Saturday, May 30, 2015

[Exhibition] The Van Gogh Media Art Exhibition : Very Yellow, Very Bright

The Van Gogh Media Art Exhibition : Very Yellow, Very Bright 

The “Van Gogh Media Art Exhibition” is taking place at the EXCO.

You can see about 400 pieces of Van Gogh’s works which is reinterpreted with various lights and media technology.

 At 4 zones you can find the stories and pieces about Van Gogh’s last 10 years. And you can communicate with his life and works at the other 2 zones. 

Especially the 360° circular screen shows Van Gogh’s letters, works and images so you can experience a differentiated exhibition.

(Photos by IM Gyeong Ok, the citizen reporter)

● Information
- Period : 1st May ~ 16th August
- Time : 10:00 ~ 18:00
- Place : EXCO(엑스코)(How to get to Exco :
- Address : 90, Yutongdanji-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu(대구광역시 북구 유통단지로 90)
- Entrance Fee : 15,000KRW(over 20 years old), 12,000KRW(8~19 years old), 8,000(4~7 years old)
- Homepage :
- Inquiry : 1644-7081

[Exhibition] The 6th Daegu Flower Show :)

The 6th Daegu Flower Show

The 6th Daegu Flower Show is one of the biggest indoor flower exhibition in Korea. This show will take place from 3rd to 7th, June at the EXCO!

When you are falling in love with someone, you want to know everything about him or her. Name, favorite color, hobby and so one. Like this, we want that visitors are falling in love with flower and wonder about everything of flowers. So we decided the slogan of the 6th Daegu Flower show as “The ensemble of flowers and life”. :)

You can meet the big sculptures made of Lilies and Phalaenopsis orchids at the main booth. Besides, you can see cymbidium goeringii, bonsai, wild flowers, preserved flowers, pressed flowers, LED flowers and warer plants.

At the “Best Awards” booth, 13 representative florist of Korea will compete for the First prize. It will be a wonderful experience that you see the rebirth of flowers. So visit and see with your own eyes. 

And there are side events like Caring of plants and Free repotting(the first 100 people per day). The entrance fee is 7,000 KRW(for adult) and there is a pre-registration discount.

● Information
- Period : 3rd(wed) ~ 7th(sun), June
- Time : 10:00~19:00
- Homepage :
- Pre-registration : (until 1st, June)
- Place : Exco(엑스코)(How to get to Exco :
- Address : 90, Yutongdanji-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu(대구광역시 북구 유통단지로 90)
- Inquiry : 053-601-5064

Friday, May 29, 2015

[Event] Korea’s love of beauty

Korea’s love of beauty

I didn’t know what a BB cream was, until I came to Korea. This mecca of beauty industry has been into a remarkable surge of sales of cosmetic products, and much of that boom is powered by consumers willing to do anything for good, flawless skin.
In fact, beauty has become an obsession; looking good is a matter of utmost importance, especially for the younger Koreans.

Korea is now at the forefront of beauty industry, amassing millions of dollars in revenues.  In Daegu, the hosting of the 2015 Beauty Expo at the EXCO is a showcase of the Korean innovation for beauty and wellness, with over a hundred participating companies.

I came with a fellow Touch Daegu blogger to cover the event, along my sister, my two daughters and a niece on the second day of the event. It was delightfully engaging for me, for it turned out to be a perfect venue for crowd watching, as I am not a cosmetic junkie. My skincare regimen involves just the basic - cleansing and moisturizing - which is so unlike the Koreans’ multiple skincare ritual. A multi-step process means several skincare products in a day - a cleanser, an exfoliator, a refresher, the essence (which is considered the most important step), the ampoule (or serum), the sheet mask, an eye cream, a moisturizer, a night cream, etcetera. It’s a seemingly unending ritual of self-pampering.

The colorful array of cosmetics, nail art stuff, hair accessories, wigs, and health and wellness gadgets such as those used for Pilates and hyperbaric therapy left us wide-eyed in amazement. And we were delighted to find people doing the Zumba at the west side of the hall. The fervor of the dancers on stage was contagious.  The dancers have apparently sweated their way off to their beautifully toned bodies through a whole lot of dancing and exercising.

My daughters and niece had a great time, at the makeover area, where everyone walks out spruced up.  Next to the makeover area is a wedding exhibitor. You get to try one of their gowns, so lovely even ajummas line up for their chance to feel like pretty brides and have their photos taken by the official photographer. 

The day’s event inside the exhibition hall was a microcosm of the country’s love affair with aesthetic values, a love that has translated into economic gain for the country.  Of course, for a country that was able to make itself over economically in a just a few decades, it is not surprising that it is also the capital of cosmetic industry.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

[living] What is the Heat Wave Warning In Korea??


What is the Heat Wave Warning In Korea?

