festival.

83 Tower Starlight Cherry Blossom Festival will be held at E-world, a symbolic theme park of Daegu, from March 20th to April 14th, 2015. Thousands of pink flower trees welcome you along with the road from the gate of E-world to the 83 Tower. Including various events during the days, awesome Luminarie lights are waiting for you with 8.3 million light bulbs at night. It is a good chance to experience beautiful and romantic spring of 2015. ‘

Besides, E-world has a so called early-bloom cherry tree which predicts when the rest of other pink flowers blossom in Daegu. People believe that if the cherry blossoms of the tree start to bud, the rest cherry trees in Daegu will bloom in less than one week. Believe it or not, the story has been told for 20 years at E-world. Why don’t we check whether the tale is true or not in this spring!

Festival at E-world

  E-World Cherry Blossome Festival  
 (March 20th ~ April 14th, 2015)

 Cherry Blossom Busking: music performance - Location: 1st floor of the 83 tower.
 - Schedule: 17:00~20:00
 Cherry Blossom Activity: making accessories with pink flowers
 - Location: 1st & 4th floor of the 83 tower 
 - Schedule: 18:00~21:00 (weekdays) / 13:00~21:00 (weekend)

 Cherry Blossom Food Court: cherry blossom cookie, pink waffle, etc.
 - Location: Food court of the 83 tower
Cherry Blossom Stamp Tour

Photo Contest: Best starlight photo awards, Best couple awards
Playing Darts

 - Location: 1st floor of 83 Tower
 - Schedule: Every Saturday, Mar.21st~Apr. 11th, 14:00, 18:00
Pink Market: flea market with the theme of pink flowers
 - Location: L floor of 83 Tower
 - Schedule: Mar.27th~Apr.5th,
   16:00~21:00 (weekdays) / 12:00~21:00 (weekend)
Limited Cherry Blossom Souvenir Shop
 - Location: 83 Tower souvenir shop

* How to get to the E-World?ㆍ Address: 200, Duryugongwon-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, South Korea
ㆍ Bus: 503, 600, 623, 653, 452, Soonhwan 3-1.
ㆍ Subway Line #2 : Duryu Station Exit #15  → 5min walk to E-world

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

[Event] Daegu Event Calendar in March

Daegu Festival

◆ Festival
E-world Cherry blossom festival
- Date: Mar 20 ~ Apr 17, 2015
- Place: Daegu E-World
- Inquiry: 053) 620-0001


A Commemoration event for World Water Day

Friday, March 13, 2015

[Living / Press article] Roan Laser Hair Removal Clinic

Since posting about a laser clinic in Daegu that my friends and I started going to last year, I’ve received several comments and questions asking for details about the place. I thought I’d address all those questions at once and write a more formal post about the laser clinic I go to for the Touch Daegu blog, so here it goes.

The clinic is called the Raon Clinic, and it is located up in Chilgok. The prices are very low, especially when compared to those in the USA. The pricing all includes five treatments, one per month for five months. Underarms cost about 30,000 won, lower legs cost about 160,000 won, and the bikini line costs 210,000 won. The prices are subject to change and may fluctuate by a few thousand won, but, again, these prices include five treatments. I’m sure they would be open to doing laser on other parts of the body, but you would have to speak to the doctor about pricing for those areas.

Daegu hair laser

The doctor at the clinic speaks fairly good English and can explain the procedure to you in English. Before your first treatment, especially for larger sections of your body, the doctor may have a meeting with you in his office. He will take some close-up photos of your hair and discuss the laser procedure and methods a bit. Please be aware that the darker and thicker your hair is, the more effective the laser procedures are. The doctor makes it very clear at the start that many foreigners need to come back for a second course of five treatments. After five procedures, you should have about 70% of your hair removed, and after 10, you should have 90% removed.

The nurses, who also run the front desk and make appointments, do not speak English. But even with limited communication skills, you can make your future appointments with them easily enough in person. They usually make your next appointment as you check in for the current one. All your appointments will go the exact same way. Depending on which parts of your body you are having laser on, you will be asked to change into either a strapless robe and/or a pair of baggy shorts so that none of your clothes get dirty. The nurses will then shave whichever areas you are having the laser on. When the doctor comes in, the nurse will apply a gooey gel that will help protect your skin from the laser, and she will also give you dark glasses to put on to protect your eyes. The laser treatment itself takes less than 10 minutes. You may experience a little bit of discomfort, such as stinging or heat, but it should not be very intense. If you are having your legs done, you will need to go into the back room and sit under a light that is meant to cool and heal your skin for 10 minutes after the procedure is complete. If you are having your arm pits or another small area done, you will not need to do this. It is quite a short and simple treatment, and the doctors and nurses at Raon Clinic are very nice and helpful.  

Raon clinic in Chiligok, Daegu

To make an appointment, please have a Korean-speaking person call 053-654-0278. As previously mentioned, the nursing staff who run the front desk really don’t speak English, so you will not be able to make an appointment in English over the phone. They don’t seem to like taking appointments any later than 6pm, but getting there by 6pm from the Sangin area hasn’t been a problem for me, and Sangin is quite a bit further south than Chilgok.

