Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Science is Fun! Daegu Science Festival 2015

Science is Fun! Daegu Science Festival 2015

From September 5th to 6th, Daegu Science Festival 2015 was held at Daegu EXPO. This year, the main theme of the festival was ‘Science meets culture’. If you missed it, here are a few highlights.

Daegu Sciecen Festival was devided into 4 area : sciecen idea area, science mentoring area, research institution area and domestic science area.

There was the game which detect player’s movement. It was very popular to boys!

Experience area was devided to 5 section : physics section, chemistry section, biology section, earth science section and invention section. Many children could feel friendiliness toward science through this sections.

This festival has been popular to children. If you missed it, come to the Daegu Science Festival next year! It must be more interesting than this year's.

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