Since 25th(Mon) the first Heat Wave Warning have been issued in Daegu. A couple of years ago, the heat wave warnings were not issued in May. But from 2013, the warning have turn up and the authorities think the reason is global warming.
There are 2 levels in special weather report related to heat wave in Korea.
- Heat wave warning : The day’s highs are predicted to be risen to 33for more than 2 days.
- Heat wave alram : The day’s highs are predicted to be risen to 35for more than 2 days.
According to the Meteorological Administration in Korea, hear wave is a serious weather conditions like typhoon and heavy rain. If you’re exposed to the heat wave too long, it can take away your life.
So when the warning or alert is issued, it would be wise to spend less time outdoors and drink lots of fluids. Even if you’re not thirsty. And if you feel symptoms like below, call the 119 for asking help and move to the shade immediately and drink water. But you should not give water to patient who is unconscious.
- Heatstroke : high temperature without sweat, dehydration, rapid pulse, nausea, seizures, confusion
- Sunstroke : similar symptoms to heatstroke, but much sweat

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

[living] Enjoy Cherries produced in Daegu

Enjoy Cherries produced in Daegu

Did you know that Daegu is the 2nd largest producing area of cherry in Korea?

As you know, cherries are sweet-and-sour and also good for your health. Especially cherry produced in Daegu is well known for its richness of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Daegu cherries are mostly produced at the Dunsan-dong(Dong-gu, Daegu). Produced cherries are cherry-picked  at the town fruit packing house and shipped all over the country under the “Daegu Sangdong Cherry” brand name.

You can buy the Daegu Sangdong Cherry at the markgets and marts now. Also you can buy them directly at Sangdong agricultural storage which is located at Dunsan-dong.

The price is 16,000~19,000 KRW for 1Kg. Besides, the town provide the cherry-picking experience if you gather 20 people together.

Cherry has many antioxidants like Anthocyanin and Queritrin. Specially Anthocyanin helps  preventing a cardiac disorder and cancers and also is effective against arthritis, gout and headache.

Above all, the biggest merit of Daegu Cherry is that it is a local food.

Enjoy fresh and delicious Daegu Cherry! :)

● Sangdong agricultural storage : 231 Dunsan-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu
● Picking experience : 17,000 KRW for each person(You can take 250g of cherry.)
● Inquiry : Byeol-green Farm 010-3153-1141, 010-3503-2202(They can communicate in Korean only.)

[Event] The International party at Daegu Health College

The International party at Daegu Health College

On May 21st, Daegu Health College celebrated their 3rd annual International Party.

Koreans, foreigners, students, as well as families with culturally diverse backgrounds gathered at this event to celebrate diversity within the Buk-Gu and surrounding metropolitan area.

Professor Kim Kyeong Yong (on the right) is the director of the Global Center and international relations at the Daegu Health College.

This celebration held once a year tries to raise cultural awareness by inviting families and individuals of different backgrounds to this gathering filled with games and activities.

 The Global center also hosts a Halloween party on the 31st of October offering pumpkin carving and costume contests as well as other games and prizes.

The international party features games for kids and adults to practice their English and get to know each other.

People could take pictures wearing traditional Korean attire at the photo station. They welcomed everyone with free drinks, snacks, and sandwiches.

The event was concluded with bingo card raffle. Several participants won prizes and gift certificates donated by Daegu Health College.

[living] Visit waterscape facilities in Daegu!

Visit waterscape facilities in Daegu!

Early Summer came to Daegu. Still it’s chilly in the morning and evening, but the day’s highs rises to 30. So Daegu City starts operating the waterscape facilities for providing cool attractions and rest places to the citizens.

The representative waterscape facilities in Daegu are Suseong Family Park and Sinseo Park that people can dabble in water.

Also you can meet the artificial waterfalls at the major traffic points like Dusan five-way intersection and Ayanggyo bridge.

Plus, you can see the water fountain at the Suseongmot Lake and Weolgang Waterfront Park. In addition, you can find many facilities near your neighborhood cause there are about 170 waterscape facilities in Daegu.

The waterscape facilities are operated from 10 am to 6 pm during the spring/autumn(3 hours per day) and from 8 am to 8 pm during the summer(5 hours per day). Specially when the tropical nights come to Daegu, some facilities will be operated till 10 pm. So visit the nearby park when you cannot sleep because of the heat of summer.
Suseong Family Park(수성 패밀리 파크)
053-666-2830, the water playground will be open in mid-June
88-46, Palhyeon-gil, Suseong-gu, Daegu(대구 수성구 팔현길 88-46)
Sinseo Park(신서공원)
053-666-4027, the water playground will be open in mid-July
539 Sinseo-dong Dong-gu, Daegu(대구 동구 신서동 539)
Suseongmot Lake(수성못)
725-2 Dusang-dong Suseong-gu Daegu(대구 수성구 두산동 725-2)

Friday, May 22, 2015

[Event] Meet every tea in the world : 2015 Daegu Tea Expo

Meet every tea in the world : 2015 Daegu Tea Expo
2015 Daegu Tea Expo is being held until 24th(Sun) May at the EXCO. The Tea Expo started by a small number of people who love tea 10 year ago and now it became a representative tea festival that over 190 companies participate in.

