Monday, April 13, 2015

Korean-style waffles with various topping options ; Waffleria

If you go downtown often, you may have already noticed the new waffle shop, Waffleria, that opened up across the street from the YMCA. It’s hard to miss because there’s usually a line out the door. Although waffles are already a popular dessert in Korea, Waffleria seems to be a new trend, so I wanted to check it out and see if it is worth the hype. 

Waffleria’s sign calls their products “American Big Waffles,” but any American knows that Korean waffles, at any shop in Korea, are distinctly Korean, not American. In the US, you’d be hard pressed to find waffles like the ones sold in Korea. That being said, these waffles are no less delicious. Korean waffle shops sell the large, Belgian waffles typically eaten for breakfast in Western countries. The waffles are then dressed up with a range of different toppings, including whipped cream, fruit, nuts, and chocolate chips.

Waffleria sell waffles overflowing with delicious toppings. In terms of their menu and prices, Waffleria is very similar to the other waffle shops you can find throughout the city. Most of their waffles have whipped cream on them, which is typical of waffle shops. But the toppings make a few of the menu items more unique, like the cinnamon, caramel sauce, and cream waffle. Fruit puree is a favorite waffle topping, and Waffleria has blueberry, strawberry, apple, and even mango. At Waffleria, you can also get a half-and-half waffle with two different menu options. Waffles are an inexpensive treat at just 2,000 or 3,000 won each, and the waffles are large enough to share. 

One interesting menu item that makes Waffleria stand out is the yogurt and waffle parfaits: layers of frozen yogurt and chocolate or fruit sauce in a large cup topped with bite-sized pieces of waffles. The signs are posted on the door if you want to try one. 

Where Waffleria differs from the rest is in their freshness. At Waffleria, there is a fleet of waffle irons and staff members working all day, making waffles to-order. You can be sure that you are not eating a waffle that has been sitting out for hours. Waffles are made in front of you and served hot.

Waffleria is located just across the street from the YMCA. Simply walk straight out of exit 13 of Banwoldang Station, and you’ll see the tiny shop that is Waffleria on your right. Be aware that if there is a line, it will be set up slightly to the left across from the entrance, leaving space for the many people walking around downtown to get between the door and the line. You will be called one party at a time to order. The line moves fairly quickly. 

Waffleria sells the same Korean-style waffles that are very popular already, but they expand on the topping options and value freshness above production speed. It’s a great place to try a Korean waffle if you’ve never tried one before or to grab a cheap dessert.   

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