There are several buses that go to the area of the Raon Clinic. From Banwoldang station exit 10 (take a left as you exit the station and the bus stop is right near the Paris Baguette), I take the rapid line 2 to chilgokGreenville 3-cha. Additional buses that stop at this bus stop are the 706, Chilgok 2, and 939. The walk to the clinic from the bus stop is only about 5 minutes. Go to the right as you get off the bus and walk to the crosswalk. Cross the street so that you are in front of the Paris Baguette and then cross the street again so that you are diagonal from where you were first. Continue walking straight from there. You will have to cross the street three further times as you walk straight before you get to the street that the Raon Clinic is on. When you pass a fruit shop on the corner, you will not need to cross the street anymore. The Raon Clinic is just a few doors down from the fruit shop. You will see a pink sign on the side of a building to your right that says “라온” on it in Korean. You have to walk under the overhang of a small parking area of that building to get to the door. Go into the building, and walk down a small hallway to the right. Either take the elevator or walk up the stairs to the second floor, and the Raon Clinic will be directly in front of you. Additionally, their business card says that you can take the Chilgok 1 to the yeongnamneovill bus stop, which is directly across from the clinic. Either way, please use the Daegu Bus Information website (available in English) to plan the trip to either bus stop from your area.

I hope this article has helped the foreign women of Daegu find a good place to get laser hair removal. It is well worth it to get laser hair removal done in Korea where the prices are extremely low, and the Raon Clinic provides patients with a comfortable office and friendly staff. So check out the Raon Clinic if you are interested in getting laser hair removal. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

[Event] Daegu Leaps forward to a Global City via the World Water Forum

The post of 7th World water forum

The World Water Forum is the world's largest meeting on water. Every three years since 1997, the World Water Council (WWC) has held each World Water Forum on or around World Water Day (March 22nd). The World Water Forum consists of at least three processes: the Political Process, the Thematic Process and the Regional Process, while gathering officials, legislators and local and regional authorities from more than 150 nations. Each topic is developed in cooperation with the private sector, governments, industry, IGOs, NGOs and academic groups into a common framework of goals and concrete targets to reach.

Started from the 1st World Water Forum in Marrakesh, Morocco, The World Water Forum has been held every three years since 1997. Daegu got the opportunity to be a host for the 7th World Water Forum in 2015.  Following table shows the past host cities.

Previous Fora
Marrakesh, Morocco
-Theme: Vision for Water, Life and the Environment
-Participants: About 500 entries from 63 countries
Netherlands, The Hague
-Theme: From Vision to Action
-Participants: About 5,700 entries from 114 countries
Japan, Kyoto
-Theme: A Forum with a Difference
-Participants: About 24,000 entries from 183 countries
Mexico, Mexico City
-Theme: Local Actions for a Global Challenge
-Participants: About 20,000 entries from 168 countries
Turkey, Istanbul
-Theme: Bridging Divides For Water
-Participants: About 33,000 entries from 192 countries
France, Marseille
-Theme: Time for Solutions
-Participants: About 34,000 entries from 173 countries

Total of 16 main themes, which will establish the core framework of the 7th World Water forum, were selected at the end of last year. Those themes have been grouped with four main subjects such as Water Security, Water for Development and Prosperity, Water for Sustainability, and Constructing Feasible Implement Mechanisms. Detailed information of the 16 Themes shows in the upcoming table. The Science & Technology process is newly included in the 7th World Water Forum to make sure the implementation of solutions drawn from the previous editions of the forum. By hosting the Forum, Daegu is expected to become a global leader in the water sector.
 2015 World water forum will be held in Daegu

The Thematic Framework
The Future We Want
1. Water Security for All
1.1. Enough Safe Water for All
1.2. Integrated Sanitation for All
1.3. Adapting to Change : Managing Risk and Uncertainty for Resilience and Disaster Preparedness
1.4. Infrastructure for Sustainable Water Resource Management and Services
2. Water for Development
and Prosperity
2.1. Water for Food
2.2. Water and Energy
2.3. Water and Cities
3. Water for Sustainability : Harmonizing Humans and Nature
3.1. Green Growth, Water Stewardship and Industry
3.2. Managing and Restoring Ecosystems for Water Services and Biodiversity
3.3. Ensuring Water Quality from Ridge to Reef
3.4. SMART Implementation of IWRM
Engines For Change
4. Constructing Feasible Implementation Mechanisms
4.1. Economics and Financing for Innovative Investments
4.2. Effective Governance : Enhanced Political Decisions, Stakeholder Participation and Technical Information
4.3. Cooperation for Reducing Conflict and Improving Transboundary Water Management
4.4. Water Cultures, Justice and Equity
4.5. Enhancing Education and Capacity Building

Forum Overview
ㆍTitle: 7th World Water Forum 2015
ㆍTheme: Water for Our Future
ㆍDate: April 12 ~ 17, 2015
ㆍVenue: Daegu EXCO, Gyeongju HICO
ㆍHosts: Molit, Ministry of Envifonment, Colorful Daegu, Pride Gyeongbuk, K water
ㆍCo-organizers: World Water Forum 2015
ㆍParticipation: Governments, International organizations, NGOs, Research institutes and Enterprises from about 200 nations.
ㆍLanguage: Korean, English and so on