There will be many booth that introduce various tea like green tea, white tea, yellow tea, blue tea, black tea, red tea and so on. Also you can see handicraft related to tea : ceramics, potteries, quilts, woodcrafts, metal crafts etc. 

Beside you can experience the tea life in Korea. In the clothing programs you can try the Hanbok(Korean traditional clothes), the modernized Hanbok and accessories. The food programs provide various Korean tea food as Tteok(Rice cake), Yugwa(Deep-fried sweet rice cake), Yakqaw(Deep-fried Honey cookies), Hwagwaja(Flower cake) and Yanggeaeng(Sweet jelly of red beans). And in the shelter programs you can meet the tea furniture in traditional Korean style.

Especially this year the Tea Expo run the “World Red Tea” booth. At this booth you can meet and experience the red tea museum, red tea academy, tea foods and tasting. And there will be international booth from China, Japan, Tiwan, UK, India and Sri Lanka.
If you love tea, don't miss the 2015 Daegu Tea Expo~
Date : 21st(Thu)~24th(Sun)
Place : EXCO(How to get to Exco :
Address : 90 Yutongdanji-ro Buk-gu, Daegu (대구시 북구 유통단지로 90 엑스코)
Inquiry : 053-768-2516


Thursday, May 21, 2015

[festival] 2015 Colorful Daegu Welcome Festival

2015 Colorful Daegu Welcome Festival
- The Festival That Bings the World to Daegu! -

Daegu City host the 2015 Colorful Daegu Welcome Festival on 23th(Sat) May at the Gukchae-bosang Memorial Park.

This festival is held under the slogan “Together! Plus”. There are various main performances like Taegwon Gymnastic, Belly Dance, Cambodian Folk Dance.

Also many side events are expected : Group Jump Rope, Talent Show, Dance Battle etc.

Plus, there will be about 80 booth that you can meet the culture, food from many countries of the world.

Especially you can experience traditional cultural programs like Kingyouskui(Japan), Making China Opera Masks(China), Making the Ger(Mongolia).

Daegu City is expecting that foreign residents and citizens can make harmony and share the happy living in Daegu City. So Come and enjoy the festival!! :)

Every activity of the 2015 Colorful Daegu Welcome Festival is free.
Here is the content of festival.

● Time and Date : May. 23th(Sat) 10:30am~4:00pm
● Place : Gukchae-bosang Memorial Park (국채보상운동기념공원)
● Address : 25, Gongpyeong-ro 10-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu (대구 중구 공평로 10길 25)

● Content
- Opening Ceremony 10:30am
- Main Festival 11:30am~4:00pm
- Game Activities : Talent Show, Group Jump Rope, Special Performance, Missin Game, Recreation Game
- Experience Activities : World Traditional Coutumes, Games and Culture, Nail Art, Face Painting
- Food : Korean Traditional Tea and Sanck, Coffee, Noodles, Ice cream, Candyfloss
- Education : Law, Mail, Fire Services, Examination of Basic Physical Strength, Oriental Medicine Treatment
● Inquiry : 053-803-6791

[Beautiful daegu] Hidden Family Outing Spot! Bulro Ancient Tombs Park

Hidden Family Outing Spot! Bulro Ancient Tombs Park
Are you looking for family outing spots in Daegu? Then, we love to introduce the Bulro Ancient Tombs Park which changed into the green break area and eco experience parked recently.

The Bulro Ancient Tombs Park is originally built for the purpose of preserving the tumulus from the Three Kingdom Period(5~6C). Lately the park completed remodeling to become a park which can provide ecofriendly environment to the visitors.

Now the park consist of 3 fields. The first field is made up of natural grasslands and the pine tree habitat. At the second field you can meet the narrow-mouthed toad habitat and maquette of the ancient tombs.
Lastly the third field is built as the habitat of kingfisher and amphibian. At the second and third field you might be lucky to see the endangerd animals like narrow-mouthed toads and kingfishers from observation decks.
 Or you can run into them during a stroll along the 6th Palgongsan Olle Road in the Bulro Ancient Tombs Park.

Besides, near the park there are many and various cultural heritage sites like Dodong Thuja Forest(Natural monument #1), Otgol Village(Head House of Gyeongju Choi Clan), Donghwasa Temple, Gatbawi Rock etc.

The Bulro Ancient Tombs Park is a place you can enjoy the nature in the City. Why don’t you visit there with your family or friends?

Address : 335 Bulro-dong Dong-gu Daegu (대구광역시 동구 불로동